Just hear those sleigh bells jingling, ring ting tingling toooooo… Come on it’s lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with youuuuu… Never gets old. I hope Santa was good to you, and delivered your heart’s desire. Me, I avoided a lump of coal, which is a win in my books. I know we are all enjoying the eggnog, honeyed ham and Christmas basketball at this time of year, and if you’re like me, you are content to park the moneymaker on the couch and soak it all in.  So I’m going to briefly mention a few things I’m thankful for in fantasy basketball, and a few New Year’s resolutions I’m making on behalf of some NBA ballers, and we can all get back to gorging ourselves while surrounded by weird relatives in Christmas sweaters like the little baby Jesus intended us to:

Thankful for:

Kyle Lowry PG

I know that the shooting percentage can’t be kept up, but he has been an absolute dynamo going 27/7/4/1/0 hitting 5 treys on 8 of 18 shooting, and I believe that the good times will keep rolling into 2017. He has averaged 4 treys per game in the last 5 games, I don’t know how you sell him, but if you need to, his value would be akin to the top 6-8 players in the league. Pass the yams.

DeMarcus Cousins PF, C

Boogie has been transcendent at the five, hitting from outside all the way in, dropping dimes, swatting, basically doing everything: 29.1/10.5/3.5/1.3/1.5 on the season, which is naaaasty. If you got him, you done good, son. I would only move him for a transcendent guard (see above), but really, why mess with such a good thing?

John Wall PG

Thank the 3 wise men that Wall has been coming together of late, many fantasy owners were expecting more from the speedy guard at the beginning of the season. The Wiz stink, but it isn’t due to Jdubs. Wall has had a double double of points and dimes in 6 of his last 7 games. Now if he could only lower his turnovers a touch…

Turn it around:

Blake Griffen PF, C

I know, he’s injured. But he was was not playing at his 3rd round ADP before the injury, and you’re not going to be able to trade him for a bag of balls at the moment. Grif, you were so beautiful, baby, what the dilly? Get back to the monster on the court we all expect you to be.

Pau Gasol PF, C

Father time waits for no man, even a soft palmed Spaniard, it seems. But based on how he played in Chicago, I expected much more from him this season, especially on such a reputable team. I hope he can find his niche, because his value is too low to dump for any true value at the moment. Pass the whatever they eat for Christmas in Madrid. Paella? Whateves…


That’s all a got for the week, good reader. I have to get back to building my son’s Star Wars lego for him. Happy New Year, everyone! Until 2017, may all your shots be nothing but net.

  1. Purdman says:

    How low is Pau’s trade value?

    I have Bledsoe, Wall, Beverly, Jackson and Holiday at point guard.

    Was offered Pau for Beverly…thoughts?

    I can’t keep 5 point guards can I?

    • Colonel Angus says:

      @Purdman: I have to think Pau’s reputation might get you more than you would expect. He certainly has been playing better. You could see who is rostering Aldridge. Pau puts up great lines when Aldridge sits. It can’t hurt to ask. Maybe Beverly comes back strong after missing that last game and increases his trade value a little more. Actually have him on one of my teams and had to call out my league for leaving him on the wire and holding people like Monta Ellis. Wall, Bledsoe and Beverley are some great rebounding guards. I think you can stay pg heavy as long as you don’t punt rebounds with those feisty PG’s.

  2. Threekola says:

    I think Lowry is anything but a buy right now. It is literally impossible his value gets higher than what it is at the moment, which screams sell.

    Pau is interesting, though. One can argue he’s a sell because he’s put together a solid month and an even better last 2 weeks of around 14/10/3/0.5/1.3 on 57% fg, which is great. The ft% has been bad, but that’s fluky, as we have a 15+ year sample size of over 75% shooting. He gives you some threes and the TO are low, too. If the ft% was where it should be, he’s been an early round player lately.

    The question is, is this unsustainable with his role in the Spurs, or is he finally started to figure out how to utilize his skillset given his new role? I think the latter, and consider him a buy if his owner thinks it’s a sell moment and would accept any top 75-100 big in return.

  3. Brent

    TheFantasyDick says:

    15 team roto, no TO category, rank these potential adds ROS:

    Seth Curry
    Thabo Sefolosha
    Kyle O’Quinn
    Tony Allen
    Justin Anderson
    Willy Hernangomez
    Malcolm Brogdon
    Kris Middleton



    • Bye Felica says:

      @TheFantasyDick: Curry/Brogdon

      Hard to predict who gets unleashed man

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