Dirk Nowitzki earned his second double-double of the season. So that’s nice. It was his first game back in more than a week. So that’s nice, too. What’s a little less nice is was how belabored the victory was in just about every way for both Dallas and Dirk. It came down to a last-second shot in overtime by San Antonio’s eighth man for Dallas to pull out the victory and Nowitzki was sucking down water in between free throws by the end. No matter how bad his conditioning was before, one has to figure it’s a little better this morning. All-in-all, the Mavericks are finding all sorts of fun ways to piece together wins. Jason Kidd missed last night, giving Rodrigue Beaubois another start despite Del-Tone West returning from a couple games off. RoboBobo has been absolutely nails for the Mavs. How nails? Pretty darn nails.Β  Also, am I using “nails” correctly here? Doesn’t matter, I’m moving on as is. He’s averaging 1.3 3ptm/15.7 pts/4 rbd/6.3 ast, and here’s the kicker, 3.3 blk in each of his last three games. This is Beaubois we’ve been waiting for since the summer of 2010. Word on the street is that Kidd will miss a week or more, that Dirk’s not suddenly conditioned to perfection and that West is healthy enough to take over at the point. On a team with a ton of good and bad x-factors, Rowdy Roddy’s piping hot and worth a pickup in all leagues. Okay. More words about fantasy basketball for your eyes starting in about 1.5 centimeters.

Gary Neal -19/4/7, with a triplet of treys. This was an awesome way to end your week if you took a chance on … really anyone on San Antonio’s bench yesterday, but it won’t happen a lot. If nothing else, you can hope that Popp saw something in Neal that compels him to toss Neal in the starting five instead of Leonard.

Danny Green – “Sumbitch. I finally get to the starting five and Popp starts burnin’ the bench.” – Kawhi Leonard

Richard Hamilton – Returned. 11/2/1, with a steal in the first half. 11/5/2, with 3 stl by game’s end. Yawn.

C.J. Watson – Sat out with a wrist injury. S’okay. He was only averaging 7/1/2 in his last three since Rose returned to the lineup. Put him back on the shelf next to your 10-season-set of “Friends” and your Jurassic 5 vinyls.

Dwyane Wade – Shot 1-for-9 in the first half, then tripled his production in the second! (… by shooting 3-for-7.) Wade was off, yesterday was more of a “Bosh” day.

Eddy Curry – DNP-CD against the Knicks on Friday. Two fouls in two minutes yesterday against Chicago. Way to exact revenge on your exes, Ed.

Jeff Teague – 24/1/4 against the Hornets. Also known as the “Rip Hamilton Classic.”

Chris Kaman – The organization has decided to ground Cave Man until they can find a team interested in his services. You should do the same, or drop him outright if you’re impatient.

Roy Hibbert – 7/6 in 22 minutes shortened by foul trouble. The Hack-a-Howard turned into Harm-a-Hibbert.

George Hill – 16/6/4, despite a quiet second half. Actually, considering this was Hill’s best game of the season, maybe his second half was normal and his first half was just very loud.

Ryan Anderson – Returned after a 1-game furlough to drop 11 points (3 3ptm), all in the first half. Apparently, Hill and Anderson were too busy playing Words with Friends with each other on the bench to involve themselves much in the game after Q2.

Jameer Nelson – Concussed Friday and will miss at least two games because of it, meaning you also can cuss if you want to. Especially, when you consider that Chris Duhon (14/3/5 last night) is the vulture pick.

Jerryd Bayless – Before you continue reading, go pick up Bayless. I’ll explain why when you get back. For now, just go do it. … … Back? Firstly, Dwane Casey has decided to jimmy (technical term) with his lineup, which has resulted in Bayless playing the two, DeRozan playing the three and Aaron Gray not playing at all. Secondly, the Raptors have said they’d be willing to part ways with Jose Calderon, possibly putting Bayless in the starting position at the point. And thirdly, dude went 17/3/6, with a steal last night and you’re not too good to ignore free agent lines like that.

Kris Humphries – Hump’s had five double-doubles in his last nine games. Yesterday was not one of those double-doubles. Yesterday was a sloppy ol’ pail of 3/8 and 5 tovs. Also, it just dawned on me that for almost three months Kim Kardashian’s husband and mother shared the same first name, spelled the same way. That’s almost as weird as my wife and father both being named Frank. Jrue story!

Marshon Brooks – Started this game on the bench, and did very little in 22 minutes. Anthony Morrow started in his place and scored 14 points in 27 minutes. I’m beginning to think these Nets aren’t destined to do great things. No one tell Sundiata Gaines. I hear he’s a crier. Anyway, I expect Brooks to find his way back into the starting lineup later this week.

Anderson Varejao – Varejao scored a season-high 18 points, whilst also grabbing nine boards. So, we’re really at a place right now where I’m going to suggest you automatically start any fantasy big on your team if they’re playing Boston. It’s an uncomfortable place.

Alonzo Gee – Geezits dropped 14/6, with 4 steals against the Celtics last night in 29 reserve minutes. In his last six, he’s averaging .484/.722/7.6 pts/6.2 rbd/1.8 stl. Not stunning, but neither is Anthony Parker. Nor are the Cleveland Cavaliers, for that matter.

Nikola Pekovic – Had at least 13/7 in each of his last three. He’s taken Darko’s spot at starting center in Minny’s last two and is worth a stream if you need a big for a short spell.

  1. mindicohn says:

    Drop nelson kleiza. Or haywoodfor bayless?

    I have james Johnson already.

  2. Benny says:

    Drop Rudy Fernandez for Bayless? Rudy has contributed in multiple categories when he’s been healthy but should he get dropped for Bayless? I worry a little that Barbosa still lurks to steal shot attempts/minutes. (Barbosa had the night off and sat out yesterday)

  3. Sarah Palin Rice says:

    10-team, standard 9-cat H2H non-keeper
    Beaubois & Bayless are available; who would you drop Jimmer, Gooden, Odom, or Shumpert and who would you pick up (both of them or just one)?
    PG- Rose
    SG- DeRozan
    G- Holiday
    SF- Granger
    PF- A’mare
    F- Bosh
    C- Hibbert
    Util- Ibaka
    Util- Ariza
    Bench- Shumpert, Mar$han Brooks, Jimmer, Odom, Drew Gooden, Manu

  4. Zebo says:

    drop Marion, Mo, or Beaubois, or Parsons for Bayless?

  5. Adam

    Adam says:

    @mindicohn: Haywood for Bayless.

    @Benny: I’d prefer Bayless to RuFer right now.

    @Sarah Palin Rice: Yeah, drop Jimmer and Odom. Pick up both of the other two.

    @Zebo: Parsons, if anyone. But I might stand pat. I might also get ready to drop Beaubois. Not yet, but soon.

  6. Tony says:

    @adam- Bayless put up a similar line the game before in only 16 mins as well. How seriously do you think the Raps are attempting to move Calderon? I was almost going to drop Bayless in my 18 man league a week or so ago, but held off, im pretty happy right now. Hoping he keeps getting mins and stays healthy now.

    I will say I own way too many raptors, and none of the best ones. Amir, Ed davis and Bayless, ughh… you can imagine how frustrating that is….

    Whats your thoughts on Ed Davis? I mean is this guy going to be the odd man out? Amir has some flexibility and i see more upside for this year outta him, so if I had to drop anyone for a pickup it would probably be ed…. ed davis or Austin Daye?

    The raps and pacers are tough teams to own players on, they play so many players and divide the mins, makes everyone even steven players when if they were allowed to get some PT they’d be putting up much jucier lines.

    I actually just dropped wilson chandler, who i had at $5 for Drew Gooden, i needed F/C help so hopefully he continues on his tear with Bogutnuts out…. good move? blew almost all my FA dollars, but its now or never, i’m 1-4 and i HAVE to go on a run or i’m prepping for next year…. very sad.

  7. Booya says:

    Im currently rostering kemba, baron, Ronnie brewer, and derozen…worth dumping any of them for felton and/or bayless?
    Thanks adam

  8. Benny says:

    @Adam Would you rather drop Evan Turner for Bayless instead of RuFer? Either guy I drop will likely get scooped up from waivers.

  9. Ryan says:

    I am in a 14 team h2h keeper league. We get to keep 5. Anyway I could use more block . Also the other manager did mention he likes Amare. Pretty much everyone on his team can be had, with the exception of Chris Bosh. He is his favorite player. Anyway is there some sort of trade I can propose involving Amare and Smith? Both our teams are below.

    his team

    pg darren collison
    sg kevin martin
    g jason terry
    sf joe johnson
    pf josh smith
    f dajuan blair
    c chris bosh
    c emeka okafor
    util andre miller
    util ramon sessions
    bn steve nash
    bn kyle korver
    bn boris diaw

    my team

    14 team h2h keeper

    pg stephen curry
    sg Paul pierce
    g kyle lowry
    sf kevin durant
    pf markieff morris
    f andre igoudala
    c amare staudamire
    c javale mcgee
    util rodrigue beaubois
    util evan turner
    bn Lamar odom
    bn bryon mullins
    bn jarryd bayless

  10. Joey the Kid says:

    4×4 head to head categories

    What are your thoughts on this trade offer?

    My: Hibbert and G-Henderson
    His: T-Evans and Tyrus


  11. Joey the Kid says:


    Thoughts on

    My: Hibbert and G-Henderson
    His: Monroe

    Thanks, your the man!

  12. JT says:

    Drop Zaza for Jerryd?

    Buy their parents some baby name books?

  13. Zebo says:

    @Adam: you don’t think Roddy Goodwood is for real? I have to think that the team realizes he is a better option than Delonte? and maybe even Kidd?

  14. Jeff says:

    Hey Adam,

    8 Team H2H 9 cat

    PG: Rajon Rondo, Chris Paul, Brandon Jennings, Jrue Holiday
    SG: Ray Allen, Stephen Jackson
    SF: Josh Smith, Hedo Turkoglu
    PF Kevin Garnett, Drew Gooden
    C: Andrew Bynum, Dwight Howard, Nene Hilario

    There’s Luis Scola, Mo Williams, Jamal Crawford DeMar Derozan Dorell Wright and Paul George on the waiver. Do you think I should drop any of my players for any of them?

    There’s also Eric Gordon and Brook Lopez, when do you think is a godo time to pick those players up?


  15. EK says:

    Pls rank at PG for a H2H 9 cat keeper league:

  16. Zebo says:


    Irving, Jennings, Conley

  17. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Tony: Chandler for Gooden is a fine move. Bogut looks out for the rest of the season (most of it, anyway) and Gooden has always been the type to pour in stats while his team loses. Unless you live in Milwaukee, you won’t care about the latter, but you’ll be a damn sight happier about the former.

    @Booya: Baron now. Brewer, the minute Deng returns. In a perfect world, I’d drop Baron for Bayless. Then grab Baron again in exchange for Brewer later this week.

    @Benny: Nah. I like Turner’s upside much more.

    @Ryan: Short answer: don’t ever do business with a guy whose favorite player is Chris Bosh. Also, what stats are you interested in improving on besides blocks? What stats can you not afford to drop?

    @Joey the Kid: Not bad. Go for it.

    @JT: Ha! Yes to both.

    @Zebo: I’ll say this: I thought he was for real last season after he returned from his foot injury. Then he pooped the bed. I also thought he was for real this offseason and, up until a week ago, more nothing from Carlisle. He’s playing well now, I’m all for it. Past that … who knows?

    @Jeff: Hang onto your squad. No need to tinker with any of those FAs. Also, I’d grab Lopez now if you can afford to stash him. I’d hold off on Gordon until his return date becomes clearer.

    @EK: @Zebo: Yup. Totally agree.

  18. Ryan says:

    Right now my main strengths look like pts rebs assists and 3s somewhat stls and blks. Fg and ft% are pretty iffy. Also so far my turnovers have been awful lately. I guess to answer your question I could look to improve my fg/ft% and possibly lockup assists and 3s. Pretty much the one stat that looks like I dominate in is stl. Everything else is above avg.

  19. Kratos says:

    Good work sir.
    Would you drop Ridnour, Baron or Brooks for Bayless and/or Buckets?
    Need asst’s bad. 10 team roto.

  20. Dollabill says:

    Hey Adam,
    I’m trying to figure out who to play at my flex F position. I can use SJackson, DWright, or EBrand.
    I have a tough matchup this week (head to head, 9 cat, 10 team league), and I’m hoping to try to squeeze out wins in FG, 3s, Ass, stl, blks. I’d normally go with Wright, but he’s only playing 3 games this period (tho he faces SAC twice -I feel like that could get him going.) Instead, I’m thinking about goign with Jackson. He’s been hella inconsistant, but he’s show sparks here and there (one of those sparks came against DET, and he plays them twice too.) Then there’s Brand. I think that about sums up my feelings for him (all he’d give me is a boost in FG%.)

    What would you do?

  21. Booya says:

    @adam: So u wouldn’t take felton over any of them at this point?

  22. Gosh Johnson says:

    Would you drop Tyrus Thomas or James Johnson for Bayless? It’s a 10 team league and alliteration isn’t a category.

    I should probably move on this, quick, since I just saw DJ Augustin is headed for a “second opinion” and I have a feeling I’m about to lose another player (Brook Lopez, Manu, Horford, Maggette).

  23. Gosh Johnson says:

    @Gosh Johnson: Hmmm… or maybe I should dump Augustin.

  24. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Ryan: Hmm. Would Nash/Smith for Amar’e/Iggy be enough for you? I like Iggy, but Smith kind of provides similar well-roundedness. Nash would greatly improve your percentages and cancel out Smith’s underwhelming FT%. My first concern with a trade like this for you would be the Bayless/Beaubois backups you have on your bench. You might, ultimately, not need Nash. I guess if that’s the case, you can try to flip him, too.

    @Kratos: Ridnour. Probably for Bayless. But it’s close.

    @Dollabill: I’d go Jackson. Any of those three players COULD have a dynamite week. The best you can do is make an educated guess. Jackson has performed “better” in the last two weeks and plays as weak competition as anyone.

    @Booya: Not now, no. Though in two weeks time, I’d imagine I’d prefer Felton over at least one, if not two, of the others.

    @Gosh Johnson: Wait on the word for D.J., but for now, gosh, I hate Tyrus. Dump him.

  25. Ryan says:

    Thanks Adam I like that trade scenario. Btw would I consider the best person in the deal? If so, would u suggest I try and trade iggy str8 up for smith?

  26. Ryan says:

    Also I just realized I would only have McGee to count on at center. I doubt mullens would be an adequate sub for amare.

  27. Zebo says:


    Would you start Hawes this week in a weekly H2H league? He is not going to play tonight.

  28. chuck norris says:

    would you drop affalo for bayless in a 12tm league?

  29. AnotherFalstaff says:

    @Adam – Is Kidd even rosterable in a 12-team league? Even a second team PG might be better like Farmar, Jimmer or Dragic. Shump’s also available? Thanks!

  30. Lance says:

    I have Al Jefferson. Should I drop James Johnson and pick up Favors as insurance? I’m worried about his outlook for the ROS.

  31. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Ryan: I’d consider Smith the best player in the deal. Also, what FA centers are still available in your league?

    @Zebo: I wouldn’t unless you second-best center is, like, Jermaine O’Neal or something.

    @chuck norris: Yeah.

    @AnotherFalstaff: It’s so hard to say goodbye, but grab Shumpert or Jimmer and plan to make another move for another guard in a week or so.

    @Lance: If you can spare whatever Johnson was giving you, yeah. It might be smart.

  32. Ryan says:

    Haywood and Amir Johnson are the best options. Do you think I should try and get okafor?

  33. Ryan says:

    Btw do u think getting smith and nash helps my team more than iggy and amare?

  34. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Ryan: I guess I’d need to know why you wanted Josh Smith in the first place? If it was just blocks, why not go trolling for a blocks specialist in the FA pool or open the trades to more teams than just the one with Smoove on it? Smith is a high target if you’re aiming for one category.

  35. Ryan says:

    I guess I like josh smith because he is pretty much iggy minus the 3s and assists

  36. Ryan says:

    Also I could use a keeper worthy shot blocker to pair with mcgee

  37. noz says:

    drop kidd for morrow?

  38. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Ryan: How’s your team doing so far? I ask because I worry you might be over-tinkering. You seem to have a fairly decent squad as is.

    @noz: Sadly, yes. I think that’s probably a good swap.

  39. Mike says:


    Beasley just went off tonight and is available in my league. Can’t figure out who to drop. here’s my squad:

    T. Parker
    R. Felton
    R. Rondo
    R. Beabois (picked up yesterday)
    K. Love
    S Marion
    A Stoudemire
    R Hibbert
    D Gooden
    S Hawes
    B Lopez
    James Johnson
    J Bayless (picked up yesterday)

    any thoughts?

  40. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Mike: Beaubois.

  41. Mike says:

    @Adam, you think Kidd will get the reins back sooner rather than later? I just love what Roddy can give across the board…

  42. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Mike: It’s hard to say. The Mavericks haven’t been playing great with him at the helm (not that the Kidd-led Mavs were any great shakes this season, either). I tend to think Carlisle will tinker a bit more, shifting Roddy, Delonte and Kidd around in different situations and roles until he finds something that clicks. When everyone is healthy, pay as close attention as you can to who is playing, when and for how long.

  43. Mike says:

    So then the real question is, does Roddy or Beasley have the better chance to help my team this year? I really don’t like Beasley as a player (fantasy or real) but he seems more likely to be guaranteed minutes long terms. Tough call.

    Thanks for the tips.

  44. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Mike: I’d go Beasley. It’s tough because before his injury Beasley was atrocious. Still, Beasley was the number two option on Minnesota last season and Rodrigue has yet to put together a string of more than seven solid games. It’s possible, of course, that Beasley busts and Beaubois booms, but when in doubt, go with history.

  45. Mike says:

    Alright Adam, a number of good guys on the wire now…

    Beasley, Fields and Morrow are at the top of the list (FYI my league weirdly does not count 3’s, reducing Morrow’s value a bit).

    To pick up any of these guys I’m prob dropping Beaubois or Bayless (though I would love to drop Felton if I only had the courage).

    I know your take on a Beasley for Roddy swap, but what do you make of the other two guys as a replacement for Bayless?

    Also, seriously, can I drop Felton? πŸ™‚


  46. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Mike: You CAN drop Felton. You know what you’re getting with him. If you can afford to do without what he offers, let him go. But I’d recommend trying to trade him rather than just releasing him for free. He’s more valuable than that. Regarding add/drops: I’d hang on to Bayless, but give some thought to swapping Beas for Beau. I’m just not sold that Beaubois will keep getting the minutes he’s been getting in the last week.

  47. Mike says:

    Adam, would you recommend dropping either Spencer Hawes or Chris Kaman for James Johnson?

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