I know, I know this is way too early to make any calls regarding players, but I’m going to anyway.  After watching the last two days of games, here are some premature 8-cat bold calls for the 2015-2016 season:

Nikola Mirotic
He’s had two very impressive games and is now averaging 18.5 pts/3.5 threes/9 rebounds/1 assist/1.5 steals/0.5 blocks on 52% from the field & 100% from the line on 4 attempts a game.

This is a very hot start and for roto leagues is absolutely fantasy gold. He opens up the Bulls offense and it’s clear that 30 minutes is within reach. It looks like everything is breaking right for Mirotic with Joakim Noah already injured.  A top 30 finish is within sight.

Meyers Leonard
Another multi-cat roto specialist, Leonard may have only played one game but was impressive enough to be mentioned here:

12 pts/2 threes/8 rebounds/3 assists/1 steal/1 block on 41% shooting.

As with Mirotic, this well-rounded line is essential to build a roto team that can really push for a championship. Leonard played 34 minutes and has established himself as probably the third option offensively on a Portland team lacking quality depth.

Ricky Rubio
This has to be clearly the most premature player update, but he did have a career night against L.A ending up with:

28 pts/2 threes/2 rebounds/14 assists/1 steal on 58% shooting also going 6/7 from the line.

The FT’s stand out here as Rubio was clearly not afraid of contact.  Being able to get into the lane and take contact is imperative for Rubio’s value. It allows him to dish to open teammates, allowing easy assists or taking contact and hitting his FT’s. This may be Rubio’s best line this season, but he is clearly the number one PG option and it doesn’t look like there is anyone else on the roster who is ready or willing to take minutes from him. Let’s enjoy the ride.

Eric Gordon
There is an injury crisis in New Orleans and Eric the Eel is taking advantage.  The one statistic that stands out for him is minutes: he’s averaging 37 over the first two games, posting averages of:

17 points/2.5 threes/3 rebounds/3.5 assists/1 steal whilst averaging 15 FGA a game.

Clearly Alvin Gentry not only likes Gordon’s game but has enough trust in his body that he is able to put him out there for 37 minutes a night. He needs to score and the opportunity is there for the first few months of the season to return early-season value.


Happy to answer any questions regarding trades or waiver wire adds; just comment on the article below and ill get back to you as soon as possible.

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  1. Fella says:

    Hey Stro,

    9-cat 12-team H2H league. I want Kawhi and Teague. Looking to deal Draymond, Hayward, and Tim Duncan. Which side wins?

    • Stro

      Stro says:

      Definitely take the Kawhi and Teague side.

      Whenever you can get the quality in any 2 for 1 or 3 for 2 it’s usually worth doing. Remember you have an extra roster spot aswell that you can utilise off the wire.

  2. Mr.DCHO says:

    Stro, nice writeup
    14h2h, which waiver add would fit my team better?

    trey burke, calderon, ginoboli, swaggy p, belinelli, vasquez, shabazz, doug mcdermott, bobby portis, pj hairston, to name a few.. dropping felton.

    reggie jackson
    monte ellis
    ty lawson
    ricky rubio
    raymond felton
    aaron afflalo
    alec burke
    Gerald Green
    aaraon gordon
    demarcus cousin
    deandre jordan
    andre drummond
    enes kanter

    thank you

  3. TheJohn says:

    Ro lopez trade wid porzigis

    Worth it? Kinda need 3’s alsoo

  4. Mex says:

    8 team 9 cat but I’m punting to’s. Just got Gordon for Saturday but MCW is on the waiver. Would you stream Gordon for now or is it worth adding mcw as I need assists more than points? Rondo is out there too but I don’t know who to drop. Gortat is my next lowest draft pick…

    • Stro

      Stro says:

      @Mex: I’d take MCW especially if your punting TOs.

      Don’t really trust Rondo.

      Aaron Gordon is very hard to drop though is there anyone else you could drop?

  5. Jeff says:

    Meyers Leonard suck in this match,disappear in the court,I’m very disappointed

    • ByeFelica says:

      @Jeff: It’s only the 2nd game of the year.

      • Stro

        Stro says:


        His still getting the minutes. I’d give him a fair leash.

        Has a friendly matchup against the wolves. Expecting better numbers tomorrow.

  6. Unorthodoxed says:

    Just recently Been following your blogs and used your draft guide. Awesome👍
    Im in a 14team 9cat FT% redraft league. I was the 12th pick and currently facing the 1st pick (he chose curry). By far he is the toughest opponent in my league. I dont think anyone wants to face curry this week. I cant believe i was beathing him in almost every single category up until Friday up 8-1. My team was shooting a blistering 51% at one point. But eventually he caught up in fg%, however im still leading 6-2 going into the final day and have a very good chance of beathing 1st pick. I followed your draft guide up until 4th i picked(45th) IT4 over conley, olidipo, dragic, knight. Im short and IT4 is my idol. Do you think i went too early on IT4? This my the first time participating in 14team. Draft day was nerve wrecking. Right now We are tied in blks 23. I dropped b.wright to pick up Capella to chase blks and have Turner in my radar. Who should i drop for Turner??
    This is what my team looks like.
    1. (12) Jimmy Butler SG,SF
    2. (17) Rudy Gobert C
    3. (40) Draymond Green SF,PF
    4. (45) Isaiah Thomas PG
    5. (68) C.J. McCollum PG,SG
    6. (73) Ryan Anderson PF,C
    7. (96) Ricky Rubio PG
    8. (101) Enes Kanter C
    9. (124) Amir Johnson PF,C
    10. (129) Jae Crowder SF,PF
    11. (152) Courtney Lee SG,SF
    12. (157) Bojan Bogdanovic SG,SF
    13. (180) Brandan Wright PF,C

    • Stro

      Stro says:


      I’d drop Amir Johnson for turner. Avoid the bostons big.

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