Rajon Rondo dropped a 22/5/14 line, with no steals, but also no turnovers last night. After the game Rondo and his tender pinkie told Rick Fox in the TNT studio to tell Kobe Bryant and his tender index finger to go suck a big one when they talk to him later. Then Chris Webber earnestly interjected that a pointer was the more important digit and a harder injury to adapt from than a pinkie. He followed this point up by saying, “no disrespect.” Then Rondo threw off his headset and stormed out of the interview. Webber plans to handwrite him an apology note first thing tomorrow morning. Anyway, Rondo is just another in a sudden line of injured superstars that are heading into the final games of the season no longer injured. Kevin Love, Deron Williams, Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili and Tyreke Evans. Where’s Rudy Gay? He was on the E-Vite wasn’t he? I totally thought I saw his name on the E-Vite? Hm. Shizz.

Here’s what else I saw in fantasy basketball last night.

Psyche your face! Before we get to other notes from last nights games, I’m starting to think about next season – more specifically, what to do if there is no season. Although I’ve got a few ideas fluttering their wings in the ol’ bug lamp, I’d like to get a little input from you, dear reader, first. So … if you could relive (or experience for the first time) any NBA season from the past, which season would it be? The ’84 rookie season for Jordan, Olajuwon, Stockton and Barkley? Iverson’s MVP season? The ABA/NBA merger? Wilt’s rookie season? The Big averages a triple-double all year? Let Give me your thoughts down in the comments.

Okay, fo’realz. Thursday night fantasy basketball – go!

Ray Allen – Jesus Shuttlesworth is shooting 22-for-69 (.319) from the field in his last six. If you’re still competing for your league’s championship, you’ve not been a fan of Allen lately. Also, you’re probably not going to be competing for your league’s championship much longer.

Nenad Krstic – Left with what appears to be a serious knee injury. If you’re rostering Na-nah Na-nah Krstic, then anyone you would replace him with isn’t available on the Celtics roster. Davis, Green and whichever O’Neal claims he’s healthy right now might see an uptick in minutes.

Jermaine O’Neal – … Speak of the devil! We were just talking about you, JO’N. How ya feeling buddy? You look well. Forehead’s a bit bigger. That’s cool. It’s been, what? Eighty days since your last game? Wow! So how’d you do last night? 5/1/1 in 11 minutes, huh? Oh. Okay. Great. I’m gonna go do something over there now. No, you stay here.

John Wall – WNP – Will Not Play. He’s busy serving a one-game suspension for swinging at Zydrunas Ilgauskas on Wednesday. Think of it as a single-serving Lent in which Wall gave up working.

Jason Terry – Was tossed early in the fourth quarter for … making a boring game interesting, as far as I can tell.

Peja Stojakovic – He’s hit at least one trey in each of his last seven games, 18 total in that span. If you’re looking for threes, you could do worse than Predrag. Naming your son Predrag is one such example of doing worse.

Jerryd Bayless – Rumors out of Toronto suggest Jose Calderon won’t play in Saturday’s game against the Bulls. Considering Canadian rumors are about 3 percent more reliable than American rumors, you might want to grab Bayless for a game, maybe two.

Gerald HendersonJoel Pryzbilla is out for the season, Stephen Jackson‘s shamstring is doin’ its thing, Shaun Livington and Tyrus Thomas are both underachieving some more, which leaves Gerald Henderson, Florence Henderson, D.J. Augustin, my buddy Robbie and maybe me if I can get out of work in time as the only ones left to play for Charlotte. I’m confident that I’ll get a couple steals, but my money’s on Gerald doing a ton of  heavy lifting. If you’ve been benching him, stop it for now.

Tim Duncan – When Duncan hurt himself 11 days ago, most reports said he’d be out 14-21 days. Earlier this year, Tony Parker was supposed to miss 6-8 weeks and he missed two games. What can we learn from this? That your old buddy Adam is heading south to become an NBA team physician! Peace!

  1. anon says:

    Some season from the 1950s where every post is in 50s vernacular, like your all decade team post. Nah, that’d probably be too difficult. 1984 is as good of a year as any! Tough to go against a season that produced this rap: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XxCWGNLMwhI

  2. Adam

    Adam says:

    @anon: Holy whizznutz, that’s great! Coulda used a little more Doug Moe, of course. And maybe an explanation as to why 13 Johnsons spoil the soup. My assumption would be that all those Johnsons hearty-up a soup that was probably already ruined by peppercorns or something.

  3. Would I be able to watch the old season with modern day technology? Because while I would love to go back to the 70s, I don’t want to have to watch an ABC broadcast on a 13 inch “color” TV.

  4. Adam

    Adam says:

    @ChrisV82: It’s up to you. But if you’re going to pretend not to be excited about growing a mustache without being called a child molester, I’m gonna go ahead and call shenanigans on you.

  5. Are you kidding? I look forward to having three or four gold chains nestled proudly on my exposed chest hair.

  6. Adam

    Adam says:

    @ChrisV82: I’m pretty sure Don Nelson played with gold chains for a quarter of a season before the refs were calling about three offensive fouls on him per game. Then he removed the chains and gained 90 more pounds.

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