Ah, the early weeks of the fantasy season, when a young man’s or woman’s fancy turns to love. Love of the game, love of that reach you made for Gordon Hayward in the draft when others were worried about his injury. Love of how good your picks look thus far, and how bad your opponents picks look. Because everyone has a chance at this stage, right? And that’s good for the game, no? Somewhere out there, somebody is giddy that they selected J.J. Barea in the later rounds. Others are pleased that they nabbed a tasty morsel, or pleased their blue chip pick is performing as advertised. The scientific term is the honeymoon phase, and fella, you are smack-dab in the middle. At this time people often complain that it’s hard to make trades, so while I will make some trade recommendations, I will also comb the waiver for you, gentle reader, to try to polish the proverbial turd for you to grab. Let take a look at what is to be had:


Lucas Nogueira C

You may be saying: who? But that’s just because he’s not known, silly. Bebe, as he is affectionately nicknamed, is the centre taking Bismack Biyombo‘s place as back up centre in Toronto behind Jonas Valanciunas this year. He didn’t play for the first 5 games, but his hustle and defensive energy seems to have solidified his position, as he has averaged 25.75 minutes in the 4 games he’s played, and has gone 8.25/7.25/.75/1.75/2.25 in those 4 games. He’s not an actual trade target yet, just a pick up, as he’s only 39% owned, but I’d ride him until he fades, or if he does.

Vince Carter SG, SF

They called him half man, half amazing. The dude who dragged his junk over poor 7 ft Frederic Weis  when he dunked on him during the Olympics. Vince may no longer be half amazing, but he certainly has a little bit of amazing left in him. Vince is only 8% owned, and has gone off in his last 4 games, going 17/4/2.5/.75/.5 shooting over .500% with 2 treys a game. Somewhere, Weis is getting strange shudders, and he doesn’t know why. Pourquoi?

John Henson PF, C

We at Razzball have affectionately called Henson the Muppet, in homage to the puppet guy, but for this blurb I will give Henson (John) the respect he has earned. His stat line isn’t sexy at all, but he has been named starter for the Bucks. It hasn’t translated into major minutes yet, and while Greg Monroe is on the roster, he won’t top 30 minutes IMO (he’s barely topped 20 so far!) But, Henson is only 9% owned, and his ability to block makes him intriguing (he has a block a game in his last 4 with only 15ish minutes per). The one game he got more than 20 minutes (21), he went for 7/12/3/2/2. Is this a stretch? Yes. That I will not deny, this could be a whole lot of nuthin’. But fate favours the bold, gentle reader, so be bold! (I love using parentheses!)

Tyson Chandler C

Chandler hasn’t played in over a week, not because of injury, he should be fine to go, but due to a loss in his family. That is a terrible thing, and because of the sensitive nature of the situation, the team isn’t sure when he will be back to play. I personally believe that Chandler, when he returns, will be back to his double double self, and this is a perfect buy low opportunity, with you giving only late round value. Additionally, he is only 49% owned, so you may not even have to pay a thing for him.

Seth Curry PG, SG

If you follow hockey, or even if you don’t, you must of heard of the Great One. Wayne effin Gretzky. He was transcendent, a little guy in a big man’s game who scored at absolute will. He had a brother who was also in the NHL, Brent Gretzky, drafted 6th overall. He played 13 games in the bigs. It must be hard to be the brother of a phenom in the game you love. Seth is no Steph Curry, but he isn’t Brett either. He has been quite good of late for Dallas, going 14/3.3/5.3/3/.66 with 2.5 treys over his last 3 games. The most promising aspect is that he has received 29.4 minutes of gametime over his last 5 games. H’s only 25% owned, so nab him if you need him.


Wilson Chandler SG, SF

Chandler is a fantasy tease of a player who is just back from injury, and is being snatched up off the waiver. I tend to want to go in the other direction, firstly because I’m a contrarian dink, but also because Wilson gets injured. I may have too much of a long memory in this case, but in the last 4 years prior to this year he has played 8 games, 42 games, 62 games, and 78 games. And he’s already missed 2 games this year. I know, 78 last year is great, Mr Glass-half-full. I hope he’s iron-man durable for you, but the risk is just not for me.

Danny Green SG, SF

Apparent groin injury. After a hamstring injury. Cue the Sad trombone. Danny is not a sell high, I get it, but he’s played in only 3 of 11 games thus far, and seems to be closer to: “cut-bait”  level. If you can deal him, do it.

Maurice Harkless SF

Moe, Moe, Moe. Wheeeeee! That about sums it up. Moe has been playing well for the Blazers, substantially above his ADP. He’s getting over 30 minutes a game, and his yahoo value puts him at 45. Maybe you’re the type who thinks: “I have gotten crazy value from a guy I either drafted last, or picked up off the waiver, so I’m riding him.” That’s totally fair, but for me, I’d rather try to cash in the cat who is playing well above his career stats at his sell-high point for a more reliable piece. If you are looking, Moe is only 40% owned, and gives you blocks, points, boards and treys.


Ok, good reader, that is all I have for now. Until next time, may all your shots be nothing but net!

  1. SR says:

    Who should I drop when Jeremy Lin comes back from injury to add him back again? Also CJ Miles is on waivers right now should I drop somebody to pick him up too? This is my team standard 9 cat h2h

    PG: Bledsoe
    SG: Dragic
    G: Jimmy Butler
    SF: Giannis
    PF: Porzingis
    F: Pau Gasol
    C: Anthony Davis
    C: Gorgui Dieng
    Util: Ryan Anderson
    Util: TJ Warren
    BN: Chandler Parsons
    BN: Al Horford
    BN: Darren Collison
    IL: Jeremy Lin

    • Doctor G says:

      @SR: damn, that’s a pretty deep lineup. I believe Dragon is IL-eligible, so I would make that swap if it’s still possible by the time Jeremy comes back. And if not, sheesh I don’t know. Jeremy may actually be the odd man out there.

    • Dan A

      Dan A says:

      @SR: I think you should try for a 2 for 1 trade, as Lin isn’t better than any of these guys, but has value., except for maybe Tragic, but I wouldn’t want to give up on him just yet. Target Kyle Lowry, or someone of that caliber, maybe?

      • SR says:

        @Dan A: What do you think about Ryan Anderson + Lin for K Love?

        • Dan A

          Dan A says:

          @SR: I hope your trading partner goes for it, but it probably will only begin the conversation.

  2. rhirano says:

    Would you do a drop of Sergio Rodriguez for Seth Curry, Elfrid Payton, or Wes Matthews? In need of both 3’s and assists

    • Dan A

      Dan A says:

      @John: @rhirano: I like Seth for the uptick he’s currently on, then Elfrid. Wes nees to get it together before he is to be trusted.

  3. John says:

    9 cat league, 12 teams….general value between Gary Harris and P Bev?

    • Dan A

      Dan A says:

      @John: When PBev gets back up to speed, he has already been promised the starting role, so that is a huge bump. He will be worse at scoring and 3’s, but better defensive stats. Neither are significant contributors at dishing dimes.

  4. Ben Wallace's Headbang says:

    In a 20 team deep keeper league, I have Dunn, Patty Mills, and Tony Parker. Is it time to drop Tony Parker or ride him till he fades into the sunset? Currently he’s on the IR and I’ve just left him on there until I can make another move. Thanks.

      • Dan A

        Dan A says:

        @Ben Wallace’s Headbang: I know, it was hard to watch Parker struggle when he was playing. I would try to trade him, but I doubt you will get a nibble, other than as a throw in. Once he comes off the ir, I don’t see how you can hold him.

  5. kisses says:

    Thinking about pulling the trigger on a deal sending Eric Gordon, Aaron Gordon, and Mo Harkless in exchange for Evan Fournier, Jordan Clarkson, and Kenny Faried. Thoughts?

    • Dan A

      Dan A says:

      @kisses: I think I like it. I say that because I’m crushing on A Gordon, but Fournier and Faried are solid, now that Faried is starting.

  6. 1st time daily league owner says:

    IN a 12 team h2h daily 9 cat league, we don’t use TO’s we use FGM, FG%, FT%, PTS, 3’S, RBDS, AST, STL, BLK would you drop any combo drop who and add who if any ? Olynk, ZBO, t frazier, nick young for tristan thompson , KCP and tyson chandler Thx for your help and experience !!! I think I’m gonna drop olynk for chandler now since i have randolph hopefully coming back wednesday… so what would you do? Thank you !!

    • Dan A

      Dan A says:

      @1st time daily league owner: I like the 3 you picked to drop, I have no affinity for any of them. Olynyk isn’t good now. and will be worse when horford gets back. Zbo is just boards and points, nothing else. Swaggy has cooled, -and is infuriatingly unreliable at the best of times. KCP has been plying great before getting injured, Thompson is an upgrade over zbo imo, and I have high hopes for Tyson. Good luck!

  7. Rock says:

    Hey Dan!

    who to pick up and who to drop?

    barton, tyson chandler, knight, payton, okafor or tyreke evans

    my team:
    PG: westbrook
    SG: wade
    G: lavine
    SF: covington
    PF: g dieng
    F: marcus morris
    C: deandre
    C: rolo
    Util: mudiay
    Util: rubio
    BN: d booker
    BN: nurkic
    BN: wall

    • Dan A

      Dan A says:

      @Rock: I like Tyson a lot for boards and FG%, but there isn’t really anyone to drop here, aside from Mudiay. If you want to replace that guard action, Payton is the choice. As to other drops, possibly Nukic, as his minutes are dropping to under 20 recently, but he still blocks better than tyson so far this season, and you should be competitive with boards with this line up. I’d watch Knight closely, as I can’t believe that he stays this stinky for the season, but he’s too big a risk to pick up and drop a better player for.

  8. Lasandro says:

    Love your articles bro. Pourquoi? Who knows. Just do!

    Interesting argument re: Wilson, but surely he’ll trend down with Barton set to make a return in a week or so (apparently had a minor setback in Tuesday’s practice). I’d like to know if you think Willy B is going to produce like he did before his injury, particularly now that G Harris is on the shelf for the next 4 weeks.

    I’ve already put in a claim to grab Tyson off waivers, dropping my Capela. I def need the brds. Or do you think my Kieff is the better drop option, considering my needs. I like his multi cat upside, whereas Capela is more of the specialist and I think Tyson is the better version, with less blks. I’m in a 10 team 14 cat (including all brds cats) roto L.

    • Dan A

      Dan A says:

      @Lasandro: Hey fella. Sorry for the radio silence, it’s a busy week. Cap is the drop, IMO, I like what Markieff brings across all cats more than Clint. I’ll try to answer faster in the future.

  9. rexjiang says:

    Hey guys. So I think I have a pretty good team… but there are so many underperformers, its making me worry.

    14 Team 9-Cat H2H League(Auction Keeper)
    Kevin Durant
    Kawhi Leonard
    Rudy Gay
    Brook Lopez
    Enes Kanter
    Aaron Gordon
    Nikola Jokic
    Marvin Williams
    Rondae Hollis Jefferson
    Josh Richardson
    Eric Gordon
    Lou Williams
    Norman Powell
    Brook with Kenny Asshat messing with him is not giving me a lot of confidence.. and right now my rebs/blks are pretty weak while all my other cats besides ast are strong. I feel like if everyone can just perform similarly to last year(RHJ/JOKIC/Brook/Marv) and Gordon can step up his rebounds a little bit… Rebounds and Blks should be alright also.

    But right now I have a chance for a trade.
    I can trade Rudy Gay, Jokic and Marvin Williams for Damian Lillard and Nikola Mirotic… should I take it? I’m already like #1 in ft/3pt/points and im obviously punting asts, but lillard seems too good to not take(especially with jokic and marv williams underperforming the way they have and rudy gay being a trade candidate).

    Lillard is so good, but I’m a little worried that my team will become really unbalanced and I’ll have to make more moves, but I guess I should be winning in value?

    Keep in mind though that it is a 14 man league with an IR slot…. with 14 active managers that for the most part are good at fantasy. So right now the waiver wire/FA pool is incredibly bare…
    best prospects are: T Ross / Roy Hibbert / James Ennis/ Etwaun Moore / Cody Zeller / Mozgov / McCaw / Roberson / Kaminsky /Dwight Powell / Jamychal Green… so as you can tell there isn’t much upside.

    What do you guys think? Should I trade Jokic / Rudy Gay / Marv Williams for Lillard / Mirotic?

    • Dan A

      Dan A says:

      @rexjiang: in fantasy, just like in the real NBA, the team left with the best player almost always wins the trade. Get Dame. Don’t worry about the waiver rift now, just keep an eye on t Ross, he’s been solid, if unspectacular.

  10. new to this daily stuff says:

    IN a 12 team h2h daily 9 cat league, we don’t use TO’s we use FGM, FG%, FT%, PTS, 3’S, RBDS, AST, STL, BLK would you drop any combo drop who and add who if any ? ZBO, t frazier, nick young for tristan thompson , Vince carter , Patrick beverly. I only have 4 moves a week and have used two of them. P bev seems like a good pick up for my team. I only have 2 SG….. here is my team if it helps
    G====== Lin, n young, collison, Tim Frazier, Sergio rodriguez, dennis schrodder,
    F/C ====Horford, Zbo, T chandler, Anthony davis, D. Favors, rob covington, Draymond green.

    So which guys would you drop on my team to pick up one or 2 of those 3. with P bev the most needed I think with tim fraziers time going down. I know during the next week while T. F. time dwindling as jrue working his way back in and p bev working his way back to 30 min a game…. anyways thx for all your help. !!

    • Dan A

      Dan A says:

      @new to this daily stuff: nick young can go any time, he’s streaky and you can find shooters always. You said pencil, which is a good move. Vince is producing well right now, and is SG/SF designated. Rodriquez is another drop I’d consider, or Zbo.

  11. Tyler says:

    trade Gay for Ariza?
    trade Hayward + LouWill for Paul George?

    • Dan A

      Dan A says:

      @Tyler: no to gay for arias if you’re getting ariza. Yes to George if you’re getting George.

  12. runfast says:

    Need some trade help please! I was offered cp3/Aaron Gordon for my Bledsoe/Gay/Beal in a 12 team h2h 9cat Standard.

    I am already punting FG/TO with my team and feel I will be losing a lot of production by accepting this trade. It is hard to pass on though as I can obtain a top 10 player…

    PG: Lilliard, Teague, Mudiay, Holiday (IR)
    SG: Bledsoe, Miles, Beal
    SF: Gay, Harkless
    PF: Dieng, T Booker, Noel (IR)
    C: Cousins, M Gasol, Chandler

    Other considerations to take include injury risk for Bledsoe/Beal. Im not too high on Aaron Gordon either, if he isnt getting stl/blk, he’s worthless.

    Thank you!

    • Dan A

      Dan A says:

      @runfast: scoring is the easiest aspect of fantasy to replace, in most cases, unless the league is so deep that the waiver is barren.
      With the trade, almost without exception, the cat who winds up with the best player wins. You can always flip AGordon for another piece, or flip CP3 for that matter, who has tremendous value. And you are right to be concerned about veal/bled injury risks.

  13. Tyler says:

    So I have Dragic returning in my FT punt 10teamer.
    Who should I drop?



  14. Tyler says:

    Choose 2 out of Sergio, Lyles and Olynyk

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