We’ve gone through the Top 25. You’ve made the choice between SUV or sports car. The engine and transmission have been selected and you’re ready to go varoom varooooom. Now it’s time for the meat and potatoes of the squad. How is the interior going to be flushed out? Rims? Of course, but how big? Cost is always a concern but so is supply and demand. Make sure the pieces fit. There’s no reason to get a spoiler if you have a SUV. 

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After engorging yourself on the Top 10 and Top 25, I know you’ve been writhing in anticipation for the Top 50. Before you start getting blisters on your butt, I am here to appease the pain, the anguish, and suffering. That ain’t you? You here to make fun of and throw internet tomatoes at my head? That’s cool, but if you come for the king, you best not miss. For those that get the reference, salud.

As always, keep in mind that these rankings are based on overall value from my projections. They should be utilized in the context of your roster construction, ADP, and personal preference.

Please, blog, may I have some more?