Anthony Tolliver, Derrick Williams, Wayne Ellington are your adds (in order) for every day Michael Beasley is out and maybe even some of the days he’s in. Because even when he’s in, he’s kind of out. I don’t like recommending these three guys, but the playoffs are upon us and people have holes to fill. It seems that Toll Iver (pronounced Ee-vare) is a solid 12/7 option who will net you either a block or a three on most nights. That’s a pretty decent back of the roster type of guy.  And if you look at Beasley’s last two weeks, it’s also plenty more than you’ve got from him. Now’s not the time to stick with guys. Buy him a friendship bracelet with your fantasy basketball winnings once the season is over. For now, look at non-injured T-Wolves (which is not easy, I know. The seven injured players on Minnesota would win a 7-game series against a completely healthy Charlotte team). Anywhoodle, here’s what else went down in fantasy basketball last night.

Byron Mullens – Was playing well off the bench until last night’s 0/2/2, 12 minutes. Paul Silas jinked Mullens before the game when he said that he thinks B.M. has a future in the NBA as a power forward. Which means 29 other coaches think Mullens has no future.

D.J. Augustin – 0/2/8, in 24 minutes. Still playing poorly. Still injured on the down-low. Still hearing Kemba Walker‘s footsteps.

D.J. White – Staying with the Charlotte D.J.s theme … 14/5/2. Ladies and gentlemen, this counts as a good line for a Bobcat.

Rodney Stuckey – Two nights after poppin’ the game-winner, Stuckey popped a hamstring, thus ending his bid to win the triple-crown at the Stuckey Derby. He’ll likely miss a game or two, which sadly means Will Bynum and Austin Daye probably won’t.

Tayshaun Prince -29/8/3, with four threes. Yeah, that’s better than whoever the last starter on your fantasy team is. It’s also the best game of Prince’s season, so you can’t be blamed for fouling up so bad.

Tristan Thompson – Three blocks. Zoinks! Eleven boards. Jinkies! Shot 3-for-12 and ended with nine points. Bah! Thompson’s line would have looked great if it wasn’t for that last pesky stat and it’s crime-solving dog!

Shelden Williams – Left the game after suffering an eye injury. He opened ’em and found himself in New Jersey. It stings.

Gary Forbes – 11/10/2, with three threes in 19 minutes off the bench. I wouldn’t get too excited. At one point, most of the Raptors were hurt, leaving Gary and Aaron Gray alone on the court just chuckin’ up hook-shots.

Linas Kleiza – Ended with 15/3/2 in place of the sick James Johnson. He’s worth owning only as long as JJ is out … which was pretty much just last night. So, um. Yeah. I hope you grabbed him. Now drop him.

Ryan Anderson – Ended with 3/2/0, with one three in 16 minutes. But before you angrily donate all your “Rhino” Anderson Beanie Babies to Goodwill, just know that he’s almost certainly going to drain 4-7 threes his next time out.

Steve Novak – Sank four threes last night and tied his total from February (41). He doesn’t play a ton of minutes, but every last minute he does play is dedicated to your fantasy team. No. Not yours. Behind you. Yeah, you.

Iman Shumpert – 25/7/4, with 4 threes. It’s too late, ShumpShump. Kyrie’s getting the ROY.

Danny Granger – Shooting .410 in his last eight, including 2-for-8 last night. He’s saving himself for tonight’s game against D.C. He’s been saving himself since the last time he played them five games ago.

Taj Gibson – Season-high 19 points, with a block and six rebounds. I dig it. Not as much as I dug it when Gibson’s mom Debbie released I Think We’re Alone Now, but I’m still down.

C.J. Miles – Shot 1-for-10. “Hey C.J. Please stop doing all the things that you are attempting to do!”

Gordon Hayward – 19/7/5, with two blocks and a three. I’ll trust this when he manages it over a handful of games. “Handful” is the unit of measure I use when I’m pretty sure I’m incapable of trusting someone who looks like Gordon Hayward.

Tiago Splitter – Returned after four games off. Original reports said he hurt his back, but he was super tan. Wait. … I’m being told he’s Brazilian. I wish they hadn’t told me that. What do I care about his manscaping practices. Either way, Splitter is only a deep-league add unless he starts putting together 20+ mpgs.

Jason Thompson – Returned after missing his last game, but snapped his double-double streak going 15/7. You’ll get over it because he went a perfect 6-for-6 from the floor, and had three blocks and steals apiece. See? I told you, you’d get over it.

Channing Frye – Shot a sickly 2-for-11 … from the three-point stripe. He otherwise went 4-for-4 from elsewhere on the court, leaving me to wonder why Alvin Gentry didn’t, at some point, suggest Frye sample a little more from column B and a little less from column A.

Nate Robinson – Sugar Nate started, played 23 minutes, assisted on six shots and as far as I can tell, that’s it. He never scored, and I’m pretty sure he slipped on a Hornets jersey at one point knowing that no one would notice or care. Steve Nash also missed each of his four field-goals last night but when he does it, he also ends with 15 assists.

Stephen Curry – Out for at least another two weeks. Out of your lineups. Out of your rosters. Out of your cars. And into your dreams.

Jason Smith – Averaging 14/7 and a block over his last three. NOLA’s won two of those three, but no one has the heart to tell him the Hornets have the worst record in the West. It’ll just break his massively oversized heart.

Eric Gordon – Hey, Eric Gordon isn’t still in your FA pool, right? Go check again just to make sure.

  1. Cory says:

    What to do with Ilyasova? He was insane a few weeks ago, but I’m neck to neck in steals and boards; it’s costing me to hold him.

    • Adam

      Adam says:

      @Cory, I hear what you’re saying. He practiced today and isn’t expected to miss significant time. I’d recommend holding him.

      Is there someone on your roster with less overall value than Ilyasova you can drop whose strengths lie elsewhere (like a pure shooter good for threes and percentages or whatever)? Then you can grab a rebounder/stealer until Ersan returns.

  2. Cory says:

    Oh if he practiced today then I’ll just hold him..the way the rotoworld report was sounding, I thought he might miss another 7-10 days.

    I don’t have anyone droppable right now; everyone is filling an essential role..and I’m clinging on to first place like Reggie Miller the week before Ray Allen overtook him in all time three pointers made.

    • Adam

      Adam says:

      @Cory, He practiced today, but there is still no timetable for his return. Both of these things make me think he won’t return tomorrow, but he also won’t miss more than a game or two.

      Keep clingin’, homeboy.

  3. josh says:

    drop lowry for isaiah?

    • Adam

      Adam says:

      @josh, Yessir.

  4. josh says:

    ok thanks, and what about hayward? should i drop steph curry for him?

    • Adam

      Adam says:

      @josh, I would. With only about four weeks left, Curry’s going to miss at least two of them. 4 weeks of Hayward > 1-2 weeks of a fragile Curry.

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