I was happily watching my beloved basketball, and enjoying, yet all the while feeling old. I reminisce about the good old days. The bulls were winning 72 games, shorts had just gotten longer, the only tattoos were on Dennis “the Worm” Rodman, and Centres were lumbering lumpy giant dudes like Bill Cartwright and Rasho Nesterovic, with undefined arms and soft hands, like a baby’s bottom. It was a simpler time. You could be a geek, and still dominate the NBA, a la John Stockton, who was a millionaire, and never stopped getting his mom to cut his hair, apparently. The league, while being dominated by the likes of freaks like Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen, still had room for geeks to make their mark. Heck, the biggest geek of them all, the illustrious Larry Bird, the one lumpy to rule them all, still played in 1992. Is there space for Geeks in today’s league, or is there only to be athletic freaks from now on? Let’s take a look at a few from each column, and see if they fit the description, hmmm?


Giannis Antetokoumpo PG, SG, SF

He is called the Greek Freak, and it is a moniker that is well deserved. In the interests of this article, it should be pointed out that he was a mere letter from being in both categories, but clearly he is a freak in the truest sense. this year, his fourth, he has gone 22.3/8.9/5.9/2/2 with half a trey per game, shooting .524!! He would cost you a top ten talent, but I would gladly part with a Chris Paul to get this Freak.  Maybe a Paul George and Mike Conley? I’m just spitballin’, maybe neither of these will land you Alphabet, but you should do your diligence and try, no?

Gordon Hayward SG, SF

You’re not fooling anyone with that hipster haircut, Gordon. We know you’re a geek. We still remember the gangly kid from Butler with the haircut with bangs. Even then, you were pure murder, but looked like he just came from a Magic the Gathering marathon. His name says pocket protector, but his game says legit assassin. Dude is 23.3/6.4/3.4/1.1/.1 with 1.77 treys per game for this year. I’d try to get this cat while he’s shaking off the finger injury, you might be able to parlay that into a student card discount.

Al Horford PF, C

Al has been productive for the Celtics this year, going 14.3/6.2/5.3/.6/2.3 with 1.5 treys per game, and shooting .483. Horford is a fundamentals type, he has no tattoos, and a choirboy haircut. He looks wholesome, but don’t sleep on his game. I think he’s gotta go in the geek category, but this dude can ball, and is a tremendous asset to any squad in real life or fantasy Ball. Try to see what it would take.



Kevin Love PF, C

Love is a geek, does this even need to be justified? He was the pudgy guy at UCLA, and his first years in Minny. Also, no tattoos, not that that makes him a geek, but seeing as 95% of the NBA has them, he is an outsider there. He has played through a back injury this last week, and has played well, so this could be a sell high point. Keep him if you have confidence, I personally get nervous about back injuries. More concerning, the injury was non contact related, it just locked up. Yeesh. Do with that what you will

Russell Westbrook PG

Russ is a freak who tries to act like a geek. Geek-chic is the term, I believe, but homeboy is a athletic phenom. He just had his 7 game streak of trip-dubs broken, and he still went 37/12/6/2/0. Russ is fantastic, and suggesting a sell is frankly silly of me, but hear me out: he shoots at a poor percentage, and turns the ball over a ton, and his value is stratospheric. Could Russ get you a Chris Paul? Greek Freak? Kevin Durant? It’s possible. I wouldn’t really trade him for less than top 6-8 talent, but stranger things have happened…


Ok gentle reader, that’s it for this week. I know this is self indulgent, but I wanted to remember my dear friend Matthew who passed away from ALS 2 years ago yesterday. Homeboy could shoot the illest 360 floater I have ever seen, and I miss him. Much love, fella.

That is all. Until next time, may all your shots be nothing but net!

  1. rick says:

    Dragic for Oladipo?

    I’m going big with hassan and davis… feel like dipo is better long term at blocks, steals, 3s, FT

    have dragic.. think i may do it as dipo may be better ROS

    • Dan A

      Dan A says:

      @rick: check the health of Oladipo first, he injured his wrist…

  2. Hi Dan!
    Could You order theese combos?
    Westbrook + Ibaka
    DMC + Wall
    DMC + Simmons
    CP3 + Vucevic
    Curry + Ingram

    • Dan A

      Dan A says:

      @Toni Vidal: Fudge. I’m gonna give you the lawyer dodge first, quantifying. These rankings are affected by the rest of your squad. That is to say, DMC and Wall, both prime of their career cats, are more valuable if you have a young producing squad laden with a Greek freak and a Dame Lillard, for example. That evasive business put aside, I rank them:
      Curry Ingram
      DMC Simmons by a dynasty hair to…
      DMC Wall
      Westbrook Ibaka
      CP3 and Vuc
      None are very far from one another, IMO.
      I, like many, get caught up in planning too much for the future in a dynasty league. If you have a real shot at winning this year, shoot the moon, I have discovered. Winning now haws DMC Wall/ West Ibaka ranked 2, 3, for example. Better to bask in the glory of a championship of 2-3 years past than always waiting for the future. Hope this helps.

      • Toni Vidal Ribes says:

        @Dan A:

        My roster is:
        Chris Paul
        Russell Westbrook
        Eric Bledsoe
        Sean Kilpatrick
        Eric Gordon
        Denzel Valentine
        Justin Anderson
        Chandler Parsons
        Tobias Harris
        Serge Ibaka
        Nicola Vucevic
        Gorgui Dieng
        John Henson
        Jusuf Nurkic
        Enes Kanter

        I´m poor at the 3´s & %3 spots (obviusly in TO) that´s because I´m looking to find Curry +… Ingram, Harkless, Zach… And like you say, try to sell high on Westbrook.

        • Toni Vidal Ribes says:

          @Toni Vidal Ribes:

          Following razzball advice (I´m not sure if was Slim´s advice)I trade CP3 + Vucevic for Curry. My next move could be:
          Westbrook + Nurkic + Kanter + Parsons
          Whiteside +( McCollum / Batum /Elfrid / Frazier 2 of 4)
          Westbrook + something to try DMC + Wall

          I´m not sure if I´m lost… -_-

          • Dan A

            Dan A says:

            @Quintero: @Toni Vidal Ribes: I like the cp3 and Vic for curry. Try to get the DMC and walk deal first, to replace the big stats Vuc gave you.

  3. Rocky says:

    Hey Dan!

    I’ve been attempting to pry Giannis away from his owner in my 12 team/9 cat league for weeks now. There is no budging him… Been offered a Kyrie for Jimmy Butler deal that I’m thinking of accepting. Sound reasonable? Also, would you drop either D.Powell or JRich for DFS or Thabo? DFS just seems to get better and better and is logging more consistent minutes than Powell and Thabo’s peripherals have been fantastic since supplanting Korver in the starting lineup…

    My roster:
    D. Booker
    D. Powell
    J. Rich

    • Dan A

      Dan A says:

      @Rocky: I would do. Tyler for Kyrie. I’d go for thabs over the rook, dropping jrich. I like Norm Powell a lot. 5 steals last game.

  4. Quintero says:

    Dan man,
    Deng or CJ Miles which u would rather have rest of the season? Thanks!

    • Dan A

      Dan A says:

      @Quintero: I woould say miles, only because despite not scoring last game, he got all the defensive stats, and went off the game before for 6 treys. He will get more consistent burn as opposed to Deng, where Ingram will get every chance to steal his minutes, is my fear, although Deng is playing well ATM.

      • Quintero says:

        @Dan A: beautiful explanation, thanks mate!

  5. Shahed says:

    Hi guys,

    I’d like your advice on a trade. I’m in a 12 team, ROTO, 9 cat league.
    I have been offered a trade, Me receiving Jackson, Gay, Warren and Henson, for Rondo, Aldridge and Marc Gasol.
    My team is:
    G: J Wall, L Williams, R Rondo, W Matthews, B Beal, B Bogdanovic
    F: W Chandler, E Ilyasova, L Aldridge, J Leuer
    C: C Zeller, D. Howard, M Gasol
    I also have J Lin and C Parsons on IL.
    What do you think?

    • Quintero says:

      @Shahed: I think I’ll pass. You probably lose more assists than you gain in the process and I don’t want to be in the end of receiving extra players. I’ll probably seeking to move Howard to improve the FT as the priority here.

      • Shahed says:


        Thanks for the advice, who do you think i should drop to activate J Lin, and Parsons when he is back?

        • Quintero says:

          @Shahed: probably Bogdan. It’s a roto league so gotta start cutting from the lowest rank player and I’m guessing it’s probably Bogdan because he is not contributing enough across the board.

          IF Parsons is back(also a Parsons owner here, can only hoping) and start getting regular production, I think you probably cut the lowest one between Chandler, Zeller, Ersan and Leuer.

    • Dan A

      Dan A says:

      @Shahed: I’m sorry for replying so late. I don’t think that’s a great deal for you. Maybe target just Jackson?

    • Dan A

      Dan A says:

      @Shahed: I’m sorry for the late reply. But my man Quintero has it right. I wouldn’t really add anything significant to his comments.

  6. G says:

    Hey Dan. I’m with you on Alphabet. I was thinking of proposing the following trade:
    12 teamer, 9- cat: I give Durant and Howard for Alphabet and Deandre.
    Both sides are Ft punt. What do you think ?


    • Dan A

      Dan A says:

      @G: hey, sorry for the late reply. If that deal is on the table still, I think I’d pull the trigger.

      • G says:

        @Dan A: np. Thanks for the input.

  7. Chad Bowling says:

    PG- Paul

    Who should Iook to move and where to improve…9-Cat H2H league punting TOs.

    • Chad Bowling says:

      @Chad Bowling: Was offered Horford for Lowry?

    • Dan A

      Dan A says:

      @Chad Bowling: I would look to improve at the big spot, but don’t do Lowry for Horford.

  8. Frank says:

    hey everyone, first time poster long time reader…

    i am doing punt points/FT% build right now with
    Chris Paul – Eric Bledsor
    Tyler Johnson – Danny Green
    Milsap – Ibaka
    Gobert – Zeller

    and have been trying to figure out what trade to make. top 5 right now but obvious holes at sg and sf but cannot really afford to lose assits. tried to get the freak with bledsoe ibaka and johnson..

    • Frank says:


      add Markeiff Morris in there too

      • Dan A

        Dan A says:

        @Frank: hi, really short roster. Who is on your waiver, then?

        • Frank says:

          @Dan A:

          ill start over – my bad.

          20 teams 12 players 6 starters 7 keepers
          punting Points and ft%

          cp3 – bledsoe
          tyljer johnson – joe harris
          danny green – RHJ – Justin Anderson
          Milsap – Ibaka – Markeiff MOrros
          Gobert – Zeller

          right now top 5 in overall standings and also blocks rebounds assists steals

          love cp3 bledsoe ibaka milsap but feel like one has to go to get some production from sf?

          • Dan A

            Dan A says:

            @Frank: of those, I’d have to try to trade Serge first? Giannis will be hard to get without gutting your roster, maybe target Batum, DeRozan, or PGeorge? Or keep Ibaka and get a hot hand, like Deng for someone less pricey, like Danny Green? Or you could go for a scorer to get you 3pts, like Kyle lowry for CP3? All just suggestions, hope it works out.

            • Frankie says:

              @Dan A:
              Thank you for the insight

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