In non-NBA news, Kentucky defeated Kansas 67-59 to win the national title (and hopefully your bracket.  Actually your coworker who picked teams based on mascots probably won it).  Maybe Anthony Davis will finally shave off his playoff Unibrow…  Hmmm playoffs.  If you’re in a H2H league it’s playoff time and you know what that means.  Yeah that’s right, it’s time to go through free agents like Tyrion Lannister plows through women at the local brothel.  It’s good to be [the Hand of] the King.  Got some fringe players on your team?  Guys who pulled a groin (BTW, I have seen the phrase “groin injury” or “strained groin”  more often in the past week than ever before…get your mind out of the gutter) or came down with an injury that will sideline them for a game or two?  Be heartless and cut them for more production now.  It’s just stats on paper, don’t shed a tear.  They won’t.  Drop players like Kyle Lowry, Jason Kidd, or ERIC GORDON (see below) for guys like Courtney Lee and Kendrick Perkins (NOT guys like Anthony Randolph.  He’s got the clap.).  Who cares if a player will be back next week if you’re not still in the hunt.  Here’s what I saw last night in the NBA that I think will help (or players to avoid) in the playoff crunch:

Ekpe Udoh – Seemingly forgotten in the Bucks/Warriors trade, Udoh finally made some noise last night to the tune of 15/8/5/0/1.  If you started him, great!  If you didn’t, go back to forgetting him.  He’s been too inconsistent and there are better stream options out there.

Kevin Seraphin – Like this guy.  15 points, 3 rebounds, 2 assists and a steal on 7-14 shooting in a loss to the Kentucky Wildcats Milwaukee Bucks.  Seraphin has been getting burn even with Nene in the lineup, so keep him as a starter (30 mpg in his last five).

Marcus Camby – Since tearing some ligaments in his wrist last week (and playing 18 minutes in that game), Camby has averaged 35 mpg and a stat line of 10/12/1/2/3.  No, I don’t really understand it, but it makes me loathe Eric Gordon (supposedly playing in his 3rd game of the season on Wednesday, or maybe not) even more.

Eric Gordon – I’ll expand.  If you feel like you are in good enough shape to keep him on your roster, then go ahead.  He could be real big in the next couple weeks.  Or, he could keep leading you on like the chick you liked in high school but really she only wanted to use you for your car.  Yes, I am treating Gordon like a jilted lover.

Samuel Dalembert – 2/1/1 in 5 minutes.  Doesn’t even have the sniffles.

Rip Hamilton -Made his return last night playing 20 minutes (6 pts, 1 reb, 3 asts) and blew out his ACL.  Nah he didn’t, but just pretend he did and don’t add him.

O.J. Mayo – Add him, instead.  He’s Hamilton without the constant injuries, old age, and incredibly annoying mask.  Averaging 30 mpg over his last 3 (20/3/3/1.7, 1 3PM), while owning from the FT line (19/20).  Yeah, he’ll be a FG drain but it’s worth the counting stats.

Tony Allen – 11/5/1/1.6/0.6 while playing 32 mpg over his last 5.  Yippee!

Randy Foye – Drained 8 bombs from downtown for 28 points (plus 2 steals).  Foye has been on fire in his last three games; ride him while he’s hot.

D.J. AugustinThe Kittens didn’t play last night, but Augustin would put up a line similar to 0/0/0/0/0 anyway.  Even if you needed any more reasons to drop him, he is being moved to the bench in favor of Kemba Walker.  Now when he puts up atrocious stat lines, he will have an excuse.

Devin Harris/C.J. Miles/Derrick Favors/Alec Burks – I do not trust any of these guys right now.  Last night Favors had the big game, but it seems like Utah is just riding whoever is hot.  Except Devin Harris.  I wonder if anyone would notice if Augustin and Harris switched teams.

J.J. Hickson – Remember when everyone got excited that Hickson was starting to put up big numbers after the trade?  Last night he whipped you up a nice PLT (poop/lettuce/tomato) on toasted wheat (healthier than white!)… 4/5/2 on 2-8 shooting.  Look for him to bounce-back.

Nikola Pekovic – Played 19 minutes off the bench going 7-8 from the field for a tidy 17/4/2.  Might want to wait a bit to pick him up and see how his body responds to his first game back.  You don’t want him to go all Jerryd Bayless on you.

Jimmer Fredette – 19/2/0/1 with 3-3PM in 25 minutes off the bench.  The only way Jimmer can get PT is by giving his teammates a charlie horse.  Coincidentally, Marcus Thornton left the game in the first quarter with a bruised thigh and did not return.  If Thornton were to miss a couple games then Jimmer might be a nice source of points and 3’s.



  1. Jay says:

    I have Nene on my team with other forwards/centers like Gortat, Frye, Monroe, Noah, and Gasol. Is it worth dropping Nene at this point? If so, who do you recommend?

    • James Redacted

      James Redacted says:

      @Jay, The Wizards are playing a back-to-back-to-back starting Wednesday so I doubt he’ll play in all 3 and maybe not at all. If you are in the H2H playoffs then I’d probably make the drop (Kevin Seraphin if he’s available, to get all 3 of those games). If it’s roto, I’d hang on and see what happens over these 3 games.

  2. B.o.B. says:

    Mullens or Pekovic? Or I can drop Kawhi Leonard and have both Mullens and Pekovic…my only other C’s are Hibbert and Anderson, but I do have Humphries and Durant for boards. Luckily I got 2nd during the regular season and got the bye week to give Anderson time to heal (on top of Stuckey, Thornton, Barea and Eric Gordon). What to do???

    • Adam

      Adam says:

      @B.o.B., I’d drop Leonard. It sounds like you’re shakier at C than you are at SG/SF, so you might as well stack your weak spot and improve your chances at having it covered.

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