LeBron James felt, for a fleeting moment, like Bruce Springsteen. A stadium full of Midwesterners wearing t-shirts with his face on it, signs requesting that he do stuff; all waiting for the man of the night to put on a show. And he did. The Cavs, in turn, felt for a fleeting moment the energy of a team bound for the playoffs this season. But both moments weren’t called fleeting because they linger, Captain Antonym. They’re called fleeting because they lasted about as long as Cleveland’s competitive nature on Thursday night. They weren’t yelling “Broooooce!” LeBron. Maybe they were yelling “LeBrooooooooooon!” but probably not. Either way, it’s nothing he’s not used to. It’s nothing a little 38/5/8 performance won’t soothe. Oh, and that playoff lovin’ feelin,’ Cleveland? You lost that.

Hey! There were two games on last night. Here’s how they went, you fantasy basketball fans you:

James Jones – Bonus James coverage! After going 1-for-14 from the arc two weeks ago, he’s gone 12-for-21 in his last four, including 5-for-7 last night. ‘Tis what ’tis. Dude can shoot, that’s why he’s got two Js in his name.

Daniel Gibson – Scored a season-high 21 points on the strength of four treys. It first appeared Gibson was the booby prize (ithankyou) among owners who weren’t able to draft Mo Williams. Turns out, this season it’s Boobie who’s the tits.

Mo Williams – Shot 2-for-8 with 11 points and six assists. Couldn’t take seeing LeBron, I reckon. Wouldn’t it be funny … wait. ‘Funny’ isn’t the right word. Fitting. That’s the word. Wouldn’t it be fitting if by January, every Cav that was projected to start in the preseason comes off the bench? Williams-Parker-Moon-Jamison-Hickson were widely projected to start. One of those guys lost the starting gig, one never had it, two of them have been benched at one point and might return, and one of them is Williams, who looks and played basketball last night like John Legend.

Joel Przybilla – Should return on Friday. Get excited! Okay, fine. Will you at least get mildly pleased of his return if Marcus Camby‘s sore knee isn’t as healthy as he thinks it is?

Earl Barron – The Barron of Earl started for the first time in his five game-season and played his season-high 25:21. He made one of his four shots and turned the ball over thrice. Anyone with that many noble ranks in his name is almost certainly a royal pain. The minutes may be there, but the talent isn’t.

Channing Frye – 10/10. Grabbed double-digit rebounds for the first time since November 5. He’s averaging more rpg than than he did last year, but fewer rpm. Vroom!

Grant Hill – Scored 24 on Thursday and has scored at least 20 in four of his last seven. If he were six years younger, he’d be owned in more than 70 percent of fantasy leagues. If he were six years younger, he’d also have replaced his Walkman by now.

Andris Biedrins – Played almost 24 minutes, earned a 4/3 line, then left the game sick to his stomach. I know that feeling. He must own himself in fantasy.

Monta Ellis – 38 points on 27 shots. Monsta was beasting on Thursday. It was a beauty.

Dorrell Wright – His shot was off (4-for-13), but he led the team in rebounds and supplied a bit of everything else. IYACYOC!

David Lee – On Wednesday, I predicted Lee would go 26/8/6 in this game. He went 25/8/5. To be fair, my oracle’s fives look like sixes.

Stephen Curry – 9/1/7 with four steals. His 4-for-10 shooting was partially caused by getting poked in both eyes. Call him Stephen Blurry today, but he should be fine for Golden State’s next game.

Chris KamanHopes to return and play limited minutes tonight against Denver. He was probably hoping to return to some other team besides the Clippers though.

  1. Tony says:

    hakim warrick 9 mins so earl barron can come in and take a deuce on the court? WTF…. warrick has been great lately, why the eff would a coach put barron in….

  2. 24hourjack says:

    Adam….do you see Mehmet Okur contributing significantly THIS season,and would you give up any real talent to get him,or is it strictly a buy real low type situation?

  3. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Tony: Gentry said he wanted a taller body to match up with Frye in hopes of improving the team’s rebounding. … So that went well.

    @24hourjack: I wouldn’t, no. Achilles injuries almost always take a long time to recover from. Even if he’s playing, he won’t be 100 percent for a long time. He recently complained of being unable to go to his left because of how hindered he feels on his right leg. I’m not sure you should buy at all, much less low.

  4. Jeremy says:

    left a detailed lineup question on the JJ post. figured i didn’t wanna clog this one up

  5. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Jeremy: I gotcha over on that other post.

  6. Migs says:

    David Lee’s always been way too predictable…

    Quick question that might come out of left field – what’s going on with the Kings? I was a Garcia owner for a while, and I liked his stats but reluctantly dropped him because of the fluctuation in minutes. Is there a method to Westphal’s madness, is the team trying to tank in the guise of “player development”, or is it something else?

    BTW, Adam, keep up the great work. Money’s a bit tight so I haven’t bought a screwdriver yet, but once I win my league (positive thinking), I’ll be sure to throw some of my meager earnings your way.

  7. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Migs: Thanks, man. That’s nice of you.

    Re:Kings – yeah, it’s an awful rostisserie in Sacramento right now. There are a lot of similar pieces at each position that offer little variance from one another. So if Donte Greene is cold today, he’ll be benched for Omri Casspi tomorrow. Until, of course, Casspi goes cold. The thing is, everyone on the Kings is struggling. Across the board and a lot of it has to do with the constant tinkering. No one is able to gel. I havn’t looked this up, but I’d be shocked if Westphal has played the same starting five more than three times this season.

    There’s no growth, certainly no development. The Kings look like they’re playing the first game of the season over and over. And they look that way because they essentially are.

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