“Just waking up in the morning gotta thank god I don’t know but today seems kinda odd No barkin’ from the dog, no smog And momma cooked the breakfast with no hog”. Talk about painting a perfect picture. Ice Cube’s description of a good day is a verbal illustration so vivid that he makes you […]

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Welcome, Razzball Nation to your weekly dose of insight needed to help you gain the advantage in your respective leagues.

We are seeing more than a few players stumble out of the gates and perform well below their pre-season projections and ADP. While it still remains early in the season with teams only having played between 9-12 games it does provide a sample size that could make an anxious owner willing to test the market for their underwhelming star. Let us keep in mind, there are plenty of players not performing well this season but just being bad at basketball right now is not the only criteria to consider here. If that were the case then I could talk about a player like Chris Boucher this week. I absolutely will not, though, because there also needs to be a path towards improved play and that does not exist for the slim duck and others throughout the Association who are not living up to pre-season expectations.

We are in Bean Town to ask, “What have you done for me lately?” (Might be the new name of this post, stay tuned).

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“Who the hell is this paging me at 5:46 in the morning

Crack of dawn and now I’m yawnin’

Wipe the cold out my eye

See who’s this paging me and why”

Remember pagers? I know I am dating myself by acknowledging that I used to have a translucent cocoa-colored one clipped to my pants pocket or belt at all times. Still not sure why I felt the need to be so accessible to people. Must be an age thing because nowadays I love nothing more than when my phone does not ring.

I wish this week’s feature player had a pager so I could send him a 911 message for him to find his game and get it going. Or, I could ask Doc to fire up the DeLorean and take me back to the time when this player was living up to their potential and warn them of what is to come. There I go dating myself once again.

Please, blog, may I have some more?

Welcome back fantasy basketball fans!

We are elated to be talking fantasy basketball again and looking for any advantage we can muster in order to solidify our rightful place at the top of our league. Right here is where you will find me every week curating a player to present to you who has not been up to snuff over the past week and would be worth your time and effort in targeting. The goal here will be to identify and target players who are performing well below their ADP and have a path or a history to be better. For example, some people may have believed Moses Brown would have a role this season (not me) but rather, he is glued to the pine in Dallas. That man is not underperforming instead; he is simply not that good. The players you read about here are the types that should have a significant impact on your team by the time they right the ship and you would be getting them at a discount compared to their actual worth.

So, let us dive right into this year’s first underperformer of the week…

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“Although we’ve come, to the end of the road

Still, I can’t let go.

It’s unnatural, you belong to me

I belong to you.”

Yes, friends, the end is upon us. What marks the beginning of some teams (my Raptors not included) playoff run towards a championship also spells the end of another fantasy basketball season. What did we learn this year? Well, we learned that a contingency plan is always required and you need to have your neck on a swivel when it comes to keeping your squad relevant and competitive. We witnessed the rise of the NY Knicks which absolutely no one saw coming led by Julius Randle and his top 25 finish on the season. WOW! It will be of no coincidence that he is on many championship teams when the dust settles. On the other hand, we were also witnesses to the defending champions free-falling down in the standings as they cobbled together a lineup without LeBron James and Anthony Davis for significant portions of the season. It will be interesting to see what a play-in matchup between the Lakers and the Warriors looks like, the prospect has me more than just a little intrigued. Many storylines created and possibly, we will take a more thorough look at some in the coming weeks but for now, let us end off on one final underperformer before we close out this column for the season.

For the final time this season, I bring to you…

Please, blog, may I have some more?

I am no Picasso or Rembrandt but nonetheless, allow me to paint a vivid picture the best I can.

Wet feet, inside of soaked socks, sliding around in drenched boots, walking uphill through mud that hits your knees. The clouds so low and dark, like overfilled water balloons.

This is my attempt at describing what the final stretch of the season begins to feel like. Unless you are sitting pretty with a sizeable lead in your league, you are likely counting down the days until the final buzzer of the season. Perhaps you are like me in a couple of leagues where a shot at first place is within reach and these last set of games could prove pivotal in your quest to the ship. Either way, I am here to offer you some last-minute advice that may provide the slight edge required at this stage of the season.

“ Not a lot baby girl just a lil’ bit, we can head to the crib in a lil’ bit, I can show you how I live in a lil’ bit”

I know 50 Cent was talking about a young woman he whispered sweet nothings to into her ear at the club one fine evening back in 2005. Over here though fam, we are talking about the lil’ bit you need to make your final push towards the finish line. The tree is not bountiful with ripe fruit I have to be honest with you.

Do you remember bars and clubs? Do you remember the end of the night and scoping out who still remained? Well, this is somewhat like that and if you remember those wild and crazy times where you could be inside of places with strangers sans mask then you also know that even what seemed the most decollate of nights, a beacon of light could present itself and guide you home.

This week we dissect the…

Please, blog, may I have some more?

“You might win some but you just lost one.”

This is precisely how I am feeling one week removed from suggesting it would be time to consider benching Lonzo Ball. Thankfully, I was wise enough to not suggest he is a drop candidate as he went on somewhat of a tear last week averaging 15.8 points, 4.8 rebounds, 6.5 assists, 1.5 steals while bombing away from deep, and connecting on 3.5 threes per game.

What L Boogie (see opening line) did to my projection of him was the equivalent of saying to me, “keep my name out your mouth”. I am man enough to admit when I was wrong so, LB, you have my sincere apology. With that having been said, the Pelicans remain a team on the outside looking in so keep your eye on their win/ loss columns as it could dictate what route they go when it comes to “resting” their key players.

No worries over here though family because with a new week comes a new opportunity to find the late-season micro move that could be just the edge you need for some success in your league. This week is no different. Sure, does it become more like finding a needle in a haystack at this point in the season, compared to early on when the salmon were swimming upstream? No doubt it does. However, some of the best results came to us because the journey was not easy and fantasy basketball is no different.

“Practice? We talking about practice? Not the game, not the game I love but practice?” Shout out to the legend that is AI but unfortunately, we are talking about practice and I hope you have been practicing rummaging through your waiver wire for that missing puzzle piece to help close out the season.

This week it is time to say adios to:

Please, blog, may I have some more?

“Microphone checka, swingin’ sword lecture. Closing down the sector, supreme neck protector”

Welcome in all my people new and old to our midweek dissection of a player in the NBA landscape that has provided you with just enough evidence to “keep it moving” and slide on to a better option for the back nine of the season. As I said last week, no longer will this be a column where I suggest trade options as we are past that deadline in almost all leagues. Instead, I am suggesting you bench or drop this week’s underperformer and I will give you a name or two that I hope you can scoop up off your wire. It is imperative that you are not wasting a roster spot on a player who simply is not delivering the goodies. You will be better served to optimize each game moving forward and in order to do so, you must be strategic in who you play moving forward. Only the strong survive and I like to think of myself as your fantasy basketball personal trainer, providing you the diet and the workout needed to achieve the results you desire.

“I came to bring the pain hardcore from the brain. Let’s go inside my astral plane…”

Please, blog, may I have some more?

Razzball Nation! Welcome back to our in-depth look at a player who has been nothing short of underwhelming for at least the past week.

“There are times

When you’ll need someone

I will be by your side

There is a light that shines

Special for you and me”

I am not exactly sure to whom Common was referring to in that J Dilla banger but what I do know is that I have been by your side all season long compadres. So much so that I hope you took your boy’s advice last week and made a stealth move for Zach LaVine before he exploded for that 50-burger and then put up another 30 two nights later. In fact, over the course of three games last week Mr. Lavine scored 101 points, drained 13 threes, 20 assists, and 19 rebounds. WOW! It is that type of late-season surge that could have made all the difference in your league and catapult your team to the top of the standings. Sadly, we are not here to gush about young Zachary and his awesomeness. Instead, we remain in the Windy City to focus on another Chi-Town player who has had a rough go over the past week and beyond.

With the regular season winding down, it is likely that trade deadlines in most formats have come and gone. Therefore, I will not be suggesting trade options moving forward but instead, I will be nudging you towards dropping or benching these players for a hotter pickup.

It is time to move on from…

Please, blog, may I have some more?

Where my dogs at?

(We right here, dog) Where my dogs at?

(I am right here dog)

What must I go through to show you (bleep) is real?

What’s good Razzballers? Welcome to this week’s installment of Underperformer of the Week. The legendary DMX said it best and I am echoing his sentiment when I say to you it is really real out there in your basketball landscape at this point of the season. Depending on your format, there is everything from joy to tears as some GMs are basking in the glory of entering the playoffs. While others have become spectators, watching from the sidelines. Depending on your league settings, there is still a chance your trade deadline has not passed and thus, an opportunity for a move or two still exists. We are in the dog days of the season where it becomes a true grind and the pickings are slim. However, I am here to serve as your curator of sorts and bring the goods directly to your doorstep.

Let us get right to it so,

Stop, drop, shut em down, open up shop.

Please, blog, may I have some more?

Welcome Razzball family to our deep dive into a player who can potentially help get you over the hump or support you in maintaining the lead in your respective leagues. As we are on the doorstep of the calendar flip to April, it is likely that some of you have crossed your league’s trade deadline and if not, it is likely fast approaching. For this reason, it becomes increasingly paramount to make a move for this week’s underperformer of the week. Could this be the week you go from zero to hero? Likely not. I mean, there just are not enough weeks left for you to go from the basement to the top floor in a competitive league. However, if you are within striking distance or you are in the top half of your league then this could very well be a move that proves to bolster your chances moving forward. At the very least, you will have the GMs who are currently ahead of you concerned enough to look for a last-minute deal of their own to keep you from gaining on them.

Come take a gander at everyone’s favorite break-out player heading into this season, I give to you…

Please, blog, may I have some more?

It is about that time fantasy hoops nation, all Razzball real ones and the funky feel ones.

If you have been down with me off the rip then you know the deal and what it is that we are all about over here. If this is, your first time here let me say, welcome.

Identify and multiply, that is the motto.

“How you feel, how you feel, how you feel? 25 sittin’ on 25 mill”.

Ok, ok I got a little sidetracked there with some drizzy lyrics but if I can get you feeling like you sitting on 25 mill in your league then I have done my job.

“Back to the lecture at hand, perfection is perfected so I’ma let em understand”.

“Ain’t nothing but a ……..”

Whoa, let me slow down today and remain focused. We need to get you out of here and on your way but not before I drop a gem on em’.

“Come with me, Hail Mary, Run quick see, what do we have here”.

Please, blog, may I have some more?