After a wild week of NBA action featuring a few injuries to some of fantasy’s top performers, owners are quickly trying to adjust to their league’s new equilibrium. As a Kevin Durant owner, I can personally attest to the struggle of making up for lost production while trying to stay competitive in a weekly matchup.

Despite all the planning, research, and strategy an owner can put into his team, fantasy ultimately comes down to luck, and the injury bug seemed to be biting in full force last week.

While some teams succumbed to rotten luck in week 3, the strongest teams managed to persevere to claim the top spots in the standings.

Check out how your teams stacked up in week 3 of the 2015-16 RCL Master Standings Table table, and here’s how the action went down in the third regular season week across our 22 RCL Leagues:

JB’s Random Commenter League – After going 6-3-0 last week, Carolina Cougars (20-7-0) jump to a commanding 4-game lead after the third week of play. Also I finally realized the team name refers to the old ABA team, not to older women interested in younger men. Moral of the story: I’m an idiot.

Slim’s RCL – Cronos’s Team (20-6-1) maintained his top spot in the league hierarchy after a 6-3-0 outing last week. With a well-rounded mix of stars and roll players, Cronos’s Team looks to keep the win streak going in week 4.

Adam’s RCL – Tied for the second overall spot in the master RCL standings, Walkers Wingmen (21-4-2) continued his hot start with an 8-1-0 performance made all the more impressive due to Kevin Durant’s injury. For anyone looking for fantasy basketball advice, talk to Walkers, he’ll be your wingman.

Kap vs. Razzball – Coming off a 6-3-0 victory against DK Razzball! (17-10-0), Sniff & SCurry (19-8-0) has jumped up to first place in the league standings. With three teams within three games of first place, expect a tight race for first in the coming weeks.

Khang’s RCL – Tied for second overall in the master RCL standings as well as first place in the league, Drew Holiday (22-5-0) and Nick is Razzy (22-5-0) continue their neck-and-neck climb to the top of the leaderboards. After two straight weeks tied in the standings, the only logical assumption is that each team has separation anxiety about leaving the other.

Stanley’s RCL – Scotty G (18-9-0) and MemFitz Grizzlies RB (17-8-2) are somehow both tied for first place after both posting a 7-2-0 record last week. However, the real issue here is my inability to calculate winning percentage. If you are concerned about my mathematical and computational abilities, you probably should be because I’m studying engineering…

Drew’s Premier Razzball League – Some Type of Mudiay (17-10-0) and Oooooooooooooh (17-10-0) are both tied for first place although Oooooooooooooh has claimed first place in my heart after becoming my new favorite team name.

Al’s RCL – After 5-3-1 performance last week, Sydney Kings (18-8-1) remain in first place while IT2/3 of a cup (18-9-0) is a half game back after going 8-1-0. At the risk of looking like a total n00b, can someone explain the IT2/3 joke to me?

Phil’s RCL – El Toro Lloilo (18-9-0) and rob’s Team (18-9-0) are both tied for first place with a 2.5 game lead over Los Perros de Abajo2 (15-11-1). However the real winner appears to be diversity.

Sock Puppet RCL – Even after a 5-4-0 outing against second place alligno (19-8-0), mark lamb’s team (20-7-0) continues to hold the top spot in the standings.

The Pete Nice Challenge RCL – Also tied for second place in the master RCL standings, Smokin’ Fine Cubans (22-5-0) jumped to a 5 game lead after going 8-1-0 last week. Since it appears like they will be occupying first place for the foreseeable future, I am going to dedicate all of my free time to writing more Mark Cuban jokes.

Slim’s other RCL – Prestige Worldwide (20-7-0) has taken sole possession of first place after going 7-2-0 last week. I would continue making “Step Brothers” references, but I think they are starting to get a little old

London RCL – Taking control of the number one ranking in the master RCL standings, megaloMELOmaniacs (24-3-0) is looking like the team to beat after his third straight 8-1-0 victory. While it’s still early in the season, it’s never to early to start making Carmelo Anthony ring jokes.

Adam’s League #2! – DunkeycornApocalypse (18-7-2) has jumped into first place after going 6-3-0 last week.

Khang’s RCL – Part Deux – Just Like Kobe (21-6-0) continues his finest old Kobe impression coasting into a four-game lead after a 7-2-0 performance last week. While everyone is so quick to point out Bryant’s real life shortcomings, let’s remember that this video would not exist if he was still good.

JB vs. Slim – Mr Green Beans (21-6-0) jumped up to a 4-game lead over second place after going 7-2-0 last week. While last week’s fabricated PED allegations have yet to be resolved, Green Beans looks poised to keep a stronghold on first place for the immediate future.

RCL is my hot hot _____ – Is this a fantasy basketball league or a mad lib? Either way, SBC (17-9-1) continues his claim to first place after a 6-3-0 performance in week 3. However with Bricks n’ Ballers (17-10-0) facing SBC this week, the league’s marquee matchup will certainly alter the standings for next week.

ATOWN RCL – James’s Supurb Team (20-7-0) is living up to its name after going 8-1-0 to take control of first place.

JB’s surprise RCL – Team GIANT (19-8-0) continues his reign atop the standings with a 8-1-0 performance in week 3. By using caps lock to accentuate the team’s name (team giant doesn’t have the same ring to it), GIANT looks to stand tall in the rankings after week 4.

EmasculatingHoopsLozengesRCL – In a three-way tie for first place, tuvshinbayar’s Team (17-10-0), 21 (17-10-0), and OldNavy VA-216 (16-8-2) all conveniently avoid playing each other in week 4. I think these conflicts should be solved by an honor duel, but Yahoo apparently prefers to let them play out their predetermined schedules.

Charlie’s RCL – Brixton Guns (18-8-1) defeated Three’s Anfrenee (14-12-1) last week to retain their claim on first place in the league. Things haven’t been good for me as injuries to Kevin Durant, Myers Leonard, and Ricky Rubio derailed my team last week. At least my fantasy football teams are doing good again!

Kap vs. Razzball Round 2 – Gasol Gas Hole (20-7-0) stays in first place for the second straight week after a 7-2-0 victory last week.

  1. JB Gilpin

    JB Gilpin says:

    Hahahaha IT2/3 is a Razzball joke/nickname. First he was IT2 because the second Isaiah Thomas. Then he mentioned at some point he likes IT3 better, since he hits 3s. Caused mass confusion in comments. So I decided to call him IT2/3, as we don’t know which it is and he’s 2/3 the size of a normal NBA player haha

    • charlie says:

      @JB Gilpin:

      Thanks for the Sparknotes! Wasn’t sure if it was just a height joke, or if I only understood 2/3 of the joke haha

  2. TheJohn says:

    does hayward still have the upside like start of the season… or his help is too much and he won’t reach top 50-60 anymore…

    can u plz rank btw favors ktown and millsap??


    • charlie says:


      Hayward still has upside but I think maybe a little bit less than the start of the season. I think the Jazz are at their best without a traditional point guard, and Hayward benefits from this lineup as the primary facilitator.

      I think as the Jazz adjust to their new strengths, Hayward will begin picking up his play to be comparable to that of last year.


  3. eric says:

    18 team h2h soemone offered me his rubio and bosh for my gobert and it4? take it or decline?

    • charlie says:


      How is your team doing and what are you looking to upgrade?

      I would probably keep Gobert and IT4. I don’t think you really gain anything besides 3-point shooting, but Thomas has been hitting as many 3s as Bosh.

      • eric says:

        @charlie: ty charlie for looking on to this
        heres my lineup:
        im currently 17th on my league 🙁

  4. Osama says:

    Pure smash and grab job by the megalomelomaniacs. Who’s got next? !

  5. ByeFelica says:

    I hate Yahoo’s interface & waivers. Please switch to espn next year, it’s streamlined without all the other bull-ish.

    • charlie says:


      Never played ESPN before, but I’m more of a fan of Yahoo personally. Will have to check it out though.

  6. Scott says:

    Ooh, I’m up against mark lamb’s team this week. Hoping to take him down, but not doing so good at the moment!

    • charlie says:


      If you pull the upset, you get a special shoutout in next week’s rankings!

  7. Zar says:

    Wow, what’s going on in my RCL, a 3 way tie+5 more teams within 4 games? Wow…That’s the league I got curry at 4 though 🙁 And I’m not in the top! HElp!

    I’m losing rebounds and blocks pretty regularly. I’m thinking of picking up Jordan Hill, Ed Davis or maybe Lauvergne. I can drop Kobe or Henson (He’s the reason I’m in this mess, along with Dieng). I’m actually leaning Kobe for Lauvergne….what do you think?

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