Houston’s Chase Budinger has averaged 30 mpg in the three games since Thursday’s trade deadline. In that small sample size, Budinger has averaged .516/.850, along with 2.7 3pg/21.7 ppg/5.3 rpg. I don’t need to tell you how outstanding that production is from a player owned in fewer than 25 percent of fantasy leagues. You don’t need to be told. Telling doesn’t need to happen. And yet. And yet … here I go anyway. The question now is, is (stutterer!) Budinger’s production for real? Or fo’real, for those in a hurry. Or F’OrΓ©al Paris, for those who want to apply it to their face. Short answer: no. Long answer: yes. Elaborate answer: Last week, former Rockets starting SF Shane Battier went walking in Memphis and backup PG/occasional starting SG Aaron Brooks went to Phoenix. Both those trades effectively left a) a gaping hole in the starting SF slot, b) a gaping hole in the backup SG slot, and c) me to write lists detailing the ways in which Budinger’s minutes are going to go up. And thus, Budinger has played the two best games of his season in the last six days. This is why you should add him to your roster immediately. The reason you shouldn’t add him in place of Gay or Pierce or someone, is because Rick Adleman isn’t likely to pump just Budinger full of additional minutes, nor are teams likely to ignore Budinger much longer. Also, his two best games? They were against Cleveland and New Jersey (worst and 10th worst defense in the NBA respectively). So two terrible defensive teams – still acclimating themselves from roster changes brought about from the trade deadline – came into the game under-prepared to defend Budinger? Now look at what he did against New Orleans’ sixth-best defense in the league last night: 8/2/1, with 3-for-8 shooting. So, yeah. Budinger won’t average 29/7, with 4 threes a game through April. He just won’t. Courtney Lee and Patrick Patterson will see some extra time and have their share of game highlights. Still, pick this guy up. No, his .586 average won’t last – he’s a career .435 shooter through 132 games. But even if he returns to his .440 form, the rest of his stats over the past three games have averaged out right along with his per36 averages. He’s a 15/6/1 player who will sink a pair of threes every game and give you solid shooting from the free-throw line. Your team can use that. Every team can use that. So go use that.

Here’s what else I saw in fantasy basketball over the weekend:

A.J. Price – 18/5, with four threes – all season highs. Price played 25 minutes, compared to Darren Collison‘s 24. He also took all of DarCo’s minutes in the fourth and OT. I think this was a case of Frank Vogel sticking with the hot hand, so don’t move on Price yet. But if Price continues hot-handing the rock, you might want to move quickly.

Tyler Hansbrough – 13/5 in 22 minutes. Psycho-T was thiiiis close to taking over the starting role from Josh McRoberts at the trade deadline. It didn’t happen, but keep in mind during the offseason that Indiana wanted it to.

Grant Hill – Scored a season-high 34 points. Actually, it was the most points the General scored in any game in exactly six years. On 2-27-05, Hill scored 34 points against the Heat. Jrue story. Also “jrue?” The fact that because Hill spent some of his prime years (2000-2006) injured and forgotten, he’s like someone who took a cat nap and can’t go to sleep until three in the morning, as Hill is having his best season in five years.

Aaron Brooks – Played his first minutes with Phoenix (10), scored his first points (3), distributed his first assist (1) and should be on either your bench or your free agent pool until Nash is incapacitated and no sooner.

Nick Collison – Starting with Kendrick Perkins on the shelf for the next three weeks and played 32, mostly scrappy-but-ineffectual minutes (5/6/2). Ibaka, Collison and Cole Aldrich are your pick-ups in that order, but only Ibaka should be owned in anything shallower than a 14-team league.

Lamar Odom – Twenty-two double-doubles this season, but none in the last eight games (9/7/5 last night). This is Lamar Odom. He gives you an unbelievable 40-50 games every season. the other half, he putts around with 9/8/4-ish lines that shift him from the top 30 right back to ninth-round value. He did it in ’08, ’09 and this season. See you in 2011.

Antawn Jamison – Broke his left pinky finger. He might be out, he might not. It’s the pinky finger you know? Also, it’s Antawn Jamison, you know? Also2, it’s the Cleveland Cavaliers, you know?

Wesley Johnson – He’s averaging 19.5/5/3.5 in his last two. Pretty solid stats, yes. He’s also averaging 40+ minutes in each of those games. Not only are those stats less impressive, they’re probably won’t remain that high much longer.

Rodrigue Beaubois – 5/0/1 in 15 starter’s minutes. He looks messy; and moving at about 2/3 of his normal speed (which is still 1/3 faster than everyone else, but still). If you need the roster spot, drop him, but if you can afford to hang on, I never said you’d get a lot out of him this year and anything that you might get out of him will probably come in the final two weeks of the season. I said that. A couple times. Look it up.

James Johnson – Played his best game of the season last night (8/7/7, with two steals and two blocks in 37 minutes). Just so’s we’re clear, Johnson has played a) 16 games this season, b) no more than 23 minutes in any of this season’s games when he was on the Bulls, c) as a starter. So telling you that his first three games with the Raptors were his fourth, fifth and first best games of his season is like telling you that Doc and Sneezy were two of Snow White’s favorite dwarves. Doesn’t make it not true.

Troy Murphy – Agreed to be bought out and promised to go East, old man. The good news is, he’ll have to sign by Tuesday to be eligible for the playoffs. The bad news is, there’s still no telling how he’ll fit in to a team like the Celtics or Heat. Do what you gotta.

Ryan Anderson – 6/7, with two threes; the only two shots he sank in nine attempts. This ship has sailed. Give him a hug and send him on his way.

Gerald Henderson – Shot 2-for-13 in 32 minutes against the Magic. This career .430 shooter was sinking more than half his shots over the past four games. Did you not think he’d find his average sooner or later? This is going to happen from the sophomore. I’m sure he found plenty of support and encouragement waiting in the locker room, or at the very least, Matt Carroll was there to remind him that no one was paying attention.

Chris Paul – Shooting .355 in his last nine games. *gurp* I just threw up a little in my mouth.

Carl Landry – With Okafor healthy, the best he’s gonna do is 15/6 with a block. Last night he gave you 13/3, with a block. S’a’ight.

Tony Parker – Played 14 minutes then left with calf contusion. Better that than a half-delusion, where you start thinking crazy thoughts – but only part of the time. The other part, you’re totally fine. For those of you with weekly deadlines, plug in George Hill to be on the safe side or remove Parker to be on the safe side or ride your bike on the sidewalk to be on the safe side. Whichever is most applicable to your life.

Tiago Splitter – Out for the rest of his super disappointing season with ligament tears. Secretly, he’s hoping Parker is hurt for an extended period of time so he has someone to talk to … besides Chris Quinn, I mean.

O.J. Mayo – Mayo, Tony Allen, Sam Young and Shane Battier combined for a 24/10/5 line that included six steals, but also .385 from the floor. Bucket o’ Yuck.

Marcus Camby – Returned to play limited minutes. Ended with limited value (0/6/3). Hang onto him, but give him at least a couple more games to get his feet back under him. His old, old feet.

Gerald Wallace – Only shot 4-for-12 from the floor. Give him a pass. The Portland system is still new and he was playing Atlanta. He was reminded of his old home region. Marvin Williams kept taunting him, telling him that the Bobcats robbed his house an hour after he climbed the plane to Oregon. Then Wallace reminded Williams that Chris Paul was taken later in the draft than he was and asked how his career was going in comparison to the Hornets PG so far? Then Williams kinda stopped talking to everybody.

Dwyane Wade – Shot 5-for-15 from the floor, as Shawne Williams shpwned him last night.

Mike Miller – Returned from what feels like nine different head issues to score 10 points on three treys. Also known as the Mike Miller Special.

Amar’e Stoudemire – Scored 16 points in 40 minutes. I can feel a “look how far Stoudemire’s scoring has fallen since Carmelo joined the Knicks” blurb coming on in about three weeks.



  1. Paul says:

    Hey Adam,

    I was wondering what you thought about this trade:

    I’m trading Mike Conley and Blake Griffin for Steve Nash, Grant Hill, and Lamar Odom. I know trading away Griffin is a big hit but Phx has a lot of games in the next few weeks and being a fringe team in the playoff race, I foresee Nash/Hill getting their usual minutes while Griffin’s getting limited.

    Your thoughts?

    Thanks and hope you have a good Monday πŸ™‚

  2. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Paul: And a good Monday to you too. I actually kinda like that trade, despite your giving up the best player in the deal. I don’t really see Del Negro limiting Griffin much, but I DO think Odom will see a slight uptick in production as L.A. gears up for the playoffs. Only consideration, with the Grizz deep in the playoff hunt and Conley being one of Memphis’ few players not in some sort of flux, are you sure you want to give him up?

  3. Paul says:

    Yeah, Conley was definitely one of the more consistent players on my team which made it hard for me to give him up.

    However, I need some bigger players on my team. I know losing Griffin hurts, but I figured Hill + Odom can help make up for that. Losing Conley definitely sucks too, but i’m looking to drop/trade away some Gs (Felton + Manu) in order to pick up some shooters (I struggle in the pts cat) so I would need to make up for the Assists somewhere and Nash seemed like a good place to start. Plus, Nash is pretty consistent all the time and also has the potential to go off and have a 20/10 game so that’s always nice.

  4. Cory says:

    I wanna ditch McGee since it’s shaping up that I’m gonna play a guy in the finals who owns Bogut and St”ou’de’mire””. He’ll own blks, I’ll own 3s, and steals/points will be the close cats. Who should I pick up..or do you think I can get any trade value out of McGee?

  5. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Paul: Your rationale seems good to me. Good luck to you.

    @Cory: I can’t predict what other owners will or won’t do, or trade for, or value. One man’s Vince Carter is another man’s Paul Pierce. I DO know that I always send out feelers to other owners before dropping a guy. Not always (I wouldn’t bother shopping Tiago Splitter, for example), but someone might want McGee and part with more than you could get if you just swapped him on waivers. Couldn’t hurt to try.

  6. Kitchenworks says:

    hey man, chase or Grant Hill? and do you think Gilbert will show up soon?

  7. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Kitchenworks: Chase if you can afford a little risk. Hill if you can’t. Also, Gil kinda showed up a little last night. But, no, to answer your question. I don’t think he’ll show up with any regularity in these next five weeks.

  8. Cory says:

    thx Adam, I’ll send out the feelers. sticky, slimy feelers.

  9. Larry says:

    Stronger in an 8 cat 10 teamer: Chase or Henderson? I have a feeling it’s Hendo but that feeling is fleeting. I need a shooter to cover for Gordon. Honestly with the Clips having nothing to play for and Foye filling in nicely why rush Gordon?

  10. Larry says:

    H2H league. Since Parker is out 2-4 weeks would you drop Felton for George Hill?

  11. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Cory: That’s hot!

    @Larry: Hard to tell. I think Chase is more talented, but Henderson is likely to play 6-8 more minutes a game. I’d go G.H.

  12. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Larry: Funny you should mention it: not only would I make that swap, about 30 minutes ago, I did exactly that.

  13. Kitchenworks says:

    thx man, so i picked up chase but a few hours later I read Parker is out so I jumped on Hill, wasted A pick up but I think it was worth it! also picked up Grant Hill and Turk, Dropped Lawson and Prince.. ill keep my eye on both tho…. I have a feeling turk will pick up.

  14. Fletch says:

    @Adam: I am tempted to snag Samardo Samuels and dump Wes Matthews. I am deep at G and can use a F. With Jamison done for the season, Samuels should get run by default. What do you think?

  15. jon says:

    I know people are hot on Budinger, and I like him as well. But what do you think about Terrence Williams. Dude has tons of potential and should look to steal some minutes.

    Do you see any chance he could steal the starting spot with some good play?

  16. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Kitchenworks: Hill’s a good pickup. So is Hill.

    Turk? I’m about as confident in him as I am in Samardo Samuels …

    @Fletch: Oh, hey! I was just talking about Samuels. Weird. I’d rather own Matthews. Even if Samardo gets all of Jamison’s minutes, the most you can hope to get out of him is 13/7 with a block and that’s best-case scenario. He’s generally played poorly in limited minutes, I just can’t see his efficiency going up. That said, if you’re flush with Gs and you need an F, maybe 13/7 (at best) is exactly what you need.

  17. Adam

    Adam says:

    @jon: It’s absolutely a possibility. The only problem is, he’s been given opportunities on two different teams this season to earn solid reserve minutes and hasn’t impressed. He played decently last night, so there’s certainly hope. But right now, he’s on the bottom of the totem pole.

  18. Howie Met Your Mother says:


    Got offered this in a 12 team H2H:

    I give my (injured) Parker, Camby & Iggy for Scola, Jennings, McGee.

    With Parker out 2 to 4 weeks (and playoffs starting in 2), its making me at least consider it. Also have E. Gordon injured.

    My current team:

    F: Love, Nowitzki, L. Fields, Iguadola,
    C: B. Lopez, Camby, M.Gasol
    G: Westbrook, T. Parker, W.Mathews, Collison, E. Gordon, J. Crawford

  19. Adam says:

    Currently in first place by 9.5 games. Was offered his blatche for my gallinari. By need it makes sense for my team but not sure about future keeper implications.

    H2H 12 team (15 man roster) – 5 keeper league

    G: rose, nash, wade, martin, afflalo, rudy f, harden, livingston, green
    F: gallinari, d wright
    C: bosh, al jefferson, scola, gortat

  20. ibaka flocka flame says:

    I’m in desperation/crunch time mode in my h2h 14 team league. Top 6 make it to playoffs, I’m in 7th behind by 0.5 of 6th place. 3-7 is separated by 3.5 games.

    Waiver wire is beyond thin, but I’m trying to see who I can scrap up. Guys like Budinger, Henderson gone. Just dropped Jamison for James Johnson (ugh). I currently have Roddy, Bledsoe, Battier, Tyreke. Should I switch any for: Mike Miller, Paul George, Bibby, AJ Price, Artest, or anyone else that can be on the radar? Thank you

  21. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Howie Met Your Mother: I’d skip it. McGee and Jennings aren’t worth a whole lot, even with Camby rusty and Parker out ’til late March-ish.

    @Adam: Gallinari’s the better keeper and you’re already ahead in your league. Now’s not the time to tinker. Stay the course.

    @ibaka flocka flame: Consider Battier for George, but it feels a little like robbing Peter to pay Paul (George).

    Have you considered Will Bynum? He’s available in a lot of leagues and has played well lately.

  22. Adam – thoughts on grabbing Cleveland’s Anthony Parker? With news of Jamison being shelved for 6-8 weeks I’m figuring he sees an uptick in shots, scoring, etc. What’s your take? I know he’s kinda old and not the best upside target, but someone other than jj hickson has to put up #s…

    I’m rostering roddy buckets, oj mayo, austin daye and punting assists.


    El Burro

  23. Nevermind…. Anthony Parker was just snagged 2 minutes ago, ugh.

  24. Adam

    Adam says:

    @El Burro: Oof. For what it’s worth, there’s just as likely a possibility that Samuels or Harris or Eyenga break out. This team is that abhorrent.

  25. Durb says:

    Adam what’s you take on T-Mac and Prince’s situation? I own both and they are just rotting away on my bench. The pickings are slim to replace them (Casspi, Daye, Anthony Parker, Gary Neal, Ed Davis etc…). It’s frustrating not hearing anything out of the Pistons organization. Playing in a 12 team H2H league, currently in 3rd but only four games separate 3rd and 6th place. So it’s a bit tight and I dont want to waste anymore time with these guys if I dont have to.

  26. jleeishere says:

    how do you feel about marcus thornton?
    Of thornton, sessions and foye, who would you keep? sessions is returning to the bench, foye has a small window and it’s closing, while thornton seems to be the long term guy. your thoughts?


  27. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Durb: I haven’t heard any more than you have. Realistically, as troubled as the Pistons are, the players won’t continue pretending to be ill and Kuester can’t bench half his roster through mid-April. I’m betting things return to normal tomorrow (Prince worked out today, so that’s not a bad sign).

    @jleeishere: I like Foye until Gordon returns, which – as you alluded to – is any game now. In a perfect world, I’d hang onto Foye and then drop him for Thornton, although most leagues are going to snap him up as soon as they see tonight’s box score (’cause Lord knows no one watched a Kings-Clippers Monday night game!)

  28. Durb says:

    @ Adam: God I hope so…

  29. jleeishere says:

    hahaha you are right, only clipper nation was watching that gam. do you like sam young and sessions though?

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