Growing up in Chicago, there are three teams I’m not allowed to like. There can be no rooting for the Pistons, the Knicks or the Pacers. This triumvirate were the biggest proponents of the Jordan Rules and basically were chok-full of a-holes and bird-like guys named Detlef during the ’80s and ’90s. Really, it’s all about Isiah Thomas. Yeah, Reggie Miller and John Starks are insufferable, but in the end, my beef is with ‘Zeke. If teams are like women, Thomas is the case of syphilis plaguing the attractive ones. I say this as a prelude to what I’m about to say: I like this Pacers team. They’ve vastly improved their team defense and have a very realistic chance at squeaking into the playoffs. /Adam leaves his computer, showers thrice, still feels dirty. Sits back down in front of his computer, rereads what he’s written so far, weeps a little, mans up, continues typing\ But the Pacers are far from perfect. And it starts with their starting shooting guards. Mike Dunleavy went 10/6/2 in just under 25 minutes Tuesday. Brandon Rush went 16/3/0 in 30 minutes from the bench. The problem is that these two have been see-sawing in minutes since Rush returned from an 8-game suspension and roster production just rotates from one player to the other and back again. ‘Round and ’round it goes. Reliable in its unreliableness. There’s a term for it: Rostisserie. Both Rush and Dunleavy are ownable in moderately deep leagues (in that order), but if you own one (or both), take an Advil on game days.

Here’s what else happened last night in fantasy basketball:

Darren Collison -18/6/7/0 tov, which loosely translates to “S.T.F.U.” Shut the f— up? No. ‘Stop T.J. Ford’s Uprising.’

Joey Graham – Got the start against the World-Beating Indiana Pacers and looks to be Cleveland’s starting SF for the time being. What’s he worth to your fantasy team? I’d say about as much as Jamario Moon.

Andre Iguodala – Returned after missing three games with a sore achilles and went 23/11/8 with a sprinklin’ of everything else. About 8 percent of you are super excited about this because he’s on your fantasy team, the other 92 percent of you thought I was playing around when I told you to buy low last Friday and now you’re in deep, deep shizz.

Andrew Bogut – Probably won’t play tonight. Hey fantasy owners! Haaaave you met Jon Brockman?

Charlie Villanueva – Two points on 1-for-6 shooting in almost 18 foul-plagued minutes. Detroit plays the Grizz, Bucks and Knicks next. I’ll bet Grey’s mustache he double-doubles in at least one of those games.

Dirk Nowitzki – ReDirkulous: 42/12/2 blks/3 3ptm. I’m in the process of rethinking my Dirk Minnifield-is-the-best-NBA-Dirk stance.

Shawn Marion – 4/4/0 in 15 minutes. The ’04 Matrix is to the ’10 Matrix what the first ‘Matrix’ movie was to the two sequels.

Shannon Brown – Had 21 points and five threes. Don’t be difficult. Just grab him before it’s too late. Oh, but before you go, it’s probably too late already.

Nazr Mohammed – He played four starter’s minutes and did nothing with them. He’s averaging 6.3/3.3 since his 22/20 game on November 13.

D.J. Augustin – 24/5/7 and increased the intrigue of everyone’s favorite game “Who’s Shocking Me More?” Where I constantly compare Augustin’s surprising season to Mike Conley‘s.

Toney Douglas – Scored 22 points, which is nice. He also had five treys and three steals. You have my attention, sir. Replicate it a couple more times and I’m heading to waivers (again).

Nick Young – He’s averaging 16.4 ppg over his last five games in just under 29 minutes per. He’s shooting poorly from the field and doesn’t fill any other part of the box score, but he’s been buckets lately. So there you go.

Al Thornton – Left the game early with an ankle sprain. Just nature’s way of reminding you that he started the first six games of the season a 16/6.3 forward averaging 33.7 minutes per game and has since regressed into a 6/3.4 forward averaging just 26 minutes. And Josh Howard ain’t even back yet.

John Wall – Returned from four days off with a foot injury to come off the bench in the first half and never score once. He started the second half and scored 25 points in an overtime win. The lesson here? No one puts Wall in the corner! (Technically, walls create the corner).

JaVale McGee – After going a career-best 20/16 with two blocks on Sunday, Epic Vale improved across the board to go a career-best 24/18 with four blocks in almost 46 minutes of action. He’ll level out eventually, but as the biggest “McGeek” out there this pre-season, I’m hoping he orbits the Earth a few more times before landing. Speaking of landing, Elton Brand gave McGee a foul shot that eventually got Brand ejected. Seconds after McGee fell on his tailbone, he was wriggling on the ground waving goodbye to Brand, while laughing in pain like the Joker at the end of ‘Dark Knight.’ Of course there’s no fantasy implication to this, but if I were wearing a top hat, I would have tipped it at McGee for that display.

  1. Taki says:

    Sup Adam,

    I need advice dude. What do I do with Eric Bledsoe??

  2. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Taki: Well, do you need the spot he’s taking up? I tend to think he’ll still be L.A.’s primary PG for another few weeks. He’s still rough, as rookies tend to be, but if you’re in a deep league his production won’t go down just yet. Randy Foye hurting himself was helpful. If Foye returns, you’ll probably want to avoid owning either of them

  3. Cory says:

    I own Wall, McGee, Augustin, and Collison. Last week was tough due to injuries, but this week I am to fantasy basketball what a 13 year old Korean kid is to Starcraft.

  4. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Cory: I hear you. I own Iguodala, Wall and Collison across a few teams and suddenly feel a tremendous weight off my shoulders.

    The best part is that their production last night is more likely for the rest of the season than their (non-)production last week. Huzzah!

  5. matthole says:

    @Adam: a trade went down and the leagues pissed….. When Im a fantasy baseballer I normally dont object unless theres clear collusion since you never what the end result will be…however, this is my first yr being a basketballer and am unsure of the legitimacy of the trade…

    Jennings, Griffin, Scola, Allen FOR Rondo, Amar’e, al jefferson, and dunleavy

    what are your thoughts on this trade? Did this guy just buy the hype on youngsters? Vetoable?

    Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving

  6. 24hourjack says:

    how serious is David Lee’s injury?….

    in a 12 team roto league,I was just offered David Lee straight up for Okafor….

    right now I have Love,Blatche and Okafor at center….should I accept?


    Wilson Chandler for Jose Calderon? I like Chandler more, but his playing time could fluctuate (and I already have Gordon and Cousins getting random minutes already). Your thoughts?


    @24hourjack: Take it! Unless you REALLY need blocks. Lee’s injury isn’t that serious, it was just an infection and he will be back soon.

  9. Adam

    Adam says:

    @matthole: Not sure if it’s veto-able. It’s an awful trade, to be sure, but don’t veto rules depend largely on the intent of the two teams involved? Is there reason to think one team has just given up on the season already? Is it a dynasty league or something?

    @24hourjack: @RASHEED WALLACE!: Agreed. Don’t even finish reading this sentence – go and accept that offer. Seriously, why did you finish that last sentence? And now why are you continuing to read? Go!

    @RASHEED WALLACE!: I don’t like Chandler’s situation in New York. It’s not great now and it’s only going to get worse when Azubuike returns (which is just around the corner). Then again, Calderon is mostly just a really good back-up PG playing a starting role on a cruddy team. I think you’ve gotten a decent sample size for what Chandler will do with the rest of his season. I expect Calderon to top off somewhere around 13/6 per game. If that’s good enough for you, go for it.

  10. Matthole says:

    @Adam: Pple are annoyed bc of the inequality of the players exchanged…essentially 3 top-25 caliber players for not one top-25 in return…

  11. Tony says:

    @24hourjack: take that for sure man… i just acquired david lee myself, why an owner would try and move him NOW is beyond me, he’s due back any time now… essentially you’re getting a top 30 player for Okafor? DO IT.

  12. First, I hope you have a nice Thanksgiving.

    Second, why is Emeka Okafur such a black hole? His rebounds and blocks are nice, but the dude is fast approaching negative FG%. How is that possible? He’s not worth it, but I can’t drop him.

    Third, I really want Shannon Browne but I don’t know who to drop. Are Sonny Weems, Jrue Holiday, Beno Udrih or Arron Afflalo worth losing, or is Shannon not up to snuff?

  13. El Burro says:

    Hi Adam:

    Happy fat turkey day eve to you and yours.

    Wondering if you think Shannon Brown is worth an add for my BENCH roster? My drop potentials would be either Aminu (who is starting and in that 1/1/1 3s,steals, blks category with nice upside) or Ben Gordon, who is underwhelming me right now.

    Gordon and Shannon seem like the same type of player; however, Shannon shooting better from beyond arc and Gordon probably has a bit more overall upside, in the madness that is, Detroit. I think a roster shake up is inevitable there and he could easily land a full time starting SG gig and average 20 pts/ game. Shannon also seems to be locked into that 6th-7th man roll for the Show and getting a very efficient 20-25 minutes per night, while Aminu is playing a bit more and Clips look better when they are going young. Gordon is also very hit/miss on playing time and not loving at all what Im seeing in Detroit from a fantasy perspective.

    Thoughts on this or should I just stay put?


  14. foulmouth says:

    Hey Adam,

    Would you rather have Ben Gordon or Shannon Brown on your 9 cat roto league?

  15. foulmouth says:

    Oops. Just noticed a similar question was asked before mine.

    My fault.

  16. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Matthole: Well, it’s certainly uneven. I guess it just depends on how our league handles vetoes.

    @ChrisV82: Thanks. and a happy Thanksgiving to you! Holiday is definitely not worth dropping. You’re going to go through a ton of ups and downs with those other three (and Brown too). Is there a stat category you can afford to lose or one that you particularly need to improve?

    @El Burro: @foulmouth: Gobble, gobble, fellas! I might regret giving you this advice later, but I’d be fine cutting all ties with Detroit players right now. Gordon will have his moments, but at least you know where you stand with Brown.

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