I’ve heard an incredible buzz surrounding the All-Star Game, which is amazing considering the last person who enjoyed an all-star game died in 1997. Well, I hope the ASG has reinvigorated people’s interest in basketball. For those who like to press their luck and test their skill, DraftKings has an amazing contest going on. It is their biggest contest to date, and in fact, a team of lawyers (from Ghana) have declared this the biggest fantasy NBA contest in history. Even if you go back to Babylonian times, that’s still a few thousand years. What’s that, basketball hasn’t been around that look? Sure, tell that to the the Gloxnyrxi’anths from the planet Epsilon Eridani B. I don’t even know what I’m talking about anymore.

Back on topic! Action! Suspense! Basketball!  You’ve gotta check out the $150,000 Bank Shot. The rules are simple. You can qualify into the Bank Shot by placing in $5 or $22  qualifiers leading up to the actual contest on March 27th. The winner of the whole thing gets paid $50,000. Fifty. Thousand. Smackers. The top 100 finalists also get paid. You may be thinking that the bottom winners won’t get that much. Well, friend, you would be wrong. The 51st-100th finalists will get $400. That’s nothing to sneeze at, unless you are allergic to money. $150k will be paid out, and you can enter more than once. Did I say this is the BIGGEST SINGLE-DAY CASH EVENT in Fantasy Basketball? Do the caps not convey this? Do I need to beat you over the head? What are you waiting for? Join now!

By the way, as I’ve written before, this is a great way to stay involved in fantasy basketball if your team is toast, but it’s also neat to see a dollar value added to a player. For example, I think Greivis Vasquez is the cat’s meowing pajamas, but then I see he’s valued at $8,100, and it just reaffirms my love. If only DraftKings would do contests on people in our everyday lives…

Okay, so, here’s a list of Jarrett Jack has been a beast over the past 2 weeks, putting up 3 threes per night, with 21 points, 2 rebounds, 5 assists and half a steal (he’s so good he can’t even commit to completely breaking any of the ten commandments). He’s available for a…ahem…steal at $6,300. Don’t hesitate, add him to your team like he’s an Amazon discount and you need one more item to get to free shipping. Here are some other guys of note:

Samuel Dalembert ($6,800) – With Larry Sanders back, don’t be fooled into grabbing him despite 4 double doubles in the past 5 games (pre-ASB). Sure, he can explode for 3-5 blocks, but the playing time won’t be there.

Jose Calderon ($6,800) – Calderon hasn’t rusted in Detroit yet, and he’s been a top ten player (by Yahoo metrics, take that for what it is) in February. How’s an average of 15 points, 3 threes, 3 rebounds, 8 assists and 2 steals sound? Remember, steals are valued higher at DraftKings.

Omer Asik ($5,300) – He’ll likely give you a double-double with a block. Worth it.

Luke Ridnour ($5,300) – Over the past week and a half, he’s tallying 1 three, 17 points, 2 1/2 assists and a steal. 


Kyle Korver ($5,100) – In recent days, he’s been averaging 2 3PM, 11 points, 4 assists and a steal. It’s easy to forget Korver. In fact, if he crossed in front of you while driving, you would only know him by the sound of his breaking bones. He’s invisible, is what I mean. Throw some baby powder on him and pick him up.

Jeff Green ($4,700) – He’s a sneaky source for blocks. He’s a nice compliment piece.

Kendrick Perkins ($4,200) – You’re paying for a steal and 2 blocks. At that price, he slides into a utility position very well, especially if you only have some small change to round out your team.

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  1. nightpandas says:

    Can you rank these guys ROS?


    Looking mainly for points, steals, and blocks

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