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I’ve had fun writing these team previews, so I’m sad that this will be the final one for this season. I hope that you’ve enjoyed the journey with me. Not all is poo poo, though, because it means the season starts tomorrow night! Yaaaaaassssssss! Any of you remember Voltron, Defender of the Universe? Five robot lions, that each had specialized skills and roles, would come together and form a super robot to protect the universe from evil? That’s what the Warriors are. Five players that can do damage individually, but go to a completely different level when playing with a collective consciousness. What if the response by the aliens to one of the SETI signals beamed out to outer space is: Game on, bitches! Putting all hate aside, the Warriors would be the squad we’d send, right? They are the NBA’s Voltron.

2016 record: 67-15

Key acquisitions:

Key losses:

  • James McAdoo via free agency
  • Ian Clark via free agency
  • Matt Barnes via free agency


Since Steve Kerr became coach, the Warriors have made the NBA Finals three times (2-1 record) and have rolled up 67, 73, and 67 wins in the regular season. In NBA history, there have been 44 other teams to win at least 60 regular season games in a season. Crazy. Barring any injury setbacks, this squad should expand that list to 48. Now, I know I’m in the minority with this, but I do believe that the Warriors keep gunning for history. They realize that the window is closing for this group because the contracts of Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant are up after the 2018 season with Draymond Green’s after 2019. I find it hard to imagine they can keep all three. Anyways, the Warriors were fourth in pace and first in offensive efficiency. It’s an environment ripe for fantasy goodness.

PGStephen Curry. The usage and ppg both fell with the KD addition, but he still put up 25.3 points and had a 30% usage rate. Elite in threes, free throw percentage, and will pull down 4.5 boards, dish out close to seven assists, and pilfer close to two a game. Yeah, he’s good. Shaun Livingston is the backup, who is valuable in real life, but not fantasy relevant.

SGKlay Thompson has never shot below 40% from three-land in his career. He will chip in three boards and dish a couple dimes a game, but it’s all about the points and threes for Klay. He’s a very good real-life defender, but not elite for fantasy. Able to drop a 50 burger any night. Patrick McCaw and Nick Young will backup Klay. Neither will be relevant, as they will cannibalize each other. Young is the better shooter (40% from three-land last season), but McCaw is the better all-around player. Young will provide some instant offense, but McCaw will always get some run, as he’s still only 21 years old and could be the possible replacement for Klay.

SFKevin Durant has/could be the #1 player in fantasy. He’s done it in the past on a per minute basis and is in one of the best environments. One of five players in the 1/1/1 club last season, he should be a member once again. Andre Iguodala will back up KD. He’s going to get around 26 mpg and score seven points, grab four boards, dish out three dimes, and pilfer one a game. Omri Casspi was signed in the offseason to provide depth. He’s a career 37% shooter from three-land and will basically be a guy to soak up minutes when the Warriors are up by 30.

PFDraymond Green is the starter. Another member of the 1/1/1 club. What would the Warriors be without Green? Is he the MVP of this squad? I think the argument could be made that he is. Anyways, he won’t score a ton, but he’ll provide some threes, grab eight boards, dish out seven dimes, pilfer around two a game, and get his block on. He truly does it all. David West is the backup and along for the ride. The local Y games were too easy, so…..Jordan Bell could backup both at power forward and center. As I mentioned in the “key acquisitions,” the Warriors performed straight robbery in acquiring Bell in the draft. His athleticism and motor are very impressive and he looks to be a perfect fit for this Warriors squad. Bell could be a boards, steals, and blocks monster. He probably won’t crack the rotation early on, but he should get run in garbage time, which could be plenty, and possibly make an impact later in the season.

CZaza Pachulia is the starter. He won’t get more than 20 mpg and really isn’t fantasy relevant. He will grab some boards, but he’s mostly in there for toughness and setting good screens. JaVale McGee is the backup and probably won’t get many minutes as well. An athletic freak, his IQ on defense prohibits him from truly being a difference maker. It looks like Bell could get some serious run later in the season.

  1. Jake says:

    My team: Towns, Lillard, love, Brook Lopez, ball, Avery Bradley, Crabbe, Warren, cauley-stein, harkless, hernangomez, prince, len and monk

    Should I trade Lillard, Brook and Avery for Steph and PG13? If not, what kind of package should I offer?

    • Son says:

      @Jake: I’m good with that trade. Not sure the other owner would accept, though

      • Jake says:

        @Son: Would you trade lillard and brook for steph and randle?

        • Son says:

          @Jake: yes

  2. OldMilwaukeePounders says:

    Hey Son,

    What are your thoughts on my 11 team, 8-cat, roto team below?

    PG – Conley ($15), Bledsoe ($18), Hill ($1)
    SG – Harris ($4), Murray ($4)
    SF – Kawhi ($54), Melo ($10)
    PF – Porzingis ($32), Simmons ($9), Ibaka ($8), Ryan Anderson ($3)
    C- Gobert ($39), Gortat ($3)

    Thinking of losing Gortat for Dedmon…any other advice?


    • Son says:

      I like the Dedmon move. Me worried bout Kawhi

      • OldMilwaukeePounders says:

        @Son: I am worried about Kawhi as well, but for the cost, I had a hard time passing on him. I’m going to hope for the best, but as someone who picked David Johnson and Aaron Rodgers in round 1 & 2, its hard to be optimistic.

        • Son says:

          I hear you. Well, when you drafted Arod and DJ, you felt real good and it did not end so well. When you drafted Kawhi, you did not feel so well, so hopefully the inverse happens.

  3. Principal Blackman says:

    Nice write up, Son. Would love to hear your thoughts about my team that I just drafted. 14-team 10 cat. roto. No TOVs. FGM and PTS are a stat so there’s some inflated value for pure scorers. This was my first 14-team draft, and I feel like it was a wasteland out there trying to find players in the later rounds. I had the 9th overall pick.

    PG – Kyle Lowry 2:20
    SG – Malcolm Brogdon 7:93
    G – Jeff Teague 4:48
    SF – Danilo Gallinari 8:104
    PF – Thaddeus Young 10:132
    F – Paul Millsap 3:37
    C – Anthony Davis 1:9
    C – Willy Hernangomez 6:76
    U – Enes Kanter 9:121
    U – Lonzo Ball 5:65

    Bn – Jon Leuer 12:160
    Boban Marjanovic 11:149
    Mike Muscala 13:177
    Stanley Johnson 14:188
    Yogi Farrell 15:205

    Any advice about holes I should be looking to fill would be greatly appreciated. I feel light on blocks for sure.

    • Son says:

      @Principal Blackman: I don’t like the Willy/Kanter combo. They may just cannibalize each other and you’re using two spots for essentially one player. May need some more 3s as well.

  4. smarter child says:

    Hey just finished my draft. How do you think I did? standard h2h 12 team 9-cat
    Willy G
    T. Ross

    • Son says:

      Not a fan of your bigs

  5. Dante Green says:

    9-cat, 12-team

    PG — Wall, Smith Jr, Murray, Collison
    SG — Oladipo, Harris
    SF — Agordon
    PF — JaMychal G
    C — Gobert, Mgasol, Love
    IR — Batum

    Would you drop JaMychal for any of these players: Josh Jax, Josh Richardson, Taurean Prince

    • Son says:

      @Dante Green: JRich and Prince

  6. John says:

    Who’s better in a vacuum, Malik or pj Tucker?

    • Son says:

      @John: Tucker

  7. Shahed says:

    Hey Son,

    I am having difficulty deciding who to start. 20 team, 15 players, 10 starters, 9 cat, H2H.
    This will be my starters right now:
    PG: Murray
    SG: Snell
    G: Oladipo
    SF: Warren
    PF: WCS
    F: Len
    C: Swanigan
    C: T Chandler
    UTIL: Winslow
    UTIL: Carroll
    I have C Parsons and A Harrison on the bench. Would you start either of those over my current starters? I could move WCS or Len to C, and bench Swanigan or Chandler.
    What do you think?


    • Son says:

      @Shahed: Good the way it is

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