It feels like everyone in the league is hopping over to Besiktas, Anadolu Efes, or Zhejiang or, at least, planning on doing so. Below is a look at where the league stands as of midnight on Friday…

  1. Hmm, so essentially over 17% of players are either going over or considering it, as opposed to only less than 2% who have specifically said no.

  2. Adam

    Adam says:

    @ChrisV82: Yeah and it’s grown quite a bit in the last week.

    The interesting thing now is that with the exception of Deron Williams and maybe Ty Lawson, not many substantial players have agreed to go oversees. It’s mostly fringe players and rookies. Wait a month. If the owners and players aren’t any closer to a deal, these numbers are going to spike significantly – and not every player going over is necessarily coming back.

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