Ryan Anderson has been kickin’ it with Stephen Curry too much, as he went down with an ankle injury in Sunday’s game. The injury looked bad, but luckily for his owners the x-ray results came back negative, the good kind of negative. Dwight Howard missed Sunday’s game completely after being donkey punched by Brendan Haywood on Friday. He also isn’t expected to miss much time, but that is also what they said about Derrick Rose over two weeks ago. The absence of Howard opened the door for “Big Baby” Glen Davis to log big minutes and consume 18 points and 16 boards. Davis, whose game reminds me of my own, is strong enough to grab double-digit boards and just athletic enough to lay up the ball 5 or 6 times a game if he gets playing time. He could be a decent short-term fill in for those owners who lost Amar’e Stoudemire if either Howard or Anderson misses any time. Here is what else was conspired this weekend in the Association:

Jameer Nelson – Just as I can’t tell whether he is fat or just thick, I also can’t tell whether he is bad or good this season. Well his 27 and 24-point performances this weekend have me leaning towards good… for now.

Derrick Rose – As you just read a few seconds ago (or a few minutes ago if you are dyslexic or a toddler), Derrick Rose still hasn’t returned to action. I never expected him to make his comeback against the Hawks or Pistons, but I figured today’s game against the Thunder would have been the day we have all been waiting for. The fact that he didn’t make his return against a potential Finals opponent during a primetime game makes me worry that his injury is a little more serious than everyone thought. He is still expected to return sometime next week, but damn it I need him back in my lineups now! Doesn’t he know I have a fake championship to win?! How selfish of him.

C.J. Watson and John Lucas III – Since Rose is still out, these two will continue to frustrate fantasy owners by rotating solid and poor performances. Tonight was Lucas’ time to step up (19/4/5). Both will hold their value (deep league options, standard league spot-starts) until D-Rose comes back for real reals.

Andrew Bynum – Shattered his knee and is out for the season and likely the rest of his next one. Psyche! April fools y’all! He just rolled his ankle and should be fine for the Lakers’ next game.

Kobe Bryant – Bounced back from his worst two-game shooting stretch of his career (I didn’t look that up. Big whoop, wanna fight about it?) with a 16-for-25 performance against the Dubs. Maybe he started following the Kobe System.

Rajon Rondo – Yeah he triple-doubled (16/14/11), but more impressively, he only turned to ball over twice and only 10 times over his last four games.

Avery Bradley – Has been pretty solid starting in place of Ray Allen, averaging 13 points with a smidgeon of everything else over his last five games. Not to mention he blocked Dwayne Wade back into his momma’s womb.

Kevin Seraphin – With Nene and Trevor Booker sporting matching designer plantar fasciitii, Seraphin got the start and finished with 16/7/2/1. He is an immediate add if you need some points n’ boards.

Arron Afflalo – Put up a combined line of 41/16/7/4 over the weekend and continues to ball hard in the second half of the season. He is doing his best to get back in your good graces for next year’s draft, just don’t forget the pain he caused you earlier this year.

Roy Hibbert – Has been dealing with a sore back, but went ahead and blocked five shots on Sunday and four shots on Saturday. I too have a sore back, so I laid down for five hours on Sunday and four hours on Saturday.

Chandler Parsons – He has cooled off over his last two games (11.5/4/2.5/1), but deserves be owned in more than 50% of leagues. He should continue to start and log big minutes, 13/7/4 with a steal and a trey per game is around what you can expect the rest of the way.

Marcus Camby – Stepped out of a time machine and on to the court, averaging 8.5 points, 12.5 boards, 5 blocks, and 3 steals in his two-game stint as the Rocket’s center. If Serge Ibaka, DeAndre Jordan, and JaVale McGee are owned in your league, then Camby should be too as long as he is starting.

Shannon Brown – 16/4/1/1 in what was his third solid game over his last four. Who am I kidding, it was his third solid game all year! The good news is that Grant Hill will likely miss the rest of the season, opening up a lot of playing time for Brown. Wait, that is good news for everyone BUT Grant Hill.

J.J. HicksonLaMarcus Aldridge returned this weekend but Hickson’s starting spot was saved by the Pryz, who went down with a knee injury. Hickson has averaged 22 points and 11 boards since becoming a starter, and should continue to start down the stretch. So go pick him up now, like right now. I will still be here. I may even keep your seat warm.

LeBron James – needs to shave that leprechaun chin beard.

  1. LeBron is wearing the worst fake beard & glasses disguise I have ever seen.

  2. Steve Stevenson says:

    H2H pts league, pick 3 for week 17/18 only (this week’s lineup is set, next week I’m not worried about): Little Nate (7G), Biyombo (7), T. Thompson (7), Gee (7), Frye (6). Thanks.

    • JashFath

      JashFath says:

      @Steve Stevenson, Gee, Frye, Sugar Nate

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