This is the part in your fantasy run where, if you were in Independence Day, Bill Pullman would give you that inspiring speech about not going quietly into the night, that we will fight to the last man, etc, etc. In fantasy terms, simply put, it’s The Final Countdown, which ironically as it relates to Independence Day, was performed by a band called Europe. Perhaps you are inspired by Rocky, maybe you like Rudy.  Whatever floats your boat. You are in the win or go home stage, I would gather, if you’re reading this article, and very likely not going swimmingly, if you’re looking to add a desperation piece. So clearly my advice is not really possible in the traditional sense, as trades are no longer possible in leagues. This is more of a Add/Drop waiver kinda thing; we’re trying to polish a turd, essentially. So, before I don my Randy Quaid hat and fly my jet up an alien’s exhaust pipe, let’s try to glean some usable quality off the waiver for streaming or injury replacement, shall we?



Jarrell Martin PF

The Memphis Grizzlies are down to 8 active roster players. Martin has been getting some quality minutes, averaging 23 minutes over the last 4 games. He’s not gonna be a saviour, but if you want to boost points and boards, he will do that for you. Not amazing FT% so far, but good from the stripe. And don’t be picky, there isn’t a Hassan Whiteside out there just waiting for you on the wire.

Jason Thompson PF, C

He was a waiver pick up for the Raptors. Not too much upside here, but Jonas Valanciunas injured his hand yesterday. If the Lithuanian misses any time, JT will be worth a look in deeper leagues. Too bad there isn’t a stat category for setting a wicked pick, but points, boards, good percentages and the odd block/steal. And keep an eye on Valnaciunas’ health, as Thompson will have zero value when he gets back.

Shaun Livingston PG, SG

The rotation in Golden State just opened up a bit, with Andre Iguodala getting injured. In my humble opinion, Livingston will get the highest uptick. You need a few more dimes, and, interestingly enough, some blocks and swipes? Livingston is as polished a turd as you’re gonna find. Not to imply that Shaun himself is a, er, just that in the landscape of fantasy basketball there isn’t much on the waiver… oh, you get what I’m saying!

Joe Ingles SG, SF

Gordon Hayward has a bad foot. The -itis. Plantar Fasciitis, that is. Mighty Joe go the start last game, was in for over 30 min, and put up a pedestrian 6/5/4/0/0 with 2 treys. The minutes are encouraging, the results far less so, but he’s the starter for the next few games, it seems. You could do worse.


I’m not going to tell you who to drop. It should be obvious to you. If he’s injured, and you can’t use ’em, don’t hold on to him.


So that’s it, folks. Happy traaaails to youuuuu… Time for me to hit the old dusty. I wish you all much success, and I hope that you have enjoyed my little brain droppings here this year. Until we speak again, may all your shots be nothing but net.

  1. rhirano says:

    Do you see a return for Bosh on the horizon, I’ve been winning games without him and have a bye this week, but wondering if its time to cut?

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