I don’t care much for travel writing and care much less for travel writing brought about because of economic negotiations. But with the summer dragging on and basketball (fantasy or otherwise) nowhere near starting, I might as well write about it as simply as I can … with colors and shapes!

Side note: I think I’ve uncovered the reason the respective economies of Spain, Italy and Greece are on their way to the pooper: they’re all jockeying for the rights to Donte Greene and Corey Maggette. It’s gonna take at least a Stephen Jackson, guys. At least!

  1. anon says:

    this lockout really sucks man.

  2. Adam

    Adam says:

    @anon: A-men, A-non.

  3. Adam,

    Maybe you can give a little more light to this subject, but is Kobe Bryant serious about playing in China? He couldn’t honestly need the money, right – or is he “trying to stay in shape”?

    I realize he is getting older and this lockout (which looks like there will be no NBA season this year) only puts him back another year, but where is his pride? He is a LEGEND here in the United States.

    Why not just hire a personal trainer to stay in shape, hoping that next year we will have an NBA season?

  4. If I was going to take a working vacation (and those European leagues push players hard, so vacation is only 20%), I would much rather work in Italy than Turkey. I mean, who the hell would pick Turkey? Even if you’re from Turkey, wouldn’t you rather play in Spain? They have rain on the plains.

  5. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Fantasy Basketball Trophies: Good question. I do kinda think he’s open to playing in China. Not anywhere overseas – China, specifically. He talked a lot in 2008 that playing over there during the Olympics was the highlight of his basketball career, a statement I wouldn’t necessarily believe, except that he kept saying and has assured everyone he’ll play in 2012. Bryant craves competition and I think remaining active is a genuine pull for him. After all these years, I believe it un-cynically. I also believe that he understands the economical opportunities of growing his brand in China. Tracy McGrady’s suddenly considering the same thing. Both dudes are getting older and they’ve got to start thinking about life (money) after basketball. Building a global brand is a way to remain relevant and influential after a player leaves the court. Bryant is certainly not an unknown over there, but there’s no doubt that China is a resource he hasn’t fully bled dry. … aaand there’s the cynicism I was missing earlier.

    @ChrisV82: Haha. Mainly, it falls there anyway. Turkey’s economy isn’t leaning on Germany at least. Spain’s economy is to stability what Turkoglu is to beauty.

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