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For 23 years, Utah head coach Jerry Sloan won 60 percent of his games (1,221 of ’em in the regular season), made it to the Finals twice, got knocked out in one of the first two rounds 18 other times, confused dozens of players with his occasionally incoherent, but nevertheless longwinded mumblings, and stunted the capital growth of NBA tie salesmen for almost three decades. Please, blog, may I have some more?

Atlanta’s Al Horford was at shootaround sometime around 2 pm. Then he decended into the locker room, and came out for his game against the Sixers a last-second scratch. This can only mean one of three things, 1) Horford wanted a day off and Atlanta greatly underestimated Louis Williams’ desire to shoot every ball that is passed to him, 2) Horford tweaked something in or around his body, or c) Al Horford is in love with Darius Songaila. Please, blog, may I have some more?