After a thrilling second week of NBA basketball, fantasy owners now have a greater understanding of their place in the league’s hierarchy. Whether you’re an owner looking to make a major overhaul to stay competitive or simply calibrating your daily lineups with fringe moves, week 2 illuminated the strengths of the contenders and alerted the cellar dwellers of their weaknesses.

While there is plenty of basketball left to be played, the fantasy landscape is officially beginning to take shape across all the RCL leagues. With a shakeup in the top of the overall standings, everything is still in flux as the best teams attempt to separate themselves from the pack.

Check out how your teams stacked up in week 2 of the 2015-16 RCL Master Standings Table table, and here’s how the action went down in the second regular season week across our 22 RCL Leagues:

JB’s Random Commenter League – After going 8-1-0 last week, Carolina Cougars (14-4-0) jump to the top of the standings with The Big Fundamental one game back. RJ, last week’s leader, has fallen to third after going 5-4-0.

Slim’s RCL – Cronos’s Team (14-3-1) claimed the top spot in the standings after a near perfect 8-0-1 score in week 2. Propelled to victory by the standout play of Steph Curry, I would recommend sending him an Edible Arrangement or something small as a token of gratitude.

Adam’s RCL – While he may have fallen from the number one overall ranking in the RCL standings, Walkers Wingmen (13-3-2) goes back-to-back like he’s on the cover of Lethal Weapon staying atop the rankings for another week.

Kap vs. Razzball – DK Razzball! (14-4-0) jumps into first place after a 7-2-0. With a roster containing some of this season’s most popular waiver wire additions in T.J. McConnell, Kent Bazemore, Nemanja Bjelica, DK Razzball! looks to stay in first place after a matchup against Sniff & SCurry (13-5-0).

Khang’s RCL – After going 8-1-0 in week 2, Drew Holiday is tied for first place (and second overall in RCL standings) with Nick is Razzy at 15-3-0. DISCLAIMER: Holiday is not the Pelicans point guard. However, he is still pretty good at fantasy basketball.

Stanley’s RCL – Despite a pedestrian 5-4 outing in week 2, Jensen (12-6-0) took command of the standings. Bonus points for owning Stanley Johnson in Stanley’s RCL.

Drew’s Premier Razzball League – With a three-way tie for first place, things are about to get real interesting with Oooooooooooooh (11-7-0) and Bearsloths (11-7-0) squaring off this week. Triangle Offense (11-7-0) will also be in contention for the top spot if the aforementioned matchup yields a low score. While it surely is exciting to be in contention for first place, just don’t mention your team name to Kobe Bryant quite yet.

Al’s RCL – Sydney Kings (13-5-0) have climbed to the top of the standings after a five-way tie for first last week while Death Row Records (12-6-0) snooping behind them in second place.

Phil’s RCL – Tie for first place between Rob’s Team (11-7-0) and Rob.Covington.League (11-7-0) although starting your own league should really be the tiebreaker in this situation…

Sock Puppet RCL – At 15-3-0, mark lamb’s team and alligno are locked into a heated race for the top of the standings after tying for first place in week 1 as well. Also tied for second overall in the RCL standings, I think both teams have decided to eat the berries together so they can both win. Well played.

The Pete Nice Challenge RCL – Smokin’ Fine Cubans (14-4-0) claims sole possession of first places after going 6-3-0 in week 2. I also want to draw attention to the fact his Yahoo avatar to a picture of Mark Cuban smoking a cuban cigar.

Slim’s other RCL – While Fear the Beard (13-5-0) is tied for first place with Prestige Worldwide (13-5-0), the real winner of their stalemate is their budding friendship.

London RCL – On the heels of a 8-1-0 performance in week 2, megaloMELOmaniacs (16-2-0) has risen to the top spot in the RCL standings. Also bonus points for actually owning Carmelo Anthony.

Adam’s League #2! – After also going 8-1-0 in week 2, DunkeycornApocalypse (12-4-2) is now number one in the standings.

Khang’s RCL – Part Deux – Just like Kobe (14-4-0) is certainly doing Kobe Bryant things by climbing to first place. By channeling its inner Kobe, there’s no way this team is going to pass this spot onto another team.

JB vs. Slim – Mr Green Beans (14-4-0) has claimed the number one ranking after a 6-3-0 performance in week 2. Since green beans improve your cognitive functions, we’ll be monitoring him for the remainder of the year for PED use.

RCL is my hot hot _____ – Atop the standings is the enigmatic SBC at 11-6-1. If anyone can figure out what this acronym means, they automatically move up a spot in the standings.

ATOWN RCL – So much excitement! Four-way tie for first place with GRIZZLE’s Great Team, One Bid Barker, Yappers, and James’s Superb Team all at 12-6-0.

JB’s surprise RCL – Surprise! I can view the link this time! Scotty G is in first place at 14-4-0 with JB and Team GIANT tied for second at 11-7-0.

EmasculatingHoopsLozengesRCL – With a 10-5-3 mark after week 2, Slimbo claims the top spot in the standings.

Charlie’s RCL – Three-way tie for first place with porno4mumuThree’s Anfrenee, and Brixton Guns all tied at 12-6-0. Side note: I’ve played two of these three teams, so my exclusion is solely a product of scheduling. Or maybe I’m still really bad and have inflated their scores. We’ll see.

Kap vs. Razzball Round 2 – Gasol Gas Hole claims the top spot after a 8-1-0 performance last week. While it is not quite a homonym, I appreciate the originality of the team name!

  1. Pete Nice

    Pete Nice says:

    I want to point out that my RCL team sucks. Major rebuild is in order.

    But really I want to point out how awesome this rookie class is shaping up to be. Whadya say?

    • charlie

      charlie says:

      @Pete Nice:

      I’m below .500 and contemplating overhauling my backcourt. The struggle is real.

      But totally agree, KAT, Jahil Okafor, Julius Randle (does he count?) Mudiay, Porzingis.

      I didn’t even mention developing guys like Stanley Johnson, Justice Winslow, Myles Turner.

      Definitely a lot of rookies making an immediate impact.

  2. Tyler says:

    Hey Charlie,
    What do you think about these trades? 9cat h2h deep league redraft

    1. Conley Jabari for Holiday Mirotic
    2. Conley Bartin for Holiday Mirotic
    3. Conley StanJo for Holiday Mirotic
    4. Conley Jabari StanJo for Holiday Mirotic Marvin Williams
    5. Conley Jabari Barton for Holiday Mirotic Marvin Williams

    • charlie says:


      Are you buying or selling Conley??

      If you are selling, I wouldn’t make any of the trades.

      Alvin Gentry has said Holiday will be on a minutes restriction until January, and Holiday hasn’t been cleared for back-to-backs yet.

      Conley is struggling, but still managing 6 assists, 1 3PM, and 1 steal per game in his slow start.
      I’m confident things will get better for Memphis (and by virtue, Conley’s fantasy prospects). Spacing is a serious issue as their wings and guards have been unable to connect from deep, but they also have not had the easiest schedule out of the gate. With matchups against Cleveland, Utah, Golden State (twice), and LAC, their schedule should start to soften up over the next couple weeks.

      If you are buying, I think package 4 gives you the most upside for your team.

      • Tyler says:

        @charlie: But isnt Jrue on par with the downtrending conley in terms of value? Esp in that Alvin Gentry fast paced system?
        Its also h2h so maybe 2nd half is more impt.

        • charlie says:


          Right now, they are fairly similar, but Jrue’s lengthy minutes restriction gives me concern about buying him right now. It’s tough to evaluate his value (as well as the influence of a fast-paced offense) with so many injuries.

          New Orleans is completely overhauling their offense, and as we are seeing, there are growing pains. I don’t see Jrue significantly outperforming Conley until January/Febraury. As the Pelicans adjust their rotation and style of play while Holiday returns to full strength, Conley has more than enough time to turn around his season.

          Basically, I don’t think it’s worth a potential step back for the next 6 weeks to take a step forward in a few months.

  3. Drez1 says:

    Got another quick one for you guys:

    20 team dynasty (standard cats + dd/td/at ratio)

    My Jerami Grant/Walter Tavares

    For his Noah Vonleh/OJ Mayo

    Looking for upside more than immediate production. I think Grant will probably get squeezed out of the rotation once Covington comes back and Holmes/Wood (lol?) get up to speed, plus Saric will be coming over next season. Tavares has potential, but I’m wondering most about Vonleh’s long-term outlook (I’ll probably use Mayo as a filler in another trade since he kinda has name value).

    Any advice? Thanks guys, and nice work as per usual.

    • charlie says:


      Well here’s where things get complicated – OJ Mayo hasn’t played yet in 2015. Now if you’re looking for upside, I think he can play himself into the role of sixth man (best case scenario). From a fantasy perspective, he’s only a 3 point specialist and a solid scoring option. Since we’re talking absolute upside, I think he can be a little bit more this year since the Bucks bench has struggled. In theory, Mayo can be a guy to propel the second unit with more scoring and ballhandling as the only wing in the group who can create his own shot.

      As for Noah Vonleh, it might be a little more complicated – he’s the fourth big in Portland’s rotation. Now he’s only average 11 minutes per game, but I’m more concerned with his production in this limited role. For a big with the reputation as a shooter, Vonleh has yet to make a 3 pointer in 2015. He’s struggling to hit shots and impact the game in a meaningful way. I think he has potential, but he will not make an impact for at least another year. Barring an extended injury to Ed Davis, Meyers Leonard, or Mason Plumlee, I think Vonleh is safely off the fantasy radar for now.

      That being said, I would hold on your trade, or explore another offer with a little more upside.

  4. TheJohn says:

    can you help rank the three…

    k walker
    b knight
    n batum

    who is worth most… and will u trade any of them for dirk? (am giving dirk/okafor)

    • charlie says:


      B. Knight: Highest scorer of the group, adds a steal and block per game, and 4 rebounds/assists. Making almost 2 3s per game. Only knock is his poor FG percentage, but aside from this one negative, contributes slightly more than Batum to take the top spot.

      N. Batum: Well rounded and contributes in rebounds, assists, adds a steal and a 3 per game. Shoots at the highest percentage of the group. Plays in a spread system (surprisingly) and gets lots of opportunities as the secondary ballhandler. No competition in CHA to threaten his role.

      K. Walker: Scores in volume, but he’s going to hurt your field goal percentage every time he’s on the court. More importantly, he’s at risk of losing minutes to Jeremy Lin in some games. When Lin comes off the bench scoring and playing well, Walked tends to see under 30 minutes per game. Lin saw 21 minutes last night and Walker got 29 as a result.

      If you can swing a Walker/Dirk trade, I would try to explore that possibility. But the way Dirk’s playing right now, I think Batum/Dirk or even Knight/Dirk would be fair. Shooting over .500 from the filed on almost 2 3s per game.

      • TheJohn says:

        @charlie: u reckon i should keep okafor over dirk?

        • charlie says:


          Yeah I think Okafor has more value just because of Dirk’s minutes restriction. He’s not sitting out back-to-backs yet, but it won’t surprise me to see that change as the year goes on. He’s playing well and the returns of Mathews and Parsons will help him from being overused in the Mavs offense. But Okafor is going to have a higher usage percentage and Philly has no reservations about letting him play 36 minutes per games.

          It’s almost counter-intuitive to keep Okafor over Dirk given his 50/40/90 shooting splits and 3 point volume, but I think Okafor given his situation is more valuable in the long-term.

  5. Michael says:

    Elfrid freaking payton!!!!!!!! His fg is just killing

    • charlie says:


      Elfird Payon?? More like, Elfrid Make-none!!!

      I’m going to go sit in a corner by myself….

      But anyway, he’s definitely going to struggle from the field, and to be perfectly honestly, I’m not sure how much it’s going to improve this season.

      1-11 against the Lakers makes no sense to me given their inability to stop a moving ballhandler, but hey, you still got 10 rebounds and 8 assists out of it!

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