I did welcome everyone back when I introduced all the writers this season but when I drop my Top 10 is when I feel things get real. Plus, I will use any excuse to post this song. Always gets me so amped.

Before I get into each player of the Top 10, I wanted to write a disclaimer: THIS IS NOT A RANKINGS PIECE. The order I have players is based on my projections and overall value for category leagues. Where I’d draft a player depends on ADP, categorical need, and roster construction. Keep that in mind when going through all my Top X pieces and when choosing who to draft in your leagues. The FG and FT numbers are weighted for volume.

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The crew is back together!  Brent, Craig, Son, and yours truly get together for the first time in months to give our thoughts on the NBA Offseason.  We break down all of the big transactions since July 1st: how does it impact their team in real life and what does it mean in fantasy?  From there, we look at Son’s top 10 rankings for this upcoming season.  Son details how he decided on this order before everyone gives their thoughts on his list.  We wrap things up talking about players who just missed and who can make a big jump forward towards the top 10.  All of that and more on the latest edition of The Razzball Basketball Podcast!

Please, blog, may I have some more?

That’s right! WELCOME BACK! It’s been a long, yet eventful offseason. You know the dramas. You know the situations, so no need to go there. You are here for the Top 10, but before I unveil the goods…I like to play hard to get…there are some things I need to do. First and foremost, have to give props to the great and venerable Rudy Gamble, who blessed me with his Excel wizardry. Also, shout out to Viz….Nobody Beats the Viz….who helped me tinker, refine, and make the list what it is. He’s a Jazz fan so guess who got a huge bump? Finally, I’ll give you a brief window into my process. I went through each team individually, mapped how I saw the depth chart playing out, and allocated the 240 minute-per-game pie. The one thing I wanted to do when projecting the players was to weight volume for both FG% and FT%. Therefore, in my projections below, I will use a-FG% and a-FT%, instead of FG% and FT%. I then threw all the players into a list and calculated the Z-score for each statistical category, then added them all up to get my final list. EZ-PZ. Not really, but that’s why I get the big bucks…not really.

Every Wednesday, I will blurb about and reveal more players, culminating in the final release of the entire list, which is 340 deep. I’ll only blurb about the Top 200, though. Hope you enjoy!

Please, blog, may I have some more?