REL Basketball1Christmas on a pivotal Sunday, it doesn’t get much better than that for H2H Fantasy Basketball Leagues!  Hopefully Santa brought you some nice D stats in a efficient manner (he’d have to be pretty efficient to get to the billions of houses across the world!) for a nice week 9 win.  In the REL, it’s a tie at the top!  Off an 8-1 win, Yappers has caught Scurry to the Left for a dead heat at the #1 spot.  Unsurprisingly for the Xmas week, not too much going on the wire, but find below how a few of our owners are feeling this past week.

Here’s how week nine in the 2016-17 REL went down, and how we’re looking heading into week ten:

Razzball Basketball

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1 Yappers 59-22-0 Waiver Adds Past Week:
FAAB Remaining: $49 n/a
 Curious Yappers statistic:

Season FG%: 0.444 – 17th place
Season FG% record: 6-3

Yes we have been lucky.

But in week 9, our FG% was 0.495, which was key in our 8-1 victory last week.

I will give matchup MVP to Kyle Lowry and his 0.719 FG% for the matchup, improving his FG% for the year to 0.473.

We now are entering the tougher part of our schedule starting with tied for 6th place team HateUsCauseTheyAnus. Next week we get the team that we are tied with for first: “Scurry to the Left”.

In team news, Yappers is now totally healthy and the formerly injured James Ennis is getting significant minutes in his return. Also Chris McCullough has been recalled from the D league and got a few minutes in one game. Now we need him to get the minutes currently given to useless Anthony Bennett.

No FAAB bids this week, and we will probably not be making any unless (1) there is a player we really like available or (2) there is an injury. We have been satisfied so far with our acquisitions of James Ennis, Joe Ingles and Raymond Felton via FAAB bidding.

2 Scurry to the Left 59-22-0 Waiver Adds Past Week:
FAAB Remaining: $93 n/a
3 JB Gilpin – Razzball 54-26-1 Waiver Adds Past Week:
FAAB Remaining: $37 n/a
 Like my favorite part of the Razzball, “he’s on fire!”  Pretty fun run these past two weeks, going 16-2 off another 8-1 win.  Thanks to some hugely efficient games from my big 4 guards – Westbrook, IT2/3, Kawhi, and LaVine – I was able to swing the %s on Friday and bench everyone on Christmas.  My guys deserved a nice Holiday off!

This might have been the best week I’ve ever had in the REL.  In 5 days (no games Sat and benched everyone Sun), 73 treys, 660 points, 121 dimes to 68 TO.  I still lost TO, but it’s not a horrible ratio.  Oh and I almost forgot to mention the biggest Christmas miracle of all!  I got grandpa Krampus back just in time for Krampus Eve!  I think Krampus is a German thing…  Anyway, Dirk is back, and even 3 out of every 4 games from him will be pretty valuable for the REL.

Nothing on the wire from me, kinda wanted Ed Davis, but didn’t put too many duckets out there on him.  I hopefully keep the good times rolling this week against Kap’s Team as I try to push one of those top seeds for a bye week.  Good luck to everyone during the final week of 2016!

4 Slim – Razzball 52-26-3 Waiver Adds Past Week:
FAAB Remaining: $62 n/a
5 Hard-N-Tha-Paint 51-29-1 Waiver Adds Past Week:
FAAB Remaining: $22 n/a
6 High as Greg Kite 48-31-2 Waiver Adds Past Week:
FAAB Remaining: $13 n/a
7 HateUsCauseTheyAnus 48-31-2 Waiver Adds Past Week:
FAAB Remaining: $20 n/a
8 Martyball – IFBL 47-32-2 Waiver Adds Past Week:
FAAB Remaining: $71 n/a
9 Niko-Cola 43-37-1 Waiver Adds Past Week:
FAAB Remaining: $98 Anthony Tolliver Sac – SF,PF $0
 Well, that went almost as well as could have been expected. A 4-5 loss to Slim, narrowly losing points after missing games from several players. And we moved up from 10th to 9th. On the FAAB side, we swapped out McRoberts for Tolliver. Almost made that move last week, it looks like Tolliver has some short term value. Looking ahead, this week we play The Chosen Ones. 9th vs 10th place, should be fun. Good luck to all!
10 The Chosen Ones 41-38-2 Waiver Adds Past Week:
FAAB Remaining: $36 Ed Davis Por – PF,C $7, A.J. Hammons Dal – C $5
11 No Glove No Love 39-39-3 Waiver Adds Past Week:
FAAB Remaining: $61 n/a
12 Heat Apologist 40-41-0 Waiver Adds Past Week:
FAAB Remaining: $44 n/a
13 Kap’s Team 33-47-1 Waiver Adds Past Week:
FAAB Remaining: $94 n/a
14 Hoopus Alleyoopus 32-49-0 Waiver Adds Past Week:
FAAB Remaining: $82 n/a
15 Hardenoutherr4apimp 30-48-3 Waiver Adds Past Week:
FAAB Remaining: $100 n/a
16 The Nature Boy 28-53-0 Waiver Adds Past Week:
FAAB Remaining: $100 n/a
17 I Ain’t No Jok(ic) 26-55-0 Waiver Adds Past Week:
FAAB Remaining: $60 n/a
18 Pete Nice – Razzball 24-56-1 Waiver Adds Past Week:
FAAB Remaining: $95 n/a
19 Cigar Smoking Monkey 23-58-0 Waiver Adds Past Week:
FAAB Remaining: $100 n/a
20 Foreign Affairs 22-59-0 Waiver Adds Past Week:
FAAB Remaining: $1 Alex Abrines OKC – SG $0
 A retro active Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone, hope you all had a great weekend and will have a great New Years this coming weekend.  My team looked competitive for about 1 day this week before the beat down commenced but that worked out okay since I got a bit distracted with the as the week went on, renovating around Christmas time is not a very bright idea lol. So my team gets a lump of Coal this year as it continues to sit at the bottom, at moments I feel like I suffer from Short Tenured Owner syndrome and want to grab me some players to try and field a more competitive team at the expense of the future but I try to stay the course I started on last year and continued with this draft. I’m hoping that my team even if not winning will have an upswing at the start of next year with my Rookies getting actual consistent minutes for the teams over the vets, Looking at you Suns and Lakers.

Despite the loses this year I’ve actually been competitive in ft% 4-5, three’s 4-5 and pts/blks at 3-6. Im thinking that along with rebounds this is were I’ll be focusing my team going forward, especially because I can see my team getting significantly  better in those areas with a solid backup role and then hopefully being the starter for Zubac and Bender, Embiid getting unleashed and hitting on my stashes of Skal and Ante. All five have looked above average to great ft% for big men and being bigs minutes will get them pts and rebs and blks. For three’s Embiid might be close to 2 a game with more minutes and Bender should be over 1 while Skal and Zubac have shown some range with good form in the D-league and might get between .5-1 a game in time and while Wiggins support stats are developing at a snails pace that three point shot has made significant growth and I still feel like he is right there from break out in a big way, maybe its Canadian bias but I still believe in you Maple Jordan.

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  1. Drez1 says:

    Hey, hope you guys had a good xmas (feeling fat AF, at the moment, lol). Anyway, Thon vs. Nurk in a dynasty: who you got? I’m in tankmode this season, so I don’t mind waiting for either one of them. Just not sure if offering Thon for Nurk is buying low since Thon is still a bit of a mystery. Thanks.

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Drez1: Thanks man, hah yeah I def have added weight since Tgiv haha. Def taking Nurk. Thon I think best case scenario is OK shooter, bad rebounds, sneaks in a block. I def think it’s buying low, but nice time to offer on Nurk!

  2. KAT says:

    Lin injury again,damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @KAT: Yeah pretty brutal, I ran with that as the daily notes intro…

  3. Blint says:

    Yo JB

    I have Exum in a keeper league. How soon will he develop or have value in a 12 team league? Whats his best case scenario?

    Also Alec Burks seems near to return, any thoughts on his value?

    Thanks 🙂

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Blint: Well G Hill looked to really flourish there, but now they may not wanna invest when he’s a free agent this offseason, with all the injuries. Best case for Exum is maybe D Rose with less scoring but more 3s? Not really a huge fan in terms of big upside. Meh on Burks, he’s just had too many injuries to be anything but a sparkplug bench player

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