With the All-Star break rapidly approaching, it’s a good time for fantasy owners to sit back and re-evaluate their season so far. For teams struggling to move into the playoff picture, a win-now trade for a slumping star or gamble on a potential breakout may be necessary moves to remain competitive. As the RCL Update indicates week-in and week-out, the standings are not set in stone, and today’s favorites may fall victim to the injury bug (*reaches for Voodoo doll*) leaving them susceptible to the surging contenders.

Either way, with a lot of basketball left to be played, only the vigilant fantasy owners will rise from mediocrity and continue to excel in the standings. By this point in the year, everyone has a pretty good gauge on value, so don’t be afraid to part ways with a struggling asset (I’m talking to you Danny Green owners) to make your team better in the short term.

String together a couple impressive wins, and before you know it, you’re front page on the RCL Update.

Check out how your teams stacked up in week 12 of the 2015-16 RCL Master Standings Table table, and here’s how the action went down in the twelfth regular season week across our 22 RCL Leagues:

JB’s Random Commenter League – While RJ (68-37-3) has control over the top spot in the standings, The Big Fundamentals (67-39-2) is making a push for the number one ranking after jumping to second place on the heels of a 7-1-1 victory. RJ, if that is your real name, will need to follow the fantasy fundamentals to stay ahead of the challenger in week 13.

Slim’s RCL – After a 3-6-0 loss in week 12, Dick Champagne! (64-42-2) may have celebrated his victory a little bit too early in the season, allowing 6 God (65-43-0) to move into a tie for first place. Dick needs to watch out in week 13 because I’m willing to bet the 6 God is dying to tell him, “Take Care” as he tries to take sole possession of first place.

Adam’s RCL – Tied for third in the RCL Master Standings, Walkers Wingmen (74-31-3) continues to assert himself as one of the best fantasy teams this season building a 12-game lead over second place.

Kap vs. Razzball – Sitting just outside the top 3 in the RCL Master Standings, Sniff & SCurry (74-32-2) tries to gain ground after winning 8-1-0 in week 12. Taking inspiration from his team name, clearly the solution to moving into the top 3 is to place a piece of cheese somewhere high up in the standings.

Khang’s RCL – Nick is Razzy (76-31-1) is so much more than Razzy this week as he moves into the top spot in the RCL Master Standings.

Stanley’s RCL – Scotty G (69-39-0) stays in command of first place with a 6-3-0 victory in week 12. Safe to say, Scotty is certainly a “G” for his smooth dealings to elevate himself to the top spot in the standings.

Drew’s Premier Razzball League – With a 12-game lead over second place, I would not be surprised if the rest of the league is feeling some type of way regarding Some Type of Mudiay’s (69-35-4) season-long successes.

Al’s RCL – IT2/3 of a cup (72-34-2) is running away from the pack building a 10.5-game lead over second place. With the fantasy flair of his namesake, it’s safe to say he’s looking to make some highlights as he coasts into the playoffs.

Phil’s RCL – After a 7-2-0 victory in week 12, Rondo’s Gay Boogie (65-40-3) moves into first place with a 1.5 game lead over El Toro Lloilo (65-42-1). However, given the volatility of his namesake and dysfunction of his organization, who knows what the standings will be looking like in a week.

Sock Puppet RCL – Alligno (74-33-1) builds his lead to 5.5 games over second place with a 8-1-0 victory in week 12.

The Pete Nice Challenge RCL – Finishing in second place this week in the RCL Master Standings, Smokin’ Fine Cubans (76-32-0) is easily running away with the top spot in his league standings as well with a 14-game lead over second place. Given his 47 waiver wire moves, it seems that Cubans has learned to make frequent deals from anyone other than Mark Cuban.

Slim’s other RCL – Fear the Beard (65-42-1) has been striking fear into the hearts of his competitors maintaining a 7-game lead over second place after winning 6-3-0 in week 12.

London RCL – After schooling millenials on the greatness of Oliver MillerBig-O-Miller (74-32-2) is set to do some trash talking of his owner maintaining the top spot in the standings for another week.

Adam’s League #2! – The one horseman of the DunkeycornApocalypse (67-39-2) continues to his quest to dominate the standings with a 6.5-game lead over second place.

Khang’s RCL – Part Deux – Although Kobe can certainly have his off nights and shooting slumps, Just like Kobe (65-43-0) has managed to weather the storm of a 3-6-0 loss in week 12 to retain his number one spot in the standings.

JB vs. Slim – Mr Green Beans (72-36-0) continues to run the table in league play, creating an 8-game lead over second place.

RCL is my hot hot _____ – With an 8.5-game lead over second place, SBC (71-34-3) is atop the standings once again in week 13. Using a cryptic approach to leave everyone wondering the origin of his team name, SBC’s focus and dedication to fantasy basketball is unrivaled.

ATOWN RCL – More shakeup atop the standings! The most competitive RCL certainly lived up to that billing with The Bookhouse Boys (68-38-2) taking control of first place after an 8-1-0 victory in week 12. However, nothing is guaranteed in ATOWN RCL with James’s Superb Team (67-40-1), Rim Protectors (65-42-1), and One Bid Barker (64-42-2) all 1.5-, 3.5-, and 4-games back respectively.

JB’s surprise RCL – After a 2-7-0 loss in week 12, maybe Heat Apologist (75-32-1) should be apologizing to the rest of us who supported his reign atop the RCL Master Standings. Even on an off-week, his ability to control his league standings, and place third in the RCL Master Standings illustrate the kind of lead Heat Apologist was able to accumulate.

EmasculatingHoopsLozengesRCL – Vegetarians of Razzball beware! Kobe beef Curry (69-38-1) is in first place once again after a (6-3-0) victory in week 12.

Charlie’s RCL – Brixton Guns (72-34-2) continue to lead the league after a 7-2-0 win last week. My team is definitely still in the playoff picture, but my 4-5-0 loss to the sixth placed Neal or No Neal (52-55-1) definitely hurts.

Kap vs. Razzball Round 2 – Kap’s Team (66-41-1) appears to be putting on a clinic to show that Kap may in fact be better than Razzball! With 10 more round of the fight left, we’ll see if he can stay atop the standings with Gasol Gas Hole (64-41-3) lurking at one game back.