In the NBA, it is very rare to hear a team announcer say something that is not a part of their job description. Most focus on their teams and their players, doing their job and rarely deviate. But boy did Brian Dameris, the announcer for the Dallas Mavericks, deviate from the norm of his colleagues. In a 2 minute bit that can only be defined as an evisceration of James Harden, he spat out truths or exaggerations, depending on your perspective that were focused on Harden’s perceived disloyalty and self-centered style of play.


I would love to hear your opinion in the comments below about it, but I can definitely say I enjoyed the genuineness of it, even if I am not 100% on board with everything he said. The Mavericks did win easily the game that followed so he gets extra points for that as well.

Regarding last week’s suggestions, you can say that I kind of jinxed Malcom Brogdon, as just a day after featuring him as a “Sell” candidate he injured his hamstring and is set to miss time. This opens some opportunities but more on that on today’s “Buy” column. Trae Young had 2 great games last week before missing last night’s game and the buy low window is looking to be closing, and the same can be said for Domantas Sabonis, so I hope you sent you offers after the advice last week. Finally, Jordan Hawkins had a mediocre week before exploding for 25 points and 5 triples yesterday and his role seems safe for now, while the same cannot be said for Killian Hayes with Alec Burks and Jaden Ivey returning, so don’t hesitate to drop since the minutes seem to not be there moving forward.


Skylar Mays: Portland are extremely short handed currently with Malcolm Brogdon the latest victim of the Kostas curse so there is plenty of playing time for Skylar Mays to rack up assists and shots. Despite lacking in 3PT production, he is averaging 11 assists and 13 points and will continue to run the offence in Portland in this facilitator first role. He might drop off significantly once any of Scoot Henderson, Malcolm Brogdon or Anferne Simons returns, but for now he is a must add in standard leagues for his assists alone (48% owned).

Zach LaVine: Another player that has started the season shooting well below his career averages is Zach LaVine, who is only shooting 41.1% from the field. Compare that with 48.5 % shooting last year and 47.7% the year before and it is obvious that the shooting is bound to improve. All his other stats are on par with his usual production so this is a good time to try and buy him at a lower price than usual, if his owner is getting frustrated with the anchor he is putting in the FG%. There are rumors of a move away from Chicago but I think his fantasy value will be safe in most trade destinations.

Haywood Highsmith: More of a deeper league suggestion, but Haywood Highsmith has battled for his starter position in the Miami frontcourt and is producing sneaky fantasy value, despite his low scoring. 1.4 triples, 1.6 steals and 1.1 blocks is nothing to scoff at and with the Heat shorthanded currently he is a good streamer for those defensive numbers alone, who is readily available in all leagues. (8% owned).


PJ Washington: Charlotte are very shorthanded currently at the forward position, with both Gordon Hayward and Brandon Miller missing time and that has helped PJ Washington string together some good performances. His last game was a 32 points, 6 triples performance with 30.5 usage, but with the Hornets getting healthier and with Miles Bridges imminent return, playing time and more importantly usage will not be so ample. This is a good point to try and see his trade value, as you can get some good value for him, without having to risk his value diminishing in the coming months.