One of the many amazing things here at Razzball, for your perusing pleasure, good reader, is the amount of content you’re provided with every week by adequate (me) to great (everyone else) writers. The difficulty is that there is going to be some overlap. I mean, there are only some 400 players in the entire league, and many of them aren’t fantasy relevant. Feel free to request in the comment section if you want a hard-hitting fantasy break down of the merits of picking up Cartier Martin or Garrett Temple, but for now, if you see some of the same names from JB’s, ChrisV’s, Blairtch’s, or Tehol’s articles, is because they are awesome, and I can’t stop them, I can only hope to contain them…


Amir Johnson PF/C
Amir is criminally under appreciated in fantasy leagues. He has gone 19-21 from the field the last two games with 24 boards. He averages over a block a game, at least a steal per, and 1.5 assists as well – and he knits winter hats and scarves for the homeless on the plane between games. He is also the most likeable guy I know with a throat tattoo. He is likely taken in your league, already 85% owned, which, ah, I guess doesn’t make him under appreciated, but if you can make a move to acquire him, do it, your fantasy team will appreciate it. Whether he comes off the bench or starts, he will produce.
And remember, he’s my: “Lock of the week “™!

Trevor Ariza SG/SF
Ariza has averaged 15.3 points, 6.6 boards, 3.3 assists, and 1.6 steals over the last 3 games, along with a 3Pt per. Not that those are staggering numbers, but he’s only 20% owned (only checked ESPN), can play both guard and forward for you, and Bradley Beal injured his ankle last night, which should translate into more playing time for our hero. And he knits gun-cozies for his teammates on the plane, what’s not to love?
Plus, he’s my: “Can’t miss of the week” ™!

Derrick Williams PF
Derrick Williams was mentioned in JB’s article for good reason. He’s rolling right now, averaging 21.4 and 10 over the last 5. With AK-47 and Pekovic, not to mention Love, all out for the foreseeable future, he will get mad burn. And yes, you guessed it, he knits as well: adorable little booties for orphans on the plane between games.
Moreover, he’s my: “Shoe-in of the week” ™!

Andrea Bargnani? PF/C
This big enigma is not officially a pick-up recommendation yet, as has been absolutely miserable since he came back from injury, save his last game versus Golden State, but what a game! 26 points, 7 boards, he shot 5 3Pts, and a block to boot. He’s only owned in about 50% of leagues. So if you have the space to stash him and see if he can get it back together, I say give him a shot. And he sews: Versace-like silk blouses for obese chesty women, on the plane, between games.
Finally, I should mention he’s my: “Walk of shame of the week” ™!


Danny Granger SF
I know that I’m not revealing anything Earth shattering here, but if you’ve been holding on to Danny all season in the hopes of a speedy recovery, I’m sorry to say: you blew it. He was back for 5 games, scoring in double figures only once, a paltry 12 points, and now he’s being shut down again, and they’re not even evaluating him until a week from now. He’s of no fantasy relevance this year. And with all that time off, not even one lousy pair of socks were knit for deserving children. Not cool, Danny, not cool.

Iman Shumpert PF

Like Tehol Beddict said, ACL surgeries are no joke. This is a joke.  Judging him solely on his choice of haircut, I would say that more healing is needed before he can be declared fit for active duty. He hasn’t scored in double digits in the last 12 games, minimal boards, and, basically, is a non-factor in fantasy production. And he does Needlepoint. Totally useless.

Nate Robinson PG
KrytoNate is now Crippled Nate. A nagging rib injury has hindered him, he has scored in single digits in 4 of his last 5 games, only just over 1 3Pt made per, and we all know that he’s not exactly a pass first kinda PG. Marquis Teague is poised to take the back up role from Nate once Rose makes his triumphant return, in fact, he’s gobbling up many of Nate’s minutes already. On the plus side, he makes intricately woven throw carpets by hand, which he distributes to the downtrodden of Chicago, on the plane between games. Wish I could recommend such a swell guy. But I can’t. Try and upgrade at the PG before the post-season begins.

  1. Michael says:

    Jermaine O’Neal or Scola? Now that Gortat’s injured

  2. Dan A

    Dan A says:

    You mean because, of course, someone already scooped Haddadi?? Curse you, evil basketball Gods!!!
    I would say Scola.
    O’Neal is out for another 2 games at least, due to his daughter’s open heart surgery in Boston, and there is a real possibility that he misses more if there are any complications. I would never hold it against him whatsoever, everybody would understand, but Jermaine may well not be have his head in the game for a while.
    Alternatively, you could see if Bargnani is available. He’s not going to get you mad boards, but he can score, and hit the 3, and has played well in the last 3 games, going 15.3 points, 6.3 boards, and 1.3 assists and a block a game. Plus 2 3Pt per. Don’t get me wrong: there is risk there, He could manga the italian sausige, because he had been playing horribly before, coming back from injury, but he seems to have found his range, he could be a steal, and is likely on your waiver. Good luck.

  3. Frank Lynch says:

    ManI’mhappy Rose is cleared to play but These coments aren’t good when the say he’s not quite ready or he stll can’t dunk off his left leg… Man just when I thought he might come back in a week this shit happens!! What u think? Also How far should I drag him in the playoffs??

  4. Frank Lynch says:

    Me and Jb were talking and he thought he’d probly come back on the 18th.. After the 3 game road trip which is the first game of my playoffs.. What u think?

  5. Frank Lynch says:

    And yeah all these guys are cool including you my man!! Tehol’s my Nuka and JB’s my Brotha… Lol Shout out!!!

  6. Frank Lynch says:

    Oh I forgot, Do you think they’re going to keep benching Durant at the end of the 3rd quarter?? I can’t take that cause he might do that shit in the playoffs. ya know? My playoffs.. Sorry bout all the questions at once but my kids are out with there mother so I can actually think about what I wanna say. LOL

  7. Frank Lynch says:

    Oh and I’m in Jersey so I’m on eastern time

  8. Dan A

    Dan A. says:

    I’m also east coast, so im sorry for the late reply, I crashed early, my boy wore me out, I take it you can understand.
    Wow. Durant and Rose. I hope you’re in a keeper league.
    I agree with JB’s assessment, after the road trip makes sense, barring a setback. Look at it this way: we all know Rose is essential to their playoff run, and he needs to knock off the rust before the playoffs actually take place. It will affect you, that rust shedding process, so that’s also something to consider. If you can make a move to get a quality point, it would be prudent.
    As to Durant, yes, I believe he will absolutely continue to be rested. Standard operating procedure for a team destined for a deep run. That said, he will still put up mad stats, you can’t even think of benching him, not that I think you are.
    Also, it will depend on whether they’re going to try hard for the first overall spot in the west.

    • Dan A

      Dan A. says:

      @Dan A.: Ha! Just re-read this,and I realize I left things open to interpretation in my first sentence. To clarify: running around after my 4 year old son wore me out, which in turn made me exhausted, so I retired early. Not that homo-erotic silliness you were thinking. Pervert. But as Seinfeld said, not that there’s anything wrong with that…

  9. Frank Lynch says:

    n Griffen… I made a trade a month ago and Rose was part of it cause he couldn’t hold on to anybody cause he’s fighting for the playoffs.. Me, Iv’e been in 2nd all year

  10. Frank Lynch says:

    Oh so your saying if Rose don’t come back after the road trip I should think about dropping him?? Also I kinda think he’ll come back stronger then people think cause the bulls aren’t going anywhere in the playoffs without him and with him They’ll actually have a shot at the championship.. He also is itching on the bench to come back and be a part of them and for himself.. Listen, I’m not disagreeing with you. You would def know alot more then me cause this is my first year doing fantasy basketball and I don’t know shit about B ball except for whats on sportscenter.. LOL.. Thanks for the response. Hope u can keep helping me cause if it wasn’t for u guys I wouldn’t be ish in this leauge. You guys made me KILL IT on the waiver wire.. Lol but seriously

    • Dan A

      Dan A. says:

      @Frank Lynch:
      I wood never drop Derrick Rose. You have some time before your playoffs, be patient and see what shakes out. Who are your other point guards?

  11. Dan A

    Dan A. says:


  12. Frank Lynch says:

    I’ll just tell you my team…
    ty lawson
    evan turner
    george hill
    kevin martin
    jj reddick
    kevin durant
    blake griffen
    danillo gallinari
    trevor ariza
    jameer nelson
    emeka okafor
    roy hibbert
    tyson chandler
    derrick rose

    • Dan A

      Dan A. says:

      @Frank Lynch:
      Your team is stacked. You should feel very confidant going forward. You’ll have an all-star at every position. And if Rose can’t dance, Ty Lawson is a great plan B, and you could even roll with Jameer, depending on match-ups.
      You have done all you can, there’s little to no chance of improving without giving up in another area, I would guess. Its unlikely you’ll be able to get CP3 without selling the farm.
      Your baby’s all growed up. Time to relax, enjoy the ride, breathe in that fresh New Jersey air, and have a cannoli. Or whatever delicacy Jersey is famous for. I only know New Jersey through the Sopranos, and they seem to be very fond of them, so I went with that. Seemed more applicable than, say, a lemon tart.

  13. Frank Lynch says:

    Goodmorning bro!! Yo first of all that shit u said was too but i know u meant something else though.. Oh secondly, I don’t think you know what kinda league I’m in. My playoffs start in a week the 18th.. I’m in a h2h league where I play a different guy every week and theres 11 categories and however many categories I win or lose Is your tottal score and so on.. So if I win the week it’s not a win. it just keeps taking your score from your categories every week. I’m in 2nd with 94-58-2…

  14. Frank Lynch says:

    about to be 102-61

  15. Frank Lynch says:

    All my players play.. nobody gets benched unless more then 10 guys are playing but that might happen once a week or 2. Every day you start the guys who are playing and keep shifting around.. You never bench a guy who’s playing… Sorry dude I know you know what league i’m talking about. I hope u don’t think I’m insulting ur inteligence. I know theres a name probly for the league but i don’t know it.. you da man

    • Dan A

      Dan A. says:

      @Frank Lynch:
      Frank, shhhhhhhhh….. after all we’ve been through, how could I stay mad at you?
      Forgive me. After looking at last week’s post, I see that you already mentioned you were daily head to head. I should have remembered that. For some reason, I imagined you as more of a weekly head-to-head, where you start a team for the week, and win by accumulating the most points in a various categories. It’s not you, it’s me, I’m man enough to admit it.
      But my advice still stands. You could possibly drop Kevin Martin, he has been inconsistent, I suppose, if you were looking for an upgrade, but it all depends on what’s on your wire, (Tobias Harris still available?) The thing to consider with Rose, is that there is nobody on your wire that has as much upside. You have to keep him. Anyone available on your wire now, will likely be available in a week. And for instructional purposes, is the cannoli the state delicacy? I can’t feel complete until I know.

  16. Frank Lynch says:

    And dude, that seinfeld comment was funny as hell.. Yo please tell me your a curb your enthusiasm fan!! Yo I love that show

  17. Frank Lynch says:

    Hey what’s up.. Your website isn’t working on my computer, only my phone. Is three something wrong? Also not only did i clinch playoff birth,i also clinched the first week buy so that will give me 2 weeks to sit on Rose.. Cool right.. What the Fuck is this now his knee/hamstrings are hurting n holding him back?? Is this something to be scared of ourdo u thinkI’m good cause the extra week??

  18. Frank Lynch says:

    Hey what’s up.. Your website isn’t working on my computer, only my phone. Is three something wrong? Also not only did i clinch playoff birth,i also clinched the first week buy so that will give me 2 weeks to sit on Rose.. Cool right.. What the Fuck is this now his knee/hamstrings are hurting n holding him back?? Is this something to be scared of ourdo u thinkI’m good cause the extra week?? Uh gg vf

    • Dan A

      Dan A. says:

      @Frank Lynch: Rose should almost certainly be back in 2 weeks. Don’t drop him for anything!
      If you need a short term fix, you could go for Ed Davis, dropping Kev Martin. Randolph and Darrell Arthur are both injured, he’s a virtual lock for a double double per game. Zack will be back soon, but Ed is playing his way into regular rotation, IMO. Or stand Pat, and keep an eye on the wire…

  19. Frank Lynch says:

    Hey do you think I should drop kevin martin and pickup Reggie Evans???

  20. Frank Lynch says:

    good morning buddy.. Hey I think I told u someone took Splitter but somebody just dropped Jarret Jack cause he needs to win bad to oget into playoffs.. Is he worth trying to grab? If so then for who? Also Tyson Chandler got hurt.. Do you think He’ll be ready in a week and a half when I start the playoffs or do I have to drop him?

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