If you take the time out of your busy day to read my weekly articles here at Razzball, I am thankful. And to that end, I hoped to give back by informing you in my last week’s piece of the impending trade deadline in fantasy basketball. Armed with this information, I hope you made all the necessary adjustments to your squad, as unless your league has custom settings, the trade winds have blown by. But I give and I give, because you deserve it, beautiful! So if you have a Wesley Mathews, or some such setback, fear not, gentle reader, you have options. I just hope you didn’t blow your waiver on the Javale McGee rumour that he was signing on again. We still can peruse the waiver wire, and hopefully find some waiver wire gold out there in the fantasy panhandle. I had a gander, and this is what I came up with:


Brandon Bass PF, C

Bwaaaaa, wubwubwubwubwubwubwub…. Just me dropping the bass. But In Brandon’s case, you should pick him up instead. He recently went 16.6/10.6/3.3/1.3/0 with .6 threes per game over his last 3 games. If you need blocks, keep searching, fella. But points, boards, and percentages are what you crave, this cat’s the ticket. He’s only 27% owned, so well worth a looksie.

Luc Richard Mbah a Moute SF, PF

That is the most regal name in all of the NBA, I’d wager. The Sixers are understandably a train wreck, even more so after the trade deadline. But Mbah a Moute has been individually solid, going 17/7/3/1.6/0 with 2 treys per, and getting 33 min per game over the last 3 games. He is only 9% owned, so barring a Luc/Philly fan in your league, he should be there for you.

Terrance Ross SG, SF

The Raptors, my Raptors, have been circling the toilet bowl post all-star break, going 2-8 since kicking off the home stretch to the playoffs. Why then is Ross relevant? He was demoted from the starting line up in favour of James Johnson a while back, but when you’re losing, you shake it up. Ross is back in the starting line up, is 48% owned, and went 13.3/2.3/3.3/1.6/.3 over his last 3 games, with 3.3 treys per game, and averaging 28 minutes a game, and Coach Casey said that he will leave this starting line up as is for the foreseeable future. The steals and 3’s alone are worth a gamble in my books.

Andrea Bargnani PF, C

I just said, I’m a Raps fan, so it pains me to write this particular blurb.  Not because Andrea isn’t playing well, but we Raps fans wanted him to be good so badly, and it never really worked out. But in the last 3 games, Andrea has been worth owning, IMO. He has gone 19.3/5.3/1.6/.3/1.3 with a 3pt per, and 38% owned. I know he’s not the ragu you want, but he might just be the ragu you need.

Dwayne Dedmon C

I know. Ded-who? He’s on the Orlando Magic squad. Nikola Vucevic has a wonky ankle, and even when Vuc has played, they have been on the court together. he has averaged 24 minutes a game over his last 3, going 8.3/10.6/0/1/1, with a fantastic shooting percentage, going 14 of 16 in his last 3 games. He basically doesn’t shoot outside of 4 feet. Not surprisingly, he’s only owned 5%. He’s there, if you want boards, percentages, and blocks.


Jarrett Jack PG, SG

He has been displaced as the starter in Brooklyn, and therefore has little fantasy value. he’s 44% owned, so it’s a long shot he’s still on your bench, but I want to be very careful about any drop recommendations, as waiver is all that’s left for the balance of the season.

David Lee, PF, C

Lee has lost his role to Draymond Green, that much is clear. What is odd is that he is still owned 71% for some strange reason. Lee has been a DNP for 2 out of 3 games, and played only 7 minutes in the one previous to those 3, going 4/6/1/0/0 in that game. I don’t want to tell you your business, but that isn’t a winning recipe in anyone’s cookbook.

Paul George SG, SF

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but Coach Vogel has said that the Pacers aren’t even thinking of playing him this year. If you were hoping for a miracle, that star you were wishing on seems to be fading away.


Ok, sports fans, that’s all there is to be said this week. May all your shots be nothing but net!

  1. John says:

    Hi guys, 9 cat, 14man H2H league.

    Which one out of Rio/Barton/Clarkson would you drop for Tony Allen? Looking for Percentages, STL/BLK/TO

    • Dan A

      Dan A. says:

      @John: sorry for the delay, my wife just gave birth to my second kid! If that isn’t a get outta jail pass, then nothing is.
      If you’re still debating, prob Barton from this list of 3. But also check out Dedmon, he fits all 3 of your criteria.

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