I watched the stupid Bulls lose to the stupid Pacers last night and am in a bad mood.  So in honor of my bad mood and in an effort to put myself through self therapy, all of my takes in the recap are going to be people to move off of or avoid altogether.  Seriously, blowing a 21 point lead to the Pacers without Tyrese Haliburton

Bulls Pacers

For the Bulls, get what you can for Zach LaVine if you can find someone who will pay full price.  The issue isn’t the player;  the issue is that the player has an issue of some sort on his right hand.  LaVine had 3 turnovers in the last three minutes.  Just dribbling and losing the ball.  He also can’t shoot.  LaVine is a compromised player at this point.

For the Pacers this season, Aaron Nesmith really is only out there because they don’t have anyone else.  He’s not an elite shooter or defender.  I would avoid in all but the deepest of leagues.  And Myles Turner is the real thing and I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t just lock the guy up.  Don’t pick up his backups, I think Indy is building something.

Heat Celtics

Caleb Martin had five fouls in 11 minutes.  He’s always been an attitude guy and that’s why he carved a place out in the league.  Problem is, there’s clunkers like this because his attitude goes crazy and he’s overaggressive.  Can’t blame him, he got a career despite all odds, but I wouldn’t count on him.  Remember this?

For the Celtics, I’m so sick of all this resting stuff.  They only played one starter so I would sit all of them all week in a protest.  I mean, big game against a good team and you play Payton Pritchard 42 minutes?  Sell the Celtics bench.

Knicks Cavaliers

Two young guys just aren’t making a leap like we all hoped.  Evan Mobley can be a wonderful player;  but he’s the fourth option some nights and will be inconsistent.  He’s not moving up to the second round like I thought he would, and his shooting hasn’t progressed this year.  Long term, don’t give up, but this year, he’s not THAT GUY.

RJ Barrett, on the other hand, am selling him as ever being an All-Star.  The shot isn’t there, and he just seems to be a little stiff when he’s running or something.  I get that he’s kinda strong, but he has got zero wiggle to his game.  I think he’s overpaid and miscast as a third option.

Nuggets Pelicans

Trey Murphy and Herb Jones time may be almost up.  Brandon Ingram, for the first time, was listed as doubtful and he’s been doing 5-on-5 work in practice.  With Ingram coming back, there won’t be room for these two guys to get the same minutes.  If I have to choose, I’m going Murphy for the shooting, but Jones will be needed on defense so I think their value gets crushed.

For the Nuggets, Michael Porter Jr. would be a guy I’d look to trade both long and short term.  I don’t trust the body to hold up.  He missed last night, and always seems to be having some sort of nagging issue.  Maybe if he stopped nagging people he could play more.

Wizards Mavericks

I’m getting rid of any Maverick not named Luka Doncic.  He monopolizes the ball every game so the other players don’t really get a chance unless he allows them to.  Also, nobody else on that team is any good.  Actually, I like Josh Green as a rotation piece.  I don’t trust Spencer Dinwiddie to not torch my ratios, and Christian Wood has been exposed as not great as a real basketball player and losing minutes.  No Mavericks for me.

On the Wizards side, they are straight magic.  Except they are counting on the brittle one himself, Kristaps Porzingis.  I’m looking to move him the second he gets healthy before he gets hurt again.

Does Victor Wenbayana remind anyone of KP’s body type?  Just asking for a friend, he terrifies me.

Suns Hornets

The Hornets are an absolutely terrible basketball team with no structure.  The young guys are just running around chucking it up, and the vets aren’t the type to help in that regard.  I’m more mad at their coach for not playing Mark Williams.  He’s always going to have more potential than Nick Richards.  He just is.  And then you can really tank after Mason Plumlee gets traded.  Free Mark!

For the Suns, I thought T0rrey Craig would be a solid add.  He is not.  Dump him everywhere.  Zero points and he just can’t put up numbers enough to be valuable.

Lakers Clippers

Here’s a video over one minute long that will show you everything you need to know about the Lakers:

I’m so negative about both of these teams.  They’re hyped up all the time, hear about both of them on all the national platforms and they both are not contenders.  I’m sorry, I can’t.  I guess find another spot to read about them!


That all felt very good.  I’m in a better mood, slightly.  I went to the dentist, no cavities!  But then I spilled coffee in my lap!

Thanks for the honor of reading my stuff, and as always comment in the comment section.  That’s what it’s there for.