The season, fantasy wise, is well past it’s mid-life crisis. It is into acceptance, and just wants to enjoy it’s grandkids a bit before hitting the old dusty. So this means that it becomes more difficult to make trades, right? Well, these old bones may creak, but they aren’t buried yet! You, fantasy GM, have to decide what it is you are looking for? Your league not really trading this season as much anymore? Try trading for next season! Two for one trades! Draft picks! Everything must go! Just remember the used car salesman’s mantra: what’s it going to take to get you into this Marcin Gortat? Er, that doesn’t exactly translate too well, but you get the drift, so come kick the tires on these cool cats:



Blake Griffin PF, C

Ok, we now know that it is highly unlikely to near impossible that Blake will be back to help you this year. But maybe you don’t think you can challenge this year, or you’re all but out of contention already this year. If you’re not in a redraft, you might want to think about acquiring Griffin for next year. He’s certainly keeper caliber, and it doesn’t hurt to see what the price tag will be, right?

Derrick Favors PF, C

He’s back, and he’s baaaad. The buy low window may have closed, but I believe that his ceiling has yet to be achieved. In his 4 games since returning from injury, D Fav has averaged 14.75/6.25/1/.25/1.25, averaging over .550. He certainly has shaken off the rust, as it were, but he has yet to spit shine his game into a nice fine polish, IMO. Do with that what you will.

Dennis Schroder PG

There is talk that the Hawks may trade Jeff Teague and hand the reigns to the Deutsch dart for good. This would be an immense bump to Schroder’s value, but even if this doesn’t happen this year, he is worth having regardless. At any rate, if you want to buy low, now’s the time.

Hassan Whiteside C

Whiteside has been injured, an old man hip injury.  He’s pretty close to coming back, so don’t expect much of a discount. But he will climb back to his fly-swatting, rock grabbing glory, of that I have no doubt, so a pricey er, price tag would be worth it for the quality.



Will Barton SG, SF

Will the thrill has been just that: er, thrilling. But with thrills come the feeling that you don’t know what’s going to happen next. He has been up and down this season, and while he is riding high after last night’s win over my Raptors, where he went 20/7/3/0/1 with 2 treys, he went 21/5/1/2/1 with no longballs the 2 games prior to that. That is toilet seat syndrome, and I would rather deal without it.

Rajon Rondo PG, SG

Rondo has been a dub dub machine with points and dimes, but he has recently fallen off just a touch. Still, I would say that he is still a sell high candidate if you can spare the dimes. He went off for 19/2/7/3/0 with 4 treys last night, so there’s that as a sell point.


Ok cool cats, I hope you have achieved an existential self-awareness, go forth and prosper. Until next time, may all your shots be nothing but net.

  1. Rice says:

    Would you cut Collison for Schroder?

    Would you cut Sullinger for C. Zeller?

  2. Dan A

    Dan A says:

    Collison is currently better than Schroder, I’d hold him for now, but keep an eye on the Atlanta situation.
    Sully has been quiet for the last 2 games, but overall he’s been dependable, if not flashy. I know Cody was playing very well before the injury, so maybe he’s worth a flyer, but it’s a gamble. Still, I think I’d try it, you’re not getting much from Sully right now as it is.
    Hope it works out!

  3. Peter says:

    Would you deal Myles Turner for Favors?

    • Dan A

      Dan A says:

      @Peter: I know the blocks are sexy, but I think that Turner for Favors is a good get.

  4. Kevin Waters says:

    Would you trade Gallinari for Favors & Gobert?

    By the way – GREAT website!

    • Dan A

      Dan A says:

      @Kevin Waters: Sorry for the late reply. If you are giving up Gallinari, I assume you need big man stats. And yes, I would do that deal, as you are selling Galli at his highest value. That is to say, I don’t think he can keep up this level of outstanding production, he will slide slightly. If you are talking the deal going the other way for you, I wouldn’t.
      Hope this helps, and thanks for reading!

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