Welcome Razzball Nation to our weekly dive into a player who is performing below expectations and with scope to bounce back. That is the key here folks, as it is not enough to just be playing poorly because let’s face it, the NBA has a lot of those types of players. The difference is that not all players who play poorly have a pathway towards increased production or a history of higher-level production leading us to believe they will be better. Essentially, do you believe said player will be better and if so, we highlight those types of players here and attempt to be strategic in how you may be able to pry that player away from their current team.


“Hey Mr. CJ,

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We are back for Week Five of the NBA season. While I admit it is early, there are already some patterns and trends that have begun to crystalize. The Houston Rockets and Detroit Pistons will be amongst the worst teams in the league, as they lose for the hope to win the Victor Wembanyama sweepstakes. Rostering Kawhi Leonard will be a colossal headache and likely not be worth the effort by seasons end, if not earlier. The Los Angeles Lakers will not be winning any rings this year, no matter if they make a trade or not. Shai Gilgeous-Alexander is the real deal Holyfield. (Mind Blown)

Of all the many things, the one I am most certain of is that this week’s feature player cannot keep shooting this poorly. I mean surely, he cannot, right? Nah, there is no possible way and that is why he is here.

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Welcome, Razzball Nation! We continue our weekly dive into uncovering value for players who, at the infancy stage of the season, have yet to yield the dividends envisioned on draft day. For those new to the column, allow me to again go over what the criteria is to be a player featured here. I look for players who are performing well below, not only their ADP (average draft position), but historical production as well. I search for pathways that could indicate improvement, such as heavy minutes and/or increased usage.

This week we are in the 6ix, The T Dot, The North or whatever other nickname you are familiar with when describing Toronto.

Heavy Drizzy Drake quotables afoot.

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Ain’t no party like a west coast party, cause a west coast party don’t stop.

Welcome back, Razzball Nation, to your Underperformer of the Week digest.

It has been only a few weeks in our beloved NBA but there has been no shortage of storylines on and off the court that have us rubbernecking trying to keep up with all of the drama unfolding. While this and that have been happening, the one thing that seems to remain a constant is there always seems to be a player underwhelming us enough to extract some value moving forward for the savviest of GM’s.

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Whaddup Razzball Nation?!

Welcome back for another installment of unveiling players who are not quite reaching their potential. Some weeks there may not be much room for improvement between current production and potential production. However, this my friends is not one of those weeks. It is an obvious choice this week, with numbers so glaringly low from what we expect there is literally nowhere to go but up. This will be the challenge in making a trade for this player as his owners also believe that it cannot get any worse than what it is right now.

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Back up in the heezy, baby!

Week One is in the ledger and we have a small sample size to work with, but there is still opportunity to land an underperforming player to help boost your team in the standings. Let me remind everyone the type of player that qualifies to be considered as underperforming by my standards. I will be looking for players who are playing below their rank who have shown consistency in the past to be better than what they are at that moment. I will also be looking for players who may not have the history but possess incredible upside with a path to minutes and production.

This week, upside and opportunity is what we are hoping for with this player who I believe, can be an absolute difference maker on your fantasy team.

It’s Isaiah, Isaiah Jackson, if you’re nasty.

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The Toronto Raptors caught everyone by surprise last season with their fifth place finish that allowed them to avoid the play-in completely. After losing rookie of the year Scottie Barnes to an ankle injury during the series against the Sixers it was the Raptors who were sent packing in six games. Fast forward to this season and well, like the good Doctor Dre said, “ain’t too much changed”. The team is still brimming over with long athletic 6’ 8″ and over players who can defend multiple positions and move with fluidity in coach Nick Nurse’s position-less offensive schemes.

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Let us begin with the elephant or perhaps the giraffe in the room, and that is Chet Holmgren. The prized rookie out of Gonzaga suffered a season-ending injury during the CrawsOver Pro-Am league back in his home state before his season could even begin. This is a huge downer for real life and fantasy purposes as Chet seemed poised to be a difference maker in both facets. Was Chet going to be the X-factor that brought this young Thunder squad to a play-in scenario at best this season? Almost certainly not. However, he was going to bring energy and excitement to a franchise in need of that type of cornerstone since the departures of Durant, Westbrook and Harden. Still, Chet should be the first rookie off the board in any dynasty or keeper format while in redraft leagues you do not touch him at all.

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Bonjour mon ami.

Welcome to those who are still engaged in their respective leagues and looking for that fine tuning in what could be the last week of your fantasy playoffs in head-to-head leagues. For those of you in roto leagues that go down to the bitter end, there will continue to be value off your wire as teams go into full tank mode like a no-limit soldier.

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Welcome back Razzball Nation to our weekly segment of Underperformer of the Week, where we feature a player who is playing well below their expectations creating a path to extract value on the low. Let me rewind to last week for the people who check for me weekly. I apologize that I did not provide you with a post as your boy got hit with the “out for personal reasons” tag. I am not showing up on the injury report this week so we back in Action Bronson.

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Razzball Nation! Welcome back for another week of uncovering an underperforming player who could do wonders for your fantasy team.

As I mentioned last week, I am completely aware that many trade deadlines have passed but for those that have not, this one is for you. After this week, I imagine nearly all if not all deadlines will be passed so we will be making a slight pivot to the format moving forward. Be on the lookout for a year in review article where I will grade the recommendations I made to you this season.

As for today, though, we find ourselves (well some of ourselves) in a position to take advantage of this circumstance. With some of you on the cusp of the fantasy playoffs, this is the time to be aggressive.

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