We all love fantasy basketball, but it’s a marathon, not a sprint, and if you’ve run marathons, you know that you get tired after half of it is done. I mean, I don’t have any clue at all, but it stands to reason, right? Doldrums is the running term for that. And doldrums is also a sailing term, and not at all related to running actually. But I get a little frustrated, depressed, let down, etc. this time of the season, realizing the cats who have under performed, or acted just plain goofy (I’m talking to you Kevin Garnett! you used to be so damn beautiful, and you’re tainting your legacy a bit with this sucky stuff). But like G.I. Joe said, knowing is half the battle, and we can turn our frowns upside down with a little creative trading and/or acquisition. Take a gander at these booms and busts:


Jae Crowder SF, PF

Crowder might not be the hero Boston wants, but he’s the hero they deserve. He didn’t get much play in Dallas, and with Jeff Green being shipped out, they are running out of scoring options in Beantown. He had an absolute monster game monday, posting a rainbow line, touching all categories, and while I wouldn’t expect anywhere near what he did then, in his last 4 games he’s posted 11.5/4.5/1.8/1.5/1, with .667 treys per, and a paltry .5 turnovers, shooting around 50%. That is definitely worth taking a look at in 12-14 teamers, no? He’s 12% owned, so IF you have somebody drop-worthy, Crowder might be the hero you deserve.

Hassan Whiteside C

Talk about the hero Miami needs! I know that I’m a little late to the party with Whiteside, but he’s only 47% owned, and still producing. He has classic big man stats, with points, boards, crazy blocks, and high percentages. Whiteside has gone 14.8/10.8/0/.8/4 in his last 4 games. 4 Blocks per game, Jebus! Minutes are a concern, as he fouls a lot, but ride this south beach wave while he’s caliente!

Mo Williams PG, SG

Ricky Rubio is due back soon, but Mo just dropped 52 last night, with 6 treys and 7 dimes, ho hum. It’s just another day at the office. That is the most points from any Timberwolf ever. Sorry Kevin Lovesorry KG, not you guys, it’s Mo’s moment… a Momoment. He has been fantasy worthy even without this huge spike in production, so if you need cheap points and dimes and 3s with acceptable percentages, Have yourself a Mo, man!

Jrue Holiday PG

Holiday! Celebrate! If you took a holiday… Any Madonna fans?, No? Ahem. Fine, I’ll just take my feather boa elsewhere to be with REAL music fans. And speaking of taking, try to snatch Jrue from whomever owns him. He just tweaked his ankle, you may have a shot at getting him for a discount if this news has scared his fantasy GM. Which it shouldn’t, and don’t you be frightened either. History favours the bold. Or flavours the bold. Whatever.


Eric Gordon SG

As stated earlier, Holiday will be out for a while, and Gordon will get a bit of a bump. He’s been unremarkable, but should spike a bit in trey’s, points and add in the odd steal and a few dimes. This is what I feel is his sell high point.

Rudy Gorbert C

Do I think that the demotion to the bench will affect his output? It certainly didn’t last night, as Gorbert went for a rainbow of 16/11/4/2/3, in 32 minutes. Is this great production? Of course, but you probably didn’t draft Rudy, you likely scooped him off the wire, and you can turn that found gold into a top 40-50 stud, and I can’t imagine he’ll rise much higher in value than he is right now. Are you irritated with the dick way I ask obvious questions to further a point? You should be, it’s even giving me douche-chills, sorry I’ll stop. Will I actually stop? Yes. Sorry, that was a little much, even for me.

Kobe Bryant PG, SG, SF

I know that this is not a sell high recommendation, but as a Bryant owner, this constant benching spells doom, and he may even be shelved for the season. His yearly stats of 22.7/5.6/5.4 are dynamite, and his name still has cache. If you can move him, do it, before he becomes an outright drop.


Ok cool cats, that’s all I have for you right now. May all your shots be nothing but net!

  1. Real_Cigs says:

    Any input on Chandler Parsons? I’m getting pretty nervous he’s not going to turn it around. The Rondo trade has really messed with his play when I thought it might even help him get more open looks at 3ptm.

    The Kawhi owner in my league isn’t really too big on him, and I’ve been thinking of making an offer. There are a ton of great FA’s in my 8 team league like Covington, Whiteside, Gobert, Rolo, G. Hill, Burke, Bogut (I think you get the idea).

    My team’s strengths are 3ptm, FG%, FT%, Stl, Assists, Points, Blocks. I’m weakest in Rebounds and TO’s and thinking of punting those. Anyone on my team you can see as a wrong fit that I should try to move? Worth it to try for Kawhi with Parsons and Alphabet or Nurkic or am I not really helping myself too much.

    My Team:
    PG: Teague, Dragic, Knight, Rubio
    SG: Hayward, W. Matthews, Antetetkounmpo
    SF: Durant, Parsons
    PF: Millsap, Ibaka, Kieff Morris
    C: Nurkic

    His Team:
    PG: Lillard, Parker
    SG: Klay, Kobe, Meeks,
    SF: Kawhi, Wilson Chandler, Tyreke,
    PF: A. Davis, Z. Randolph
    C: Pau Gasol, Dieng, Jordan Hill

    • DANTEGREEN says:

      @Real_Cigs: dude i also own parsons! He was turning it around in late november and then that rondo trade happened! Shots are there but i kinda get the feeling he just doesn’t care anymore now that he can’t do the stuff he did in houston, I SAY LET’S MOVE HIM

    • Dan A

      Dan A. says:

      @Real_Cigs: It’s frustrating, for sure. I don’t think that Parsons will be this pedestrian, but I also don’t think he’ll be anywhere near what he was in Houston. How’s that for fence sitting. I would move him as well, if I could. Kawhi will be dope, for sure, but Pops will keep him on a long minute restriction, holding him out for the playoffs. If you can broker a deal, do it with Giannis, as Nurkic is the man in Denver now, and you’re light on bigs. And as for punting boards, it’s one of the easiest cats to stream, so don’t go with 2 categories punted. If you can pull off a 2 for 1, go get Whiteside or Gorbert, your boards will improve with that. Other pieces to consider moving: Dragic, Hayward, or even Rubio. Not that they all aren’t good pieces, (Goran…meh)but they have value, and you can get return for them. Good luck, let me know what happens!

  2. I am the Walrus says:

    Trade Sullinger and Parsons for Bledsoe? Sullinger is on my bench, so it would essentially be a Blodsoe/Parson’s upgrade while losing some depth in case of injury.

    • Dan A

      Dan A. says:

      @I am the Walrus: Sully will get maad touches with all the firepower rolling out of Beantown. But Bled is dope, Goran is not producing, which should continue to lend value to EB, and Parsons is infuriating. I would do that deal, as long as there are some stream worthy cats on the wire. Good luck, Walrus!

  3. Tyler Durden says:

    Whats up Dan?
    Do you think I should make changes on my team?
    12er 9cat h2h
    G – CP3, Holiday, Rubio, McDaniels
    F – Kawhi, Hayward, Draymond, Covington
    C – Horford, BroLo, Sullinger, Olynyk, Mozgov
    Alex Len
    Robin Lopez
    Marcus Smart
    Nerlens Noel
    James Johnson
    JR Smith

    I think McDaniels and Mozgov are my drops if ever I should make changes but I like McDaniels upside so Mozgov it is. Should I swap him for one of the FA above? Im in pretty good position to make playoffs btw.

    Should I stash RoLo, pickup Len or keep Mozgov since he might be looking at 30mpg ros.

    • Dan A

      Dan A. says:

      @Tyler Durden: Nice squad. You guessed it, Mozgov is the drop, and McDaniels could also be moved. Len for Moz, James Johnson for McD? RoLo will be there (likely) for another 1-2 weeks, as he’s still3-4 weeks away, and they’re not exactly needing to rush him back. Good luck, homeboy!

      • Tyler Durden says:

        @Dan A.: thanks bruh! Would a healthy RoLo be better than Len down the road? Im looking long term and Blazers do have a 4-4-4 PO schedule while Suns are 3-3-3. And Lopez’s 6week timetable would put his return on Jan. 26 making it a 1.5 week stash if all goes well and he’s playing for a contract i believe. James Johnson got moved back to the bench too so I might need to hold off dropping McD for him.

  4. Lawson says:

    So I have been through a mal d´amour story with T Jones, I kept him hoping for him to come back. Then I finally dropped him the other day and now there are inspiring reports about him coming back. What would you do? Does he have a real chance of coming back and deliver? I cannot get him back until tomorrow, in the case nobody claims him off the waiver wire.

    On the other side, you think Frye, TRoss, Biyombo, Shumpert, Bogdanovic, Leonard would be a decent add?
    I have Aldrich, Crowder and Sanders and I dont know what to expect from them. Mr McLemore has been a bit dissapointing too, and I expected more from Mr Meeks.

    The rest of my team are Conley, Holiday, Batum, James, M Barnes, Dray Green, Nurkic and Favors.
    It is a 9 cat 16 team league that I am surprisingly leading…
    Thanks for everything!

    • Dan A

      Dan A. says:

      @Lawson: I would be hesitant to expect much initially from Jones, Smoove makes that whole situation murky. If you mean Kahwi Leonard is on your waiver, grab him, right now. nobody knows what the future holds, but in terms of upside, he is heads and shoulders above all the rest, a potential top 25 player for the playoffs. He’s not too close, but he will be worth the stash, IMO. If you mean Myers Leonard, um, far less exciting, but worth an add until RoLo is back. From that list, I wouldn’t go for any of them if you’re in first.

  5. Bye Felicia says:

    I sold Kobe for Monte right before he was shut down like a month ago. I mean the night before! So lucky!!! Haha

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