As the race to the top of the RCL Master Standings is in full force, it is important to remember the fantasy fundamentals for the rest of us trying to catch up. With many teams experimenting with new lineup combinations, the next popular waiver wire addition can emerge at any time. For everyone looking to climb up the standings and catch the league’s elite, it begins with amassing a solid bench and collection of valuable contributors. Fantasy champions aren’t built overnight (unless you had a really good draft, in which case, congratulations!), so weeks 7-13 are just as important as weeks 1-6 in changing the trajectory of your team.

Check out how your teams stacked up in week 6 of the 2015-16 RCL Master Standings Table table, and here’s how the action went down in the second regular season week across our 22 RCL Leagues:

JB’s Random Commenter League – After a cougar pun filled week 5 recap, Carolina Cougars (36-18-0) have reclaimed the number one spot in the league standings restoring the RazzWorld back to its rightful order. Like most relationships with cougars, this I am definitely getting mixed signals about this and am concerned about his commitment to the RCL recap.

Slim’s RCL – Cronos’s Team (35-18-1) remains in first place after going 5-4-0 week 6 while Harden Knocks (34-19-1) is less subtle than their team name indicates, banging on the first place door only a single game back.

Adam’s RCL – Is it a bird? Is it a plane?? No!!! It’s Walkers Wingmen (40-11-3) soaring over the rest of the league and claiming first place in the RCL Master Standings for the second straight week. For anyone who missed the memo, Walkers is simply the best team in fantasy basketball right and, a lot like airline crashing, that’s plane to sea.

Kap vs. Razzball – Sniff & SCurry (37-15-2) remains in first place after going 5-2-2 in week 6, increasing his lead to 6 games over second place. For building such a commanding league over the first quarter of the season, I think we all know who you should be thanking.

Khang’s RCL – We already have seen the ruthless Nick is Razzy (39-15-0) ascend to the top of the standings, but adding, then subsequently dropping Amir Johnson in the same day? That’s cold, man.

Stanley’s RCL – After losing in week 6 by a score of 2-7-0, MemFitz Grizzlies RB (31-21-2) has dropped to fifth place, opening the league flood gates as the top spots have been inundated with competitors. Klay-doh (33-21-0) and matt’s Crazy Team (32-20-2) are both tied for the number one spot in the standings while Hyperman (32-21-1) and Scotty G (32-22-0) are both half a game back and one game back respectively.

Drew’s Premier Razzball League – Some Type of Mudiay (37-15-2) is looking like the fantasy basketball equivalent of the Nuggets guard on the open floor, running away from the competition with an 8.5 game-lead over second place.

Al’s RCL – IT2/3 of a cup (35-18-1) has jumped into first place after going 6-2-1 in week 6.

Phil’s RCL -Finishing his week 6 matchup with a 6-2-1 mark, El Toro Lloilo (36-17-1) continues to cruise through the league with the grace and skill of matador.

Sock Puppet RCL – Tied for second in the RCL Master Standings, alligno (41-13-0) is making a name for himself as one of the top challengers to the number one overall ranking with a 8-1-0 performance in week 6.

The Pete Nice Challenge RCL – PLOT TWIST: Smokin’ Fine Cubans (41-13-0) has changed their Yahoo avatar to a picture of Bill Clinton smoking a cigar. With a matchup against Bill’s Team (22-31-1), is this the fantasy equivalent to trash talking an opposing player on the court???

Slim’s other RCL – With a tie at the top of the standings between Khang’s decent team (32-21-1) and Prestige Worldwide (32-21-1), I think there’s only one way to settle this.

London RCL – In what used to be a permanent spot for megaMELOmaniacs (33-21-0), Big-O-Miller (39-13-2) has not only moved into first place but claimed a commanding five-game lead over second place Razzball (35-19-0).

Adam’s League #2! – DunkeycornApocalypse (33-19-2) remains in first place despite a 4-5-0 performance in week two.

Khang’s RCL – Part Deux – Just like Kobe (38-16-0) continues his dominance over the rest of the league by winning 6-3-0 last week. However, I do need to ask: do you shout “KOBE!!!” after adjusting your lineup???

JB vs. Slim – Sort-of-related side story: Earlier this week, I went to warm up some leftover green beans from my family’s refrigerator, and I legitimately said, “I got the Mr. Green Beans.” Apparently, Mr Green Beans (37-17-0) is so good at fantasy basketball, I cannot think of green beans without thinking of his team. GET OUT OF MY BRAIN!!

RCL is my hot hot _____ – With a 5.5 game-lead over second place, SBC (36-16-2) continues to reign over the rest of the league.

ATOWN RCL – After going 8-1-0 in week 6, James’s Superb Team (39-14-1) finds himself in first place once again although One Bid Barker (37-16-1) is only two games behind him.

JB’s surprise RCL – As one of four teams with 40 victories so far this year, Team GIANT (40-14-0) is solidifying himself as one of the best players this year.

EmasculatingHoopsLozengesRCL – With military-like precision, Pop’s Team (33-21-0) has returned to the top of the standings after going 7-2-0 in week 6. While Pop as a tendency to rest his stars in real life, I just want to clarify, resting fantasy stars only results in losses.

Charlie’s RCL – porno4mumu (38-15-1) claims sole possession of first place after winning 8-1-0 in week 6. Not-so-good news for me: I play him next week.

Kap vs. Razzball Round 2 – WE HAVE A NEW LEADER! After thinking Gasol Gas Hole (33-20-1) was going to lead the league forever, Michael’s Team has stepped up and conquered the standings with a 8-1-0 win in week 6.

  1. Tyler says:

    Hi charlie, would also like to hear your thoughts here.
    Can you pick 2 out of the group.. Was thinking Olynyk and Bjelica but would love to hear your opinion. 🙂
    Its a 16team deep redraft 9cat h2h

    Jerian Grant

  2. charlie says:

    I’m totally biased to TJ Warren, but he’s flashed multi-cat potential in bursts every few weeks.

    Olynyk is limited a little bit more by the rotation with Boston seeming set on Sullinger/Johnson as the starters.

    I’d probably go Warren and Olynyk because they have a little more ceilings.

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