It’s Wednesday, so that means it’s time for our weekly Buy/Sell candidates. Last week, the Butler actually did it with with two strong games in a row and finally started getting to the line with 23-of-26 during that span. Hallelujah!!! Hope you capitalized on the buy-low window, as it appears to be closing fast. This week, injuries have created interesting opportunities for some players, while the contributions from some of your aging veterans is declining. Let’s look at them in more detail…

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Derrick Favors: Rudy Gobert will be sidelined for approximately five weeks, so Favors is the new starting center for the Jazz. He has looked really winded at times on the court this year, but playing at the 5 suits him more and he is less susceptible to getting burned by quicker forwards. In the two games without the Stiffle Tower, he has played 31.5 minutes with averages of 15.5/0/11/0/1/1.5/1.0 on 54.2% and 87.5% from the field and the line respectively. If he was dropped in your league (he was available in two competitive leagues I play) go get him right now!

Spencer Dinwiddie: I may have mocked him for his name in the last post (and maybe I Googled his name again to get it right) but with D’Angelo expected to miss at least three games, he is worth a streaming spot. He has been fairly decent when given enough minutes and there is little competition for the starting PG spot in Brooklyn right now. In games he played with at least 25 minutes, Dinwiddie has averaged 14.6/2.2/4.2/5/1.2/0.0/0.8, benefiting from the high-tempo Brooklyn offense.

Donovan Mitchell: Although Utah plays at a bottom-three offensive pace, Mitchell is the second player from the Jazz this week. He has replaced Rodney Hood in the starting five and has been building his case for Rookie of the Year with his play during this month. The switch seems to have worked well for both, as Hood has improved his shooting efficiency against the weaker second units while Mitchell complements Rubio better. He is quick, strong, a pesky defender, and looks like a real steal for Utah with the 13th pick. If you are ok with the occasional off-shooting night, Mitchell is a great add and is available in 42% of Yahoo leagues.


Ryan Anderson: After a great start to the season, the best defender in the NBA (not) has slowed down significantly in his last five games. This also happened last year, when he was borderline a drop for much of the middle portion of the season. With Chris Paul nearing a return as soon as Thursday against the Suns, it’s time to gauge Anderson’s trade value, as his averages might not look so great in a week or two. On a side note, he always reminds me of the quality of NBA referees with this call against him…

Derrick Rose: It must be the nostalgia of the old, dynamic Rose that dissuades owners from flat out dropping him. As of right now, he is owned in 45% of Yahoo leagues, about the same as Dwayne Dedmon and Marvin Williams. The only difference is their per game value. They are ranked 248th, 95th, and 107th respectively. Cut the cord, make the drop, and you shall feel freedom (and get a better player off the waiver wire).

Two videos in a single post. A new record or something. That wraps up this week’s column, so comment below your thoughts and suggestions about players I have not included and, of course, all your fantasy related questions!

  1. Wen says:

    Hi Kostas, I have a really tough decision to make and need your help. I got a team that I was going to punt AST, but I stash Rondo in my IR spot to see what happens. Now Rondo is back and seems to be decent. Should I drop Bojan Bogdanovic, Wesley Matthews or Josh Richardson (not playing well but like his upside)? Or I should simply cut Rondo? Thanks for your advice.

    • Kostas

      Kostas says:

      @Wen: Hmm that is indeed a tough decision.Let’s work this step by step,one player at a time. I agree with you on Richardson’s upside so i wouldn’t drop him. In a punt AST build i like Bojan more than Wesley so i think from the 3 players he is the drop. What i would suggest though is to try and trade rondo and matthews as a package for a slightly better player that fits your build.

    • Brent

      Brent says:

      @Wen: How deep is your league? If it’s 12 teams or less, then personally I’d drop Bojan. You can always find another 3s specialist on waivers if Rondo doesn’t pan out, but assists are way harder to find.
      If Rondo will be your only assists guy, then maybe you just want to stick with the punt assists strategy and keep the shooters.

    • Kostas

      Kostas says:

      @Wen: gaasdad

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