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It’s baaaaaaaaack. I know the wait was excrutiating. The eye fatigue from those countless hours staring into the digital dojo. The clicks. Oh, the millions of clicks on the mouse button that turned you into a one-armed Popeye. What was it all for?… <in a voice that echoes and decreases in volume each time the phrase is repeated> What was it all for?…What was it all for?….

The chance to be the best of the best of course!

I’ve been told that the RCLs are populated with some of the sharpest fantasy basketball minds in the land. Do you have what it takes?

For those of you new to the game, RCLs stand for Razzball Commenter Leagues. It’s not one…not two…not three….not four….but an infinite number of 12-team leagues all vying for one spot atop the RCL landscape. You can both join AND create a league. One may even have your favorite writer or commenter. Since you will be in multiple leagues, make sure to use the RAZZBALL TEAM NAME GENERATOR. It’s been proven to be a hit with the ladies. At the end of the season, the overall best team will win a Rotowear Razzball T-shirt, $50 Amazon gift card, and be immortalized in the RCL Hall of Fame. 2nd place will get a Rotowear Razzbal T-shirt and forever be the bitch.

The leagues with be on Fantrax (first year, moving over from Yahoo). H2H cats: FG%, FT%, 3PM, PTS, REB, AST, STL, BLK, TO. Rosters will be: 10 starters (1 PG, 1 SG, 1 G, 1 SF, 1 PF, 1 F, 2 C, 2 FLX), 3 bench, and 2 IL. The overall winner will be the team that:

  • Wins their playoff/league title then….
  • Out of all the champions, the team with the best overall ranking determined by a formula that Rudy is creating.

You ready?


  • Create a league using this link
  • Click “Create League” under Commissioner
  • Click “Moving From Another Site” then select “Yahoo – H2H Roto Each Category”
  • Enter league name and team name
  • League Type is “Re-draft”
  • Click SUBMIT
  • After league has been created, click “Customize league”
  • Click “Draft” tab at top to schedule the time/date of your draft
  • Click SAVE
  • Click “Teams & Schedules” tab
  • Click “Playoffs” tab
  • Scroll down to number of playoff teams and change to: 6
  • Click SAVE
  • Click “General” tab at top
  • Scroll down until you see the “Use easy-join link” and click the box
  • COPY AND SHARE YOUR LEAGUE LINK. Copy and paste the link to the spreadsheet.
  • Don’t forget to SAVE and do NOT list the league

Update the spreadsheet when spots get filled in your league.


  • Click the LINK of the league you would like to join in the spreadsheet. Easy Peezy!