The big news from the weekend is that Glen Davis damn near triple-doubled on Sunday against the Raptors. Wait, that was the XXL news from the weekend. Sorry. I keep my news sizes as confusing as movie theater popcorn sizes. Wait, the medium is the smallest size you can order? Why bother using words if their meaning is disregarded? Why not label them with adjectives like ornery sized, melancholy sized and playful sized? I know it’s only a quarter extra for the boisterous, but I can only finish the aloof! Anyway, the most fantasy newsworthy story of the weekend is the health of the Dallas Mavericks. Dirk has missed the last four games and will likely miss 1-2 more before returning. What’s worse, Caron Butler tore a knee tendon and will miss at least two months. I blame myself a bit. Just last Friday I commented on how little Butler had been discussed this season. You know who else hasn’t been talked about much this season? LeBron James. Let’s see if we can’t get this reverse jinx a-working. Anyway, Butler averaged 15/4/1.5 with a three and a steal in 30 mpg. With Rodrigue Beaubois at least another month away from playing, and Shawn Marion already logging in about 28 minutes a contest, there isn’t a direct fantasy plug-in on the Dallas squad that immediately benefits from the injury. DeShawn Stevenson had the game of his life on Sunday, but then again, 21/3/4 counts as the game of a lifetime in DeSteve’s world. Jason Terry and J.J. Barea with both see bumps in minutes, but so far, that hasn’t been a good thing for either of them. The Mavs will become weaker until either Beaubois or Butler return, and at this point, it’s going to be a solid foot race. Until then, look to fill your void with pick-ups like Rudy Fernandez, DeMar DeRozan, Nicolas Batum, Evan Turner and J.R. Smith.

Here’s what else I saw in fantasy basketball this weekend:

Darren Collison – DarCo is averaging 20/4.5/6 in his last two games. January Adam and September Adam love Darren Collison and had a nice weekend filled with high-fives and singing. November Adam and December Adam find those guys pretentious and spent their weekend watching PBS and listening to jazz records. Pot, kettle black!

Roy Hibbert – Moved to the bench against the Knicks. This was either to keeps Hibbs out of foul trouble or to rub his nose in shizz at the fact that he lost his job to Indiana she-male Jeff Foster. Bee tee dubya, Foster fouled out of the game and Hibbert still only logged 16 minutes. Trade him if you can, stash him if you want, but don’t drop him. Not yet.

Toney Douglas – 12/4/7 in 29 minutes (the most playing time he’s seen since November 10). He hasn’t had a game this good in a month, so I’d want to see a small string of games like this before I bite, especially if Douglas’ success is dependent upon Raymond Felton’s failure.

Danilo Gallinari – Left in the fourth quarter with a sprained knee. It’s about 50/50 whether the Rooster will crow on Tuesday. Even if he doesn’t, one game is likely all he’ll miss.

Raymond Felton – 14/1/2 with 5 tovs. He’s shot 16-for-48 (.333) in his last three games and only dished out 4.3 assists over that time. Raymond feltoff.

Ronny Turiaf – Six blocks, four in the first quarter. TuriON! Still, I wouldn’t roster him with your team.

Ramon Sessions – 19/7/12 on Sunday and is averaging 18/6 in almost 32 mpg in his last three. RamON! Okay, I’ll stop.

DeAndre Jordan – Seven blocks Friday for Jordan, whose first name is actually Hyland. Then six blocks Sunday for him. Why would he prefer DeAndre (three syllables) to Hyland (two syllables)? If he added an ‘re’ to Hyland, we could call him the Hylandre, which would become Hylander over time, then Highlander, then *poof*, he’d have himself a sweet nickname.

Rajon Rondo – Returned to the C’s after a seven game absence and looked timid (4/1/8 with 5 tovs). I’m torn. It’s good that he’s back, but he played like Jarrett Jack. Aw, snap. I just rhymed. I’m an almost-poet.

Eric Gordon – 3-for-14, 0-for-5 from the arc. And they say it never gets cold in L.A.

Lamar Odom – Ditto. 7/7/2 in 28 minutes.

Gerald Wallace – ‘Gerald and Mauled’ missed five games with a severely bruised ankle. Returned to play the previous two games, re-injured it and is out tonight’s game against Miami. Gerald Henderson will start instead and the Bobcats are hoping Miami won’t know the difference.

Glen Davis – 15/11/8. Almost triple-doubled, unless you consider the fact that he hadn’t had more than four assists in any other game this season, in which case eight assists was a miracle and he was never even close to triple-doubling.

Joey Dorsey – 13/13/2 with two steals as both teams were surprised to see him take the floor  Sunday. The Raptors, because they forgot he was on their team and the Celtics because they always get him confused with Joey Graham.

DeMar DeRozan – The sophomore with entirely too much capitalization in his name has averaged 32 ppg in his last two, 24.5 in his last four and 18.7 in his last 10. He’s also shooting over .500 in that span and averaging 1.2 steals per game. He’s available in more than 50 percent of fantasy leagues and so I ask you, why wouldn’t you pick him up?

Patrick Patterson – 5/10/2 in 27 minutes. Only worth mentioning because Brad Miller and Jordan Hill went for a combined 5/5/3 in 37 minutes.

Patrick Mills – In keeping with the Patrick theme or theme du Patrick en français, he dropped 14/2/5 on the Rockets, including five steals and four turnovers as, lately, Andre Miller has looked every bit the 45-year-old man he is.

Nicolas Batum – In keeping with the French theme: 21/2/1 in 36 minutes. He’s had one on-game and one off-game in his last six. Portland’s next game is against Dallas. I just have to give you the information, I don’t have to tell you what to do with it.

Channing Frye – He went from averaging 32+ mpg to 21.7 in his last three. He wasn’t playing all that great before the drop either. Shop him around  or dump him for someone less depressing.

Tyreke Evans – Ended with six points on 2-for-12 shooting. Or if you’re a reductionist, 1-for-6 shooting. Or if you’re a percentagist, .167 shooting. Or if you’re a realist, shitshooting.

  1. Howie Met Your Mother says:


    I asked you this 5 days ago, but I wonder if you have changed your mind: Do you still prefer owning Ty Lawson over DarCo?

    Also, is it time to cut bait on Landry Fields? I need blocks and Jordan is out there.

  2. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Howie Met Your Mother: It depends on your intention. If you need to start one of those two (DarCo or Lawson) immediately, I’d prefer Collison. But if you’re stashing either, I’d rather stash Lawson. I’ve lost faith that Collison will suddenly “get” it and perform better than he has been (he’s still sitting on the bench during most of his fourth quarters). There’s just too much action likely to happen in Denver for Lawson’s best games of the season NOT to be ahead of him.

    Also, Jordan will block more shots than Fields, but I’m not sure that will be worth it. Fields has a better all-around game.

  3. jleeishere says:

    Sessions, Turner or Rudy Fernandez?

  4. Adam

    Adam says:

    @jleeishere: Turner, RuFer, then Sessions in the short term. My guess is that Fernandez will hold the most value by season’s end.

  5. paul says:

    Adam, or anyone that watches Pacers games, why is Hibbert struggling so badly? Just going from box scores, I see his minutes have been sporadic, which is probably due to foul trouble. It still doesn’t explain why his fg% has seen such a drop off lately. I couldn’t find a shot chart, but what’s his shot selection like in these 1-10, 3-14 games? Is he settling for that long jumper he likes to shoot so much? Or has the defense found a way to guard him in the post? Don’t get how dude can drop off so fast.

    Adam I know in the post you said trade him if you can, but really? You don’t think he’ll turn it back around eventually? I want to stay optimistic since his upside is awesome, but I’m afraid he’ll be inconsistent all season.

  6. Adam

    Adam says:

    @paul: I’ve watched about 2/3 of Indiana’s games this season and oddly enough, Hibbert is shooting TOO confidently. That long jumper you mentioned is still working for him. He’s taking shots that he’s clearly been practicing, but hasn’t yet mastered (like a skyhook or a quick turnaround J from about 10 feet away). It’s appears as if he knows the kind of player he can be and is playing as if he’s already developed those tools.

    He also appears to still be soft. He’s a finesse center, which is great, but if there is opposition under the rim, he’s not going to overpower anyone. He can. He just hasn’t. If he can’t get around the defender, he’s done because he’s not going through or over any of ’em. This also explains many of the misses from within five feet of the basket and his lack of free throws (3.3 fta pg)

    To clarify, I wouldn’t trade him for peanuts. But if someone is willing to give you, say, Zach Randolph or LMA, I wouldn’t favor Hibbert’s upside over guys like that.

  7. hakasan says:


    happy new year! got a couple of questions for ya…

    how would you evaluate this trade? my horford/kidd for g.wallace/felton… looking at the stats, it seems i gain in defensive stats and lose some %s, but the crash/felton combo has been very hurt/cold lately… i’m leaning against it, but would you pull the trigger?

    please help me evalutate my roster in a 12team roto (yes TO no Fouls) league… (2nd overall, but very low in pt/ast… bottom 3rd in stl)

    kidd/boobie gibson/mo will/mayo

    anyone you would keep an eye out for? how should/can i upgrade this roster?

    Thanks a bunch!

  8. Adam

    Adam says:

    @hakasan: I’d lean toward Crash/Felton. If possible, I’d wait a couple days to hear about Wallace’s ankle.

    DeRozan has played big lately. I wouldn’t pick him up yet, but watch him. Ridnour, George Hill and Grant Hill are all underrated players who might help your team. Maybe Harden. Maybe Dunleavy.

  9. yanks says:

    Hey Adam. Should I do this trade: I give bosh and hibbert. I get pau and darren collison.? 10 team h2h league standard 9 cats (TO is a cat). My current team: billups, salmons, mo, antawn, beasley, KD, bosh, love, deron, nelson, hibbert, wesley, bynum, rudy fer, boozer. Can you let me know how you would improve the team/tips also? Thanks a lot.

  10. Larry says:

    Would you drop Varejao for Gortat in a 10 teamer seeing how many mins he’s logged recently?

  11. hakasan says:


    Thanks! I think only George Hill is available on my wires right now, who would you drop for him?

    Good rec on the trade situation… I will see how long I can keep the trade open to hear about wallace’s ankle… also hoping that the silas style of ball will bring more stats to Crash’s game.

  12. d2bnz says:

    Hiya Adam. Thanks for pointing out the precocious talent that is DeMarcus Cousins, the way now seems clear for him to post the stats and minutes we had expected ……hopefully patience will be rewarded, with consistency.
    On a trailblazer note , should they trade Andre as a lot of rumours seem to be pointing toward and not get a PG in return do you think Patrick Mills can manage the PG duties, he is afterall first choice for his country.

  13. for this current week who do you believe is a better short-term option: earl boykins or richard jefferson?

  14. Adam

    Adam says:

    @yanks: I like the Hibbert/Bosh better, but for your team needs an upside PG more than it needs an upside C. Go ahead and make the trade.

    @Larry: I’d stick with Varejao. He’s more accountable.

    @hakasan: I might drop Turk or Mayo.

    @d2bnz: Ha! You might be a bit biased toward the New Zealander … all New Zealanders. He feels more like a strong backup PG, rather than someone in charge of running the team’s offense.

    @Jeremy: Boykins.

  15. d2bnz says:

    Adam . …….good buddy , hate to rain on your parade , but Patty Mills is Australian

  16. barker says:

    well i took the trade from the last post arenas okafor afflalo for gay lawson brown

    i figured my team was light on blks to begin with and i could take the hit in REBs and might even be able to replace some thru waivers and in the end could not pass up a top 10 (at the moment) player and a possible starting PG come playoff time

    where do u think GAY ends up at the end of the season ?? — should i maybe try to flip him for someone more stable ??

    will shannon brown ever get a chance to start on the stacked lakers??

    and what do u think the odds of denver trading billups are ?? further will they get another veteran PG back or do they hand the reigns over to lawson right away

    did i do good on this trade — i don’t trust arenas to be consistent and i think okafor is more like the player in the beginning of the season not the current version and afflalo is kind of bleh and brown can approximate his production — right??

  17. Tony says:


    Gallinari went down for 2-3 weeks and the guy who owns him in my 20 team league is one of the top teams competing for a playoff spot.

    Do you think offering my $32 david west for his $18 gallinari would be a good deal for me? I was planning on keeping west, but he is 30, has definitely peaked at his game, I’d save $14 draft dollars, get a nice young player and I could ask for a couple bucks and maybe a draft pick….

    My keeps would then be Stephen Curry, David lee, Gallinari, and darren collinson with some nice draft slots and lotsa extra draft dollars. Is Gallinari and upgrade? and better for the future?

  18. Adam

    Adam says:

    @d2bnz: Shame on me. I knew that and forgot. I’ll tell you what, to make amends, go ahead and call Canadian Joel Anthony an American all you want. I’ll hate you for it, but I won’t correct you.

    @barker: Hasn’t Gay been pretty stable so far this year? I don’t see why that would change. Also, barring injury, I don’t see how Brown’s role can possibly change on the Lakers. They warned him it wouldn’t just before he re-signed. 50/50 odd on Billups, but if he goes, one way or the other, it’ll be good for Lawson. Yeah. I think you came out of this trade on top. Gay is significantly better than anyone else in this deal and Lawson has the upside of the second-best player in the deal.

    @Tony: I don’t love Galli and I worry that you’re shooting yourself in the foot here. You took a chance on DarCo (and to some degree Curry), and you’d be taking a chance on Danilo too.

  19. Tony says:

    @Adam: well i did get a $16 darren collinson for a $44 MAYO, so i got him for basically nothing, but i did just give up cousins in another deal and didn’t really receive anything but some cash and draft pick, but he was overpriced at $33. So far I feel good about my team and I like west, but he is getting older, maybe this will help…. the scoring is

    pts 1 = 1ftp
    rebs 1 = 1.7 ftp
    asts 1= 3 ftp
    3pt 1 = 4 ftp
    stls 1 = 4.4 ftp
    blks 1 = 6 ftp

    Does that make any difference?

  20. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Tony: Thanks for the points clarification. Yeah, acquiring Gallinari for West would probably be in your best interest from a funds-saving standpoint.

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