When your team is labeled as the top-contender to haul home the hardware from the NBA Finals, you can expect early season expectations to be high. With four games under their belt, the Los Angeles Clippers haven’t disappointed.

However, there have been a couple potential weak spots exposed, weaknesses that the Doc Rivers-led Clippers roster will need to correct in order to win the franchise’s first league championship. With 78 more games before the playoffs begin, here’s our first reaction to the team many project as winning the 2020 NBA Finals.

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Old-school basketball enthusiasts and connoisseurs of NBA history will appreciate the legendary success of the Showtime era. The Los Angeles Lakers produced one of the most successful runs in sports.

However, over the last few seasons, success in LA has been minimal. Laker fans hoped that would change a season ago with the addition of a new King in town. LeBron James made Los Angeles more competitive, but they still missed the playoffs again.

This was the sixth consecutive season without a Laker playoff game; a streak of failures 3-times longer than any in franchise history. But, the LA masterminds were hard at work during the off-season.

One trade and some timely free agent signings have reproduced an air of excitement in Los Angeles heading into the upcoming season. So, does the outlook for the Los Angeles Lakers in 2019-20 mean it’s time for Showtime again?

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