It week 19 in the land of fantasy basketball, which means, depending on how your league is set up, you have 4 or 5 weeks left until the playoffs. You may have a custom league design, but in Yahoo, the default trade deadline is March 5th, so make sure you know what the dilliyo! If you still have time to make a last minute acquisition, get on it, son! Seeing as I don’t have much time to wax poetic, as the trade deadline is tomorrow, I won’t be my normal prose infused self, and get right to it. Rest assured, I will write about waiver guys after this week, so step back from that ledge, my friend. As I always say, don’t trust the man! Words to live by, but my other favourite saying that’s only slightly less important: with trades/injury comes opportunity. With that in mind, lets take a look at this weeks opportunity:


Jimmy Butler SG, SF

Butler, or Jimbo, he insists on me calling him, is a dynamite talent, we all know this. But if ever there was a buy low moment, this may be it. He’s out for 3-6 weeks, the medical reports have said, or so I’m told, as, despite Jimbo’s protests, the doctors insisted I wait in the hall while they consult with their patient. This means trading for Butler comes with considerable risk. He may be out for your first week of playoffs, and most certainly for the balance of the season. But fortune favours the brave, gentle reader, so I say make a reasonable offer if you’re safely in the playoff picture. Could you get a top 10 talent for a 60-75 range cat? Maybe, if his current fantasy GM is sweating his return. Do with that what you will.

Nikola Mirotic SF, PF

With Butler and Taj Gibson out, Mirotic has gone 20/7/1/0/1 in his last 3 games, with 1.6 treys per. And a paltry 34% owned. We see that the Bulls have created all kinds of opportunity for the bench guys, so keep your eye on Chicago’s roster.

Rudy Gobert C

Enes Kanter is doing well in OKC, but Gorbert is the real beneficiary of this trade. I know that both JB and Slim have expounded on his recent successful promotion to the starting line up, but here are my 2 cents on Rudy. This is most certainly not a buy low opportunity, in the sense that his owner will be giddy with his recent production since the trade (12/14/1/1/3), it still makes sense to go after him, IMO, as I don’t see his production slowing down any. If you have a guard you can part with, I’d try to make it work.

Gerald Henderson SG, SF

Henderson is more of a speculative add, as he’s only really worthwhile while Kemba Walker is out. But in his last 4 games, he has been torching it, going 15.5/4/2.75/2/.5 with 1.5 treys. He’s 22% owned. That kind of production must be better than the last guy on your bench, no?

Aaron Brooks PG

I know, a lot of Bulls attention this week, but Brooks is starting with Derrick Rose out, and is only 34% owned. The Bulls are riddled with injury, with Butler, Rose, and Gibson all out of the line up, so he’s worth an add if you need PG stats. he’s been averaging 4.75 dimes over the last 4 games, with 2 treys per as well, and more tellingly, 30 minutes a game. Tony Snell doesn’t deserve his own blurb, but he’s also getting burn, so take a gander his way if you need a streamer.



Jeremy Lin PG, SG

Lin has been given increased minutes post all star break, and his production has been impressive, going 18/3.8/6.2/1.4./.4 with a trey per. He’s 72% owned, so some of you guys own him, he’s like the embarrassing Taylor Swift song on your ipod. Or maybe you’re a Backstreet Boys kinda fella, no judgement here. But we are talking about Linsanity, and I don’t think that this level of production can hold. Sell high(er than normal).

Danilo Gallinari SF

I know! That Danilo Galinari! He’s back, and playing with gusto! 20/5/.5/1/.75 with an amazing 3.25 treys per game in his last 4! But he’s an injury risk, and that makes me molto nervouso (I’m shaking my hands, fingers up, in an offensive, yet accurate homage to Italians). I would try to get something of value for the big guy.


Ok kids, that’s all I have for now, may all your shots be nothing but net!