Sun Tzu, the Chinese general, military strategist, philosopher, and author of the Art of War wrote: “what enables the wise sovereign and the good general to strike and conquer, and achieve things beyond the reach of ordinary men, is foreknowledge.” Before undertaking any endeavor in life, knowing and understanding the landscape provides a tremendous advantage for those who put in the time to obtain the information. Every fantasy basketball site has its own rankings and projections. As a result, there will be opportunities to exploit depending on which draft room you are situated in. If you know the landscape before entering the fray, you will have an advantage come draft day. Below, I’ve made a Google sheet that compares my projections to those at ESPN, Yahoo, and Fantrax. This should give a basic lay of the fantasy landscape.

To best utilize the sheet, press CTRL-F, then click up or down to see the highlighted player for each site.

For insight into how I derived my projections and rankings, click HERE.

If you want to sort the sheet and/or search for players easier, click HERE to make a copy of the sheet.

THESE ARE MY PROJECTIONS; NOT MY RANKINGS. The order I have players is based on my projections and overall value for category leagues. Where I’d draft a player depends on ADP, categorical need, and roster construction. Keep that in mind when going through all my Top X pieces and when choosing who to draft in your leagues. The FG and FT numbers are weighted for volume.

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