On hiatus from his Midwestern barnstorming tour, blues percussionist Taj Gibson will return to the Bulls’ starting rotation for at least one game, but perhaps three or four while Carlos Boozer heals (and adds fuel to the Derrick Rose for MVP debate). Considering shizz is real now that we’re closer to the playoffs, Gibson’s per36 has been 14/7 this month (10/7/ in 27 mpg in 18 games as a starter this season), I’d say he’s as solid of an add as anyone owned in fewer than 35 percent of fantasy leagues. He won’t win your league for you single-handedly, but then again no one will. We’re entering the playoffs. Time to scrape. No small parts, just small forwards. Or power forwards. Or whatever. Every game, every point, every advantage. Tool up this weekend, folks. Let’s do this!

Here’s a few to grow on as we close out fantasy basketball’s week 20:

Kendrick Perkins – May play tonight. Then again, there’s always the chance he may not. Give it 60-40 odds that he plays. Give it 99-1 odds that, either way, he’ll look like someone called him “Jerkins” one too many times. Anyway, if he’s available, pick him up. If you’ve been stashing him, I’d recommend doing so for at least one more game.

Kevin Love – Giving chinstrap beards a good name (for once!), the Wolves all-star said he’s definitely playing tonight. Love is real and not stay away.

Amar’e Stoudemire – 36/7, but also earned his 16th technical foul. If it sticks (and it shouldn’t) he’ll be out Sunday against the Pacers, which sucks because it’s the Pacers and if there’s a softer big in the Eastern Conference than STAT it’s Roy Hibbert. Anyway, pay attention tomorrow to see if the league rescinds the T.

Shawn Marion – Returned and looked wicked healthy, for my Boston peeps and hella healthy for my Cali bros. Averaged 13.3/7.6 in February, so far in March, he’s averaging 10.2/8.8. I only point that out because it’s late and I needed something to help me get to sleep.

Tyson Chandler – Was on fire with 9/8 and three blocks in his first 17 minutes on the court. Unfortunately, the five fouls he accumulated made it so they were the only 17 minutes he played. Dem’s the breaks.

Rodrigue Beaubois – 14/6, with a pair of threes in over 20 minutes. I’m just gonna set that there. Set it right there and put a doily underneath it. Maybe play some light jazz in a nearby room. Splash some soft light on it. No, the soft light is too much. We’ll stop at the jazz.

Gary Forbes – Regional Sales Manager Gary Forbes started in place of Arron Afflalo and went 1-for-5 with five points. Of the Western Conference’s nerdy Garys (Forbes and Neal) this is the wrong nerdy Gary to own.

Ty Lawson – Ended with 20 points, four steals and 11 assists. In the last eight games, he’s had six-or-more assists in all but two games. Raymond Felton … has not.

Marcin Gortat – 14/18/4, with three steals and two blocks in 30 minutes on a dying Suns squadron. He’s averaging 15/12 in five games this month and should be owned in even the shallowest of leagues. Like the kind that won’t let you compete unless your face is symmetrical and you drive an Infiniti.

Kobe Bryant – Missed seven shots in a row in the middle of this game. “See!?!” You shut your mouth, Danny Granger. I’ve had enough of you. He ended up shooting .381, making that five games in his last six he shot under .444 from the field. “No, seriously. High five, Kobe! It happens to the best of us.” Danny, you go sit over there in the corner. I can’t even look at you right now.

Andrew Bynum – Grabbed one rebound in the first half. He grabbed 11 in the second. He’s his own Goofus and Gallant. (Don’t act like you don’t remember Goofus and Gallant! Did you never go to the dentist’s office?)

Ron Artest – 9/9 for Ron/Ron. Had six assists and about 19 steals (or three). This is just the fifth blurb Artest has had this year. That’s all you need to know about his value.

Mike Miller – For just the second time this season, Miller reaches each of the following levels: 12/7 with a pair of threes. Yes, Mike Miller, do that. You have 17 more games, go!

  1. Jeff says:

    Geezs, I haven’t thought about Goofus and Gallant in a million years. Thanks for a blast from the past. What’s next, a Chip Hilton reference?

  2. Taylor says:

    I don’t really see a whole lot of appeal in Perk and Marcin tbh, way too inconsistent. And what is it with Beaubois? I know he’s coming off a long injury and all, but why isn’t he getting more minutes? I saw him last night, that kid can fly.

  3. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Jeff: Ha. Maybe I’ll try to fit in some Hardy Boys next time.

    @Taylor: Everything’s relative. Neither Gortat nor Perkins should be considered in eight team leagues, but in 14-team leagues, a guy who has scored 13+ points in 9 of his last 10, grabbed 7+ rebounds in 7 of his last 10, and blocked 14 shots in that span like Gortat is deep league jackpot. Also, Beaubois CAN fly, unfortunately Dallas already has a JET.

  4. Adam

    Adam says:

    Head’s up. The league rescinded Amar’e’s 16th technical.

  5. stressin says:

    drop sessions for t.allen? sessions seems to be falling apart with bdiddy around now…i’d really rather pick up a big, but kinda shallow options..ty thomas, taj/kurt, perk, samardo (worried about that ft%)

  6. 2nd place team says:

    pick one: t.allen, tmac, sessions, hedo, samardo

    just looking for most value..don’t need the assists as much

  7. Adam

    Adam says:

    @stressin: I’d grab Perkins or Samardo before Allen.

    @2nd place team: TMac, Samarado and Allen, in that order.

  8. waivers says:

    what are your thoughts on Nenad? he seems to be playing well in Boston…do you think he’s worth picking up?

  9. Adam

    Adam says:

    @waivers: I was cold on him at first, but it looks like he’s Forrest Gumped his way into premiere playing time with Boston. I say go for it.

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