Well, we did the Clippers, so I guess it makes sense to do the Lakers. And not just because technically it ends up being a nautical extravaganza that involves sailboats on a lake (MAXIMIZING METAPHOR) but because in a lot of ways these teams act as a yin and yang together and against each other. While I’m not even sure what that fully means as an Asian-American man, all I can say is that this specific Lakers team is poised to be good (LeBron and company) but may also carry with it some frustrations (AARP and company) during the long NBA season. But as someone once said, if you never taste the sour, you’ll never know the sweet so I guess we’ll end the intro on that note for some reason…

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Well look, there’s no where to go but down for this team, but in all fairness, I’m not sure LeBron knows what that direction is or what it looks like. Which is probably why the Lakers Lebrons are continuing their roster escalations with the Clippers in becoming the fastest L.A. team to be called the Raptors. Putting the the past few days of furious free agency implications aside for a moment, the fact of the matter is that this team was going into the next season as favorites in the West once again no matter what happened during the off season, but instead of going through the majority of last season as a team that was good enough to get to the playoffs, but not great enough to win a chip, the perception of this team right now is a title contender, and deservedly so! And all that was before adding the fragile but scoring-minded 2020 Sixth Man, another separate big man with probably one of the highest IQ’s at the five (the signing is likely at the time of this writing), and the Lakers have still managed to keep Kyle Kuzma. Impressive to say the least. More specificity follows, and I promise not to call it specificity again…

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A long-time mainstay on the NBA’s biggest stage, the LeBron-led Lakers failed to make the playoffs last season, although there was much excitement surrounding the team. A young core that was supposed to grow and thrive with LeBron running the show, failed to live up to expectations. Results like these don’t sit well with the King, so out with the youth and in with the veterans. The Lakers roster has seen a complete overhaul, as you can see by the above list. How this team adapts to such change is yet to be known, but one thing is for certain, LA is going to be fun to watch and be chock-full of fantasy goodness.  

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Old-school basketball enthusiasts and connoisseurs of NBA history will appreciate the legendary success of the Showtime era. The Los Angeles Lakers produced one of the most successful runs in sports.

However, over the last few seasons, success in LA has been minimal. Laker fans hoped that would change a season ago with the addition of a new King in town. LeBron James made Los Angeles more competitive, but they still missed the playoffs again.

This was the sixth consecutive season without a Laker playoff game; a streak of failures 3-times longer than any in franchise history. But, the LA masterminds were hard at work during the off-season.

One trade and some timely free agent signings have reproduced an air of excitement in Los Angeles heading into the upcoming season. So, does the outlook for the Los Angeles Lakers in 2019-20 mean it’s time for Showtime again?

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