Let’s face it. It’s unlikely that LeBron or KD are available on your waiver wire, and nobody in their right mind is gonna trade ’em to you. So adjust your expectations accordingly. You’re not taking the prom queen home tonight, but some of these fillies can still put out, and you can still pretend that the one you took home kinda does look like LBJ in the pale moonlight. Here are one man’s brain droppings on who to grab, and who to sell.


Gordon Hayward SG/SF

I know JB was goofing on Utah last week, so insert your best “jazz hands” quip here, but give Gordon a looksie. You may even get him for free, as he’s available in 41% of ESPN leagues, because he’s back from a shoulder injury that had him out 10 games. It should put a tingle in your dingle to hear he’s averaged 22 points, 2 3Pt, and 3.3 dimes per game in his first 3 back. He has the athletic ability to be a major contributor, and although he comes off the bench, he’s just given us the proverbial tip, if you will. There is value there, so long as Coach Corbin sees it my way. The talent part, not the tip part.

Kyle Korver SG/SF

Kyle Korver is available in 36% of leagues? Whaa? If he is in your league, start frogging, and jump, son! He is one of the perennial 3Pt leaders, shooting an amazing 46.4% from beyond the arc this year, and 4.1 boards and 2.5 dimes to accompany his sexy stroke. While his 11.3 points per can take some shine off of that trophy, we are talking rotisserie, and he has the potential any game to go off for 5+ 3Pt. But, full disclosure, long balls are a weakness of mine. I spend a lot of time at the community sauna. Just sayin.

Demar Derozan SG

There was concern on how DD was going to fit in with the arrival of Rudy Gay, that their games mimicked each others too much, etc. Well, aside from a dud against the Griz, who shuts a lot of good-to-great players down, he has scored no less than 18 per game since Rudy’s arrival. He went off for 34 against the Cavs on Wednesday, along with 2 assists and 5 boards. His playing in the Great White North can help your cause, due to lack of pub, here’s hoping you get him for pennies on the dollar.

Al Harrington PF

This dude comes in more as a waiver wire flyer, but because Al has been injured all season, he’s only owned in about 5% of leagues. With Big Baby injured, and J.J. Traded away, somebody’s gotta score. He averaged 14 points, 6 boards, 1.5 3Pts, and .9 steals per game last year. Getting a few 3s from your PF is nice, and although he may not get last years stats, he’s gotta be worth a gander, no?


Robin Lopez C

Lopez scored 14 points, 7 boards and 2 blocks going against his smarter, sexier, more talented twin. Which is a great time to sell Robin and his ridiculous Sideshow hair, off of a decent (for him) performance. He’s averaging a paltry 11.5 points, 5.4 boards and 1.5 blocks this season, and when Unibrow makes it back from a minor ailment, Lopez’s minutes will diminish behind Davis and Anderson.

Andre Drummond PF/C

Now don’t get me wrong, I love what this kid brings, his motor is off the charts, and will get time to play once healthy. The fact is, he’s not. It was reported earlier in the week that he could be back soon from a broken tailbone, and now that prognosis is being changed to end of March, beginning of April. If you don’t have IR space, he’s the one to go.

Jerryd Bayless PG/SG

After a fine fantasy start to the season, Bayless has tumbled back into obscurity. His game against Dallas Wednesday marks the 7th in a row that he has been limited to single digits, along with 3.4 dimes, and 2.1 boards. All I can say is: Meh.

  1. Thrilla says:

    Coool, just swooped Hayward.

    I got a question for an 8-Team H2h League, standard scoring…

    My team:

    K. Lowry
    D. Lilliard
    M. Ellis

    K. Thompson
    Jamal Crawford

    K. Durant
    K. Leonard
    G. Hayward
    R. Artest

    D. Cousins
    G. Monroe
    L. Sanders
    N. Pekovich
    T. Splitter

    Got a playoff spot locked up but want to get my roster right before they start in 2 weeks. My bottom 3 guys are probably: T. Splitter, R. Artest, Jamal Crossover…

    Here are some of the top projected guys for the rest of the year who are FA in my league:

    C. Delfino
    D. Green
    J. Jack
    D. Collison
    J. Calderon
    M. Chalmers
    A. Johnson
    K. Korver
    J. Green

    Any moves you see worth making? Any number of these guys stand out to you for the rest of the season given my current roster?

    Thanks for any thoughts

    • Thrilla says:

      @Thrilla: No transaction limit

      • Zandy says:

        @Thrilla: Looking at playoff schedulesm gotta love Korver over Jamal or MWP, Amir over Splitter, I think I would look at Collison too. Just my opinions

    • Dan A

      Dan A says:

      Hey Thrilla,

      A fine Christian name! Funny thing, I was gonna name my boy Thrilla, but we went with Breakdance. I stand by my decision.
      Glad to hear you got Hayward. I agree with your assessment of your bottom 3, and as you know, I’m a big fan of Korver over Elbows World Piece, but the pick-up that stands out to me the most is Amir Johnson. He’s starting at the 4 for the Raps, and will be for the rest of the season, unless they go small in particular match-ups, as Andrea Bargnani is been a horrible disappointment coming back from his shoulder injury, putting up 0 points in 3 of his last 4 outings off the bench, I believe. There is nobody pushing Amir for the spot, and I love his game, highly underrated, IMO.
      As to Dropping Jamal, that leaves you really light at the 2. Any way to use a combination of Splitter/Metta/Jamal to grab Demar Derosan away from whomever has him? Unlikely, but worth a shot. I know that makes for 2 dinos, but ride them while they’re hot.
      Otherwise I’d consider dropping Crawford for Jarrett Jack, who is becoming the new “Mr. Big Shot” by the Bridge, and should have dual designation at both the PG and SG .
      As always, Breakdance reminds me to mention that my decision making can leave something to be desired, so take all advice with a grain of salt…

  2. Shogun says:

    drop Earl Clark/Manu and pick up Tobias Harris?

    • Dan A

      Dan A says:

      Like JB, I also see potential in Harris (as he wrote last week),and Ginobli has cache in his name, but he has dropped off this year, so yes, I would, IMO. But don’t have sellers remorse if you see Manu kill it a game here or there, you’re better than that.

      • Shogun says:

        @Dan A: thanks. so do I drop Earl Clark or Manu, in a vacuum?

        • Dan A

          Dan A says:

          @Shogun: I would say Manu, but look into your heart…

  3. Frank Lynch says:

    Hey man what up!! Harrington is on my waiver wire.. Is he really a good pickup? It says they’re playing alot of there new players, I was just wondering do you know something that I don’t.. Well I don’t know shit though.. LOl

  4. Frank Lynch says:

    Oh sorry I typed before I read

    • Dan A

      Dan A says:

      @Frank Lynch: Hi @Frank Lynch:

      Ha! Typing before thought. About sums up my whole article.

      What I was hoping to impart regarding Al, is that he should get some burn, but he’s a waiver wire value pick-up, not worth trading for, nor dropping a valuable player for yet, if at all. I would probably take Tobias Harris before Harrington, because of potential, if both were on your waiver. Al should be able to replace the last dude on your bench, however, if that last guy is a disappointment.

  5. Kaman Your Face says:

    Give: DWade
    Get: Jennings,Faried,Lowry
    My team is locked into first and this trade is more about playoff positioning and keeper for next year.
    What do you guys think of this trade?
    League Settings: 10 Team, H2H, 9 Cat, Daily, 5 player keeper
    Roster: 12 start (3 bench), 1 IR spot, Daily
    Guards: Westbrook, Curry, Wade, Harden, Calderon, Webster
    Forwards: George, Gallinari, Leonard, Thad Young, Parsons, Drummond(ir)
    Centers: Al Jefferson, Brook Lopez, Peckovic

    • Kaman Your Face says:

      @Kaman Your Face: any thoughts on this trade?

      • Dan A

        Dan A. says:

        @Kaman Your Face: These trades are always hard to judge, as Wade was once a giant, and is still very good. The trade is more about who you think you will be keeping after the season, balanced against how will the 3 coming help this playoff run. Wade is having a good year, but is nevertheless declining, everyone knows that, and you have to sell while there is still some value. You are loaded with talent in the guard position, I would say that Curry, Westbrook and Harden are guaranteed keepers, so you can afford to let Wade go based on that, and Fared will help with rebounding and blocks in the forward position. I would have to say I would do this trade, and you drop 2 of Calderon/Webster/Parsons to make space for the other 2, but it is unlikely that anyone outside of maybe Jennings is keeper worthy, although I like all those guys and what they bring, but Wade was probably on the keeper bubble as well. But if you do it, don’t call Wade in the middle of the night, drunk, talking about what used to be, don’t make it awkward.

        • Dan A

          Dan A. says:

          @Dan A.: So, to further this trade talk, I’ve talked to a few of my friends who are basketball stats gurus, and they feel totally split on the advice I’ve given. Wade is still playing at an exceptionally high level, and shows no sign of breaking down this season, they say. Looking at his last 5 games: 27.6 points, 6.2 boards, and 6.2 assists, he’s still at the top of his game. But Lowry had a triple double last game out, and Jennings had 11 points, 19 assists, along with a steal and a block last game out as well. Faried needs to get more consistent, a lot of what I love about his game doesn’t necessarily translate to fantasy stats. We can all agree that you’re not getting fleeced, and I’d still do it, but if you haven’t yet made the trade, Parsons is not the dude to drop, he’s been making a strong case for himself, scoring 20 + in the last five games, splashing 3s all over the place,and making me look like an idiot in the process. That’s what I get for responding to emails from work, no time to research all the pieces properly. Good luck!

          • Adam says:

            @Dan A.: thanks for the feedback Dan. I had the same thoughts as you and plugged the trigger yesterday night. I dropped Martell and Drummond. Was just stashing him for when he came back from injury.

            The question I have now is – whats the next trade. As you pointed out – I have a lot of guard depth – even more now with Jennings and Lowry replacing Wade. Is there a PF/C out there that I should target as the final keeper option for next year (better than Al Jeff)? Agian – I am 19 games up on first – so I have all but locked up this year.

            For next year would you rather have (a) Westbrook, Harden, Curry, George and Al Jeff, (b) Westbrook, Harden, Curry, George and Marc Gasol, (c) Westbrook, Harden, Curry, George and Al Horford or (d) Westbrook, Harden, Curry, George and Jennings?

            • Dan A

              Dan A. says:

              @Adam: In an ideal world, Horford, I think, because there’s always the depth drama in Utah with Al Jeff, but their stats are virtually identical this year, so it’s difficult to choose definitively. Horford is averaging one more dime per, which to me gives him the slight edge, and also that he is more central to the offence. See what shakes out, I guess, you’re in an enviable position, with really solid keepers as it is…

  6. Frank Lynch says:

    Hey buddy… Do you think de colo or gary neal are a good pickup cause of parker’s absence? If so then which one? Also if you think one of them are a good pickup is it worth dropping Ariza? Thats the only player I can drop.

    • Dan A

      Dan A says:

      @Frank Lynch:
      Bummer about Parker, he was having a stellar year. Gary Neal is currently banged up, with hamstring issues, so he’s not a great option. De Colo is the guy in line for a major boost in minutes, but you can’t expect the same output as Parker provided, and Steve Jackson is likely going to get some burn too.
      It all depends on who else you have at point, because Ariza has been VERY good 4 out of the last 5 games, I would be hesitant to drop him, he’s averaged 15.8 points over the last 5, as well getting 3.9 dimes, 4 boards, 1.8 steals, the whole package.
      Hope brie and baguettes have magical healing properties, and he comes back before your playoffs…

  7. Frank Lynch says:

    Thanks.. I actually don’t have Parker I traded him but I’m in 2nd in my league and been there all year but I’m still waiting for Rose.. If he doesn’t come back in 2 weeks then I gotta think about dropping him.. What u think? Also I picked up Jameer nelson for som scrub and I’m waiting for him.. Any good news for me?? Lol

  8. Frank Lynch says:

    I got
    evan turner
    george hill
    kevin martin
    jj reddick
    kevin durant
    blake griffen
    roy hibbert
    emeka okafor
    tyson chandler
    jameer nelson
    danillo gallinari
    derrick rose

    • Dan A

      Dan A. says:

      @Frank Lynch: sorry for the delay, I was away from the interwebs. I don’t see anyone worth dropping here to pick up the back up point guard from the spurs. Ty Lawson is legit, oth Nelson and Rose are substantially better, with Rose being stratosperically better. You aren’t forced to do anything right now. Like Janet Jackson said: “let’s wait a while”.

  9. Frank Lynch says:

    u around kid??

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