That is the Razzball Hoops anthem, which means only one thing: We back, baby! The Son descended below the horizon for a bit but has been lighting up the hoops landscape since July, slaving away at projections while participating in at least eight drafts so far. Before I get into the Top X lists:

This is NOT a rankings list. This list just shows the overall value for a player based on my projections. I go through each team, set the depth chart and allocate minutes accordingly. I figure out the per-minute numbers for every stat as best as I can then use z-scores for each category, which culminates in the overall value. This year, I incorporated totals and replacement value into the equation. Shoutout to Eric Jenike and Guiseppe Racco for showing me the light. If you want to learn more from EJ and GR, listen to episodes 41 and 44 of the Son Pod. Totals help me with allocating the pie for each team which keeps the projections honest. In addition, they factor in games played, which per-minute stats cannot. Is it perfect? Niet but I try my best.

Do NOT draft straight from this list. It is meant only as a guide. It does not factor in ADP, different strategies, and roster construction, which is the most important thing when it comes to fantasy basketball. It’s all about figuring out what puzzle you want to construct then fitting in the appropriate pieces. Drafting Giannis Antetokounmpo requires a completely different build than selecting Stephen Curry in the first round. As a result, subsequent players in the draft pool will be elevated or lose value.

In the stat boxes below each player, FT% and FG% are volume-adjusted.

Alright. Enough. Let’s get to it.

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For much of my life, balance has been a core tenet. Get good grades. Play an instrument. Be athletic. Yadda yadda. That permeated into my fantasy life as well. I want the elite guard paired with a towering big situated alongside a multi-cat wing as if creating a Dungeons and Dragons squad to slay the dragon. Now, for roto games, that is the way to go. There is no room to punt in those games. For head-to-head, though, punting is not only viable but could be The Way.

Most head-to-head games are set up so that the team that wins the most categories out of nine is the winner. Winning 5-4 gets the W. Sure, going 9-0 could affect overall standings but what are the chances of winning 9-0? Slim to none. In addition, there is so much variance if employing a balanced approach in head-to-head leagues, not only from your own squad but in terms of matchups as well. 

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Football has the Scott Fish Bowl and Razzbowl. Shoutout to Scott Fish, Donkey Teeth, and BDon. Baseball has TGFBI and the Razzslam. Shoutout to Justin Mason and Donkey Teeth. Again? Does this guy ever sleep? These tournaments are amazing because they allow readers and fans to compete with the titans in the industry, while bringing their respective communites closer. Now, fantasy basketball has a similar tournament: The RazzJam.

The tournament will be played on the NFC (National Fantasy Championship) website, where the best high stakes leagues are run for all the major sports. The general format will be: slow draft, 8-cat, and roto, replicating the NFBKC Draft Champions format. I will provide the exact details and particulars at a later date, but as of now, I am just gathering worthy participants.

There will be multiple leagues with an overall champion being crowned at the end. Kumite! Kumite! Obviously, the more participants, the better, so fill out the form below:

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Change. Is good, although it takes time for it to manifest. There are trials and tribulations. There are new things to learn and old things to forget. There will be haters. There will always be haters. But change is vital to reach one’s potential. A caterpiller walks and eats before wrapping itself in a cocoon, then morphs into a butterfly and eventually flies into the sky. Pascal Siakam entered the league in 2016 and embarked upon the journey that all rookies undertake. He flashed his two-way potential early on and continued to climb the ladder. In 2019, after Kawhi Leonard left, he was thrust into a more prominent role and became an All-Star. While the numbers were there, there was some hesitancy. Fred VanVleet put it best: “I think what happened was Kyle [Lowry] was such an immovable object, such a force of who he was in his status as a Hall of Famer, it was like a little tit-for-tat there, even if it was subconscioius….It’s not something where’ I don’t like this guy’ or ‘I’m not passing to him’, it’s a little nuance that you would never understand unless you played at the highest level.” Lowry was traded before the beginning of the 2021-22 season and things became more clear and comfortable for Siakam. He missed the first 10 games of the season but it’s been alllll good this season and last night was the culmination of the season.

Please, blog, may I have some more?