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The return of Pop!  With a 7-2 win, Pops’s Team has given his veterans an elixir of youth (read: stem cells & black magic) to reclaim the #1 spot in RCL land.  Maybe he buried Kobe in the backyard and he came back as zombie Kobe!  NBA Cemetery, coming to a theater in Philadelphia soon…

Check out how your teams stacked up this past week in the The 2014-15 RCL Master Standings table, and here’s how the action went down in week 15 across our 12 RCL Leagues:

JB’s Random Commenter League – Well, after I beat Hayward Ginobili, the former #1 team by a 7-2 margin, I struggled with a 4-5 loss.  Hayward struggled again with a 4-4-1 tie giving Metal Face Doom a 4 game lead with an 88-46-1 record.  I’m coming with the doom for ya this week, Mr. Metal!

EmasculatingHoopsLozengesRCLDrew says ‘#KD2DC!’ says “if I can’t win em I’ll tie em” with a 5-2-2 win to maintain the #1 spot.  Seeds 3-7 are only 3 games apart, so the musical chairs to be sure and make the playoffs should be fun!

Slim’s RCL – Slim is killing the RCL!  Slim – Razzball notched another W albeit with a measly 5-4 win, but that’s better than me!  At 87-47-1, Slim is setting pretty with his didgeridoo at 6th overall.  The injury bug looks like it’s finding Slim though, with Collison, Kemba, Tobias and Whiteside all with injuries lately.

Hoops fanatics only leagueInjuries Fo Dayz with wins for days, notching another 7-2 win after an 8-1 win the previous week, shooting into a 3.5 game lead over the fanatics and good for 14th in the overall standings.  Streaking Fo Dayz!  My short lived college streaking club…

Razzball League Awesome – The Awesome league is continuing to feel the wrath of AWESOM-O at 79-54-2, but dan’s buzzer beaters looms a mere half game behind.  The race for the #1 seed is Awesome-O!

Take On The Jay(Wrong) – The return of the one, the only, the Pops’s Team!  Al Horford returning to the Horf of old is propping up the team of vets, but losing Darren Collison is no bueno.  Pops should be giving Colly the shops!

JB vs. Slim – Hah, well I changed my team name to reflect how this team is going!  Big win for Slim’s Champs – Slim 1 JB 0 going 7-2, as we all still chase Primo Pasta’s MVP with razzball rookie a mere game behind.

Take on SethDaSportsMan – After that huge 9-0 win the previous week, Cronos’s Team kept it up with a 6-3 win to remain a game ahead of Dr. Dirkenstein.  There’s no doctor in this house!  In a hard fought top 5, seeds 1-5 are only 2 games apart with the league wide open for that 6th playoff spot.

Kap vs. Razzball – Oh no, the ruffians at Drew Holiday, yes still the RCL Hoops #1 enemy with a narrow 5-4 win, knocking them out of the #1 spot in the master standings.  Master plans, thwarted!  But within the Kap league, Drew is up 14 games on the field and only one game behind Pops’s Team in the overall standings.

Razzball Snipers – As with Drew Holiday, the Akron Lebrons “suffered” a 5-4 win, knocking them down to 1.5 games behind Pops’s for the RCL lead.  It’s tough up top, isn’t it?!  Why my teams are doing so bad, I’m sneaky like that.

Jedball – Like the previous two leagues, RCL title contender micoolj79’s Team didn’t gain any ground with a 5-4 win moving to 90-44-1 and 4th in the overall standings.  Just need a monster win this week!  Going against the #12 seed will hopefully do it!

Latecomers! – Big loss for the Brixton Guns going down 4-5, while both Murder Castle and I think the first mention of Men lie women lie with 7-2 wins to move 2 games and only 1 game behind, respectively.  You go non-sexist liars!  One of the hottest teams in the RCLs, Men/women lie has won 9 straight weeks.  Going streaking!


Thanks again for playing in 14-15 RCLs and good luck to your squads in Week 16!

  1. Chicken Dinner says:

    Will Mo be playing for CHA tonight?

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Chicken Dinner: Nope, I am 99% sure he won’t

  2. A Hill O' Beans says:

    For a brief moment, re: before Yahoo’s weekly stat corrections, I had my fifth straight win against a playoff team. Yahoo took a steal away though, and I of course was leading by one steal, so I had to settle for that aforementioned 4-4-1 tie with Hayward Ginobili.

    I didn’t gain much ground this week, thanks to more injuries, but I do now have a couple of teams within 10 games of me. So I may not be stealing your playoff spot JB.

    These back to back shortened weeks are about to mess $hit up!

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @A Hill O’ Beans: Hah, the caste system remains intact! The playoffs are mine!

      Yeah I don’t like the all star break stuff, I will be sure and tell Yahoo now that me n Behrens are buddies. PS – def listen to the Pod today! You’ll see 🙂

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