REL Basketball1The semis are here!  Only 2 weeks left in the REL and 4 teams left standing for the coveted gold jersey.  If I don’t get a title this time out, I’m going to give the winner a white jersey that I just made gold, if you know what I mean!

With some big deadline deals to improve their depth, High as Greg Kite is looking high and mighty as I thankfully miss that juggernaut for at least one more week, as they tackle Scurry to the Left.  But I have to deal with the friggin’ Clippers team, argh!  So I’m not too happy with the scheduling, but I guess I was going to have it rough one way or the other.  Good luck to everyone alive in the REL, and all you readers out there primed for a dynasty title!  Here’s how the quarterfinals wrapped up in week 20 in the REL, plus a preview of this week’s semi-finals in week 21:



6th seed High as Greg Kite DEF (6-2-1) 3rd seed Yappers

Yappers: Entering the fantasy playoffs, I had High as Greg Kite (with the acquisitions of Lebron and Ibaka) as the #1 rated team on my board. To have a chance against him I felt that I needed to win at least one of the ratios (as well as turnovers) and have the advantage in games played. Instead last week was one of our worst weeks this season in the ratios (we lost both of them) and (trying hard not to whine here because I can’t honestly say we were injury decimated) it really seemed that Greg Kite did not miss a game this past week while both Batum and Gallinari missed games for Yappers. Hence the 2-6 loss. Wasn’t all that close. ’nuff said – books closed.

In preparing for next season I observe that Yappers has 10 $1 dollar players and 7 players for over a dollar. Of the 7 players over a dollar (Nic Batum $44, Marc Gasol $43, Jeff Teague $32, Pau Gasol $20, Wes Matthews $14, George Hill $13, Danilo Gallinari $11) my only keeper debate is Batum, and that only because I’m thinking $44 is a tad overpay and I might prefer spending that money on a big anyways. The remaining players I am thinking would go for significantly over current cost if released back into the pool, but situations change from year to year and we shall see.

I have three categories for my ten $1 players. (1) A part of my core (Mason Plumlee, C.J. Miles and this year’s acquisitions of Andre Iguodala and Joe Ingles. These are obviously safe. (2) Young and (hopefully) not hit their ceilings (Sam Dekker and Spencer Dinwiddie). These also are safe but will need to show improvement next year (3) Typical $1 players in this leage (D.J. Augustin, Raymond Felton, Dante Cunningham, and Manu Ginobilli). I will be dropping two or three of these. That leaves about $12 or about $56 dollars for next year’s auction pending the decision on Batum.

So, to wrap this up a short list of lessons learned this year.

(1) It is better to drop a player one year too early than keep a player one year too late. Yes the decision to release Deron Williams prior to this year’s auction was correct. I actually enjoyed this year partly because there was nobody on my team that I came to hate with an eternal hatred (looking at you Carlos Boozer).

(2) When will I learn not to spend a significant FAAB chunk after week one on the season (James Ennis $32). I have done this every year of the league, and none of these early big ticket items lasted till end of season. I am thinking I need to budget about $30 for end of season acquisitions.

(3) Speaking of FAAB, some of my best buys this year were not the big ticket items (looking at you Joe Ingles ($3) whom Yahoo tells me is ranked 102 which is in the C.J. Miles tier). Even $1 Raymond Felton was useful and managed to last the season.

(4) Either you are all in or all out. Maybe I should have been more aggressive on the trade front having made the “all in” trade of Kyle Lowrie (a trade that I do not regret even though it did not work out as hoped). But then again I am thinking I would have lost this matchup anyways because we totally sucked on the ratios. So who knows.

(5) I have not invested in the draft even once at auction time in the four years being in the league, fearing that I would be the one investing $30 in Anthony Bennett 2.0. But given the most recent auction prices, maybe I should rethink this. Sometimes rookies acquired at draft time make great trading chips.

4th seed Metamucil DEF (6-3-0) 5th seed Slim – Razzball


1st seed JB Gilpin – Razzball vs. 4th seed Metamucil

JB Gilpin – Razzball: Time to shine!  But dayum if I don’t have the fantasy gods stacked against me.  Stupid NBA schedulers giving the Clippers a 5-game week, and of course I play the team with Chris Paul and DeAndre Jordan.  Oh, and Marreese Speights too, just for good measure!  Smh.

Metamucil has a really strong team, and somehow even with DJ, had a 81.5% FT% last week, so I dunno if there’s any cats that I’m really favored in.  208 dimes like they got last week to only 82 TO is really rough.  They got plenty of treys and good scoring too.  7 blocks from Taurean Prince?!  Every roster spot is contributing for them; I just need a nice CP3/DJ rest day somewhere, and I think it would be pretty even.

On my end, I thankfully have a 4-game OKC week, and thank the lord KCP got out of his funk yesterday.  Going to need some big weeks to close this out.  While I had the best regular season team, I didn’t make one of the huge go-for-it trades like Greg Kite or Metamucil made, so I’m fearing my chances.  Hopefully keeping my core together can still sneak their way through.

2nd seed Scurry to the Left vs. 6th seed High as Greg Kite

Good luck to everyone in your dynasties this week, and hopefully your’s truly can make the REL Finals!

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  1. Bye Felica says:

    It’s going to be a a crazy week. This was the plan when i entered the REL fray 2 seasons ago that i would be able to position myself to win by year duex. So it’s all in and let he chips fall where they may.

    I gave up $14 Julius Randle
    $4 Terry Rozier
    Basically to rent CP3 for this moment.Then he went down less than 3 weeks later with an injury. Jamal Murry was also in this trade.

    Then I flipped
    $6 Malcom Brogdon
    $30 something Jamal Murry for $28 Conley $11 Kelly Olynyk & Speights (forgive the prices I’m not sure)

    I gave up a lot in this trade but it’s starting to look decent with Olynyk & Conley having good years with decent keeper potential heading into next year.

    Lastly (Kinda regretting it now) but if i win it doesn’t really matter. I traded
    $31 Drummond
    $1 Ish Smith to Anus for $20 D Wade $32 LaMarcus & $3 Courtney Lee.

    I love Drum’s upside (he’s still 23yrs old) but i wanted to win now and keeping him would give FT% away to any of the top teams and that makes it very difficult to win vs this level of competition. So since i already planned on going in a different direction next year I bit the bullet when the trade was offered to me.

    Well that’s about it, we’ll see what happens this week vs JB’s dream team. I haven’t checked the games played but i assume I have an edge with 3 Clippers on my team but Doc Rivers will most likely give that away on b2b’s. Good luck to the remaining teams. MC

    • Bye Felica says:

      @Bye Felica: this update should be worth $2 Faab lol

      • JB Gilpin

        JB Gilpin says:

        @Bye Felica: Hahaha you get $0 for being tardy with the update! Haha.

        Well, thankfully Wade is hurt, or else you’d really have an advantage. Here’s to hoping Kawhi gets through the week unscathed and maybe Aldridge sits one.

        Hah, really doubt I have a dream team. I had a dream season, but I need 2 more tough Ws

  2. Dante Green says:

    Good news bud, my squad survived a Westbrook led team so I’m moving onto round 2 now. Hah. I’ll be facing a very tough opponent in my next matchup though, a team consisting of:

    (Mine, for comparison)
    Big Sauce
    Willy H

    Kawhi and Giannis on the same team is intimidating as f but I don’t think my squad is that bad to not be able to keep up. Hah This is going to be a fun match up.

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Dante Green: Nice, good to hear you’re still alive! Damn, yeah the 3 new Suns and co. vs Greek and Kawhi! Yeah looks pretty even on paper, he def doesn’t have the same depth. Good luck this week man!

      • Dante Green says:

        Yea, my boys from the valley could be the difference maker this week. Though I worry about Ulis and AWilliams destroying my FG. Hah Chriss’ desire to block every shot is amazing, I hope he puts up another 5 or 4 block game this week but the most important thing really is for both Allan and Marquese to stay out of foul trouble. Lol

        What a way for my squad to start the week:
        Hayward – 38/3/2/2/1, 3 treys, on 16/24 shooting. The Jazz play just 3 games this week so Hayward putting up a line like this is friggin huge.

        Crowder – 16/9/1/3/1, 3 treys. The nine boards and three swipes is all I can ask for.

        Jokic – 22/13/8/0/1. Missed all of his 3-point attempts but still shot .500 from the field, plus made 8/8 from the foul line. Would’ve been an even better line if he swatted more shots and attempted more shots of his own. Hah

        • JB Gilpin

          JB Gilpin says:

          @Dante Green: Well Williams should be OK, he’s not much of a shooter. Yeah Ulis could hurt though, hopefully he’s not taking 24 shots most games haha.

          Damn, yeah nice start from those guys!

  3. Slim

    Slim says:

    Bad news. OKC only plays 3 this week.

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Slim: Ugh yeah you corrected me on Pod. Ugh

  4. Kennneth Dean says:

    4 – 0 Series record Warriors vs the OKC Cupcakes!!! I mean Thunder!!! This can’t just be the thunder losing KD right I mean Ibaka beasties so why don’t they call him a cupcake too I do t get OKC fans!!! Anyways I am in the playoffs I had a the bye week and this is my first week the semifinals my lineup is solid I got people like jokic gobert howard hayward beal but my main star KDTrey5 got hurt… I’m stilll killing it though, my question is should I be stat padding since it’s playoffs and just role heat out there drop some of my slumpers even if they are in the top 100… I’m in a 14 team lg so the well is kind of dry if u know what I mean lol

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Kennneth Dean: Haha yeah nice win again for you guys, they really have trouble hanging with GS due to lack of treys. Oh man, you still got a GREAT start!

      Maybe hold the more upside guys slumping if you’re looking great in your matchup so far, and/or be sure and hold the ones with 4 games next week

      • Kennneth Dean says:

        @JB Gilpin: haha kk thanks that make sense!!!

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