It’s not always easy to keep perspective. Like when the 410 lb. orca whale purchasing $30-worth of Burger King for himself double-checks with the cashier that the soda he was served is Diet. But we here at Razzball know how difficult maintaining perspective can be, especially when you’re drunk and trying to sketch moving objects. So from now until the start of the season, we’re bringing you the 2010 Fantasy Team Previews, which will focus on each NBA team in hopes of painting a clearer fantasy picture. Who’s starting over whom? Who might surprise you and who might make you want to hurl yourself off a bridge in a few months. Enjoy! Next up – The Golden State Warriors.

The Warriors are the team that no one minds because, although they stink, they’re fun to watch. The Bay area sells out every game and management gave the fans new uniforms and a new court this season. Too bad the team still stinks, and everyone thought their style would change with a new coach, but they won 132-128 on opening night.

The Warriors are a fun bunch of guys, kinda like the “Saved By The Bell” cast, as it was not a quality show, but you still had fun watching the episodes. They have some nice pieces, including two members of Team USA, not including Monta Ellis who dropped 46 on opening night.

Lost – Kelenna Azubuike, Raja Bell, Corey Maggette, Anthony Morrow, Anthony Randolph, C.J. Watson, Anthony Tolliver, Ronny Turiaf

Gained – David Lee, Jeff Adrien, Lou Amundson, Rodney Carney, Ekpe Udoh, Charlie Bell, Dan Gadzuric, Jeremy Lin, Dorell Wright

Probable Position Depth
PG – Stephen Curry, Jeremy Lin
SG – Monta Ellis, Rodney Carney, Charlie Bell
SF – Dorell Wright, Reggie Williams, Vladimir Radmanovic
PF – David Lee, Lou Amundson, Brandon Wright
C – Andris Biedrins, Dan Gadzuric

3 Questions regarding the GSW
1 . Will the backcourt of Steph Curry and Monta Ellis work?
Contrary to popular belief, we think it will work. Monta dropped 46 opening night, while Curry had 25 and 11 dimes. Not too shabby for a backcourt that was not supposed to work. Whoever thought having two young studs in your backcourt would not work in an … Go Warriors!

2. Will David Lee keep doing the damn thing?
Yup. Dude was born to rebound, and will average around 15 PPG, with a few dimes too. He will be a league leader in RPG, and is another very good player on the Warriors that does not play any defense. It is crazy to see how far Lee has come along. He was a McDonald’s All American, who did nothing in Gainesville. He was a late first round pick of the Knicks and not much was expected out of him. A few years later, he’s making $10 million per year, while a member of Team USA. Crazy.

3. Wasn’t Dorrell Wright the Ellen Degeneres fish from “Finding Nemo?”
No. And he’s not the popular explorer with a show on Nickelodeon either. Wright is an L.A. kid that committed to DePaul University and came out of high school in 2004. He was a Heat first round pick in 2004, but never got to play much. Perhaps because he was never very good, but that did not stop the Warriors from paying him $10 mil for three seasons guaranteed. Wright has had an adventurous NBA career so far, and he is only 24 years old. He starts for the Warriors and put up 15 points, 2 rebounds, 2 assists, and 2 steals in his first game in the Bay Area. Keep an eye on him as he is a versatile G/F who is finally getting an opportunity to play.

Fantasy Disappointment in ’10 – Remember two years ago when Andris Biedrins was a high level pick? When he averaged 11 PPG and 11 RPG, while handing out two APG, with over one BPG? It seems so long ago, but Goose seems to have lost something on his way to the beach. The 6’11” Latvian star is getting paid handsomely while he has not played well in two seasons. You still need to keep an eye on him, not because of his amazing tan, but because he is still young and has game. We hope he can find some consistency this season but it is gonna be hard with another great rebounder in David Lee. P.S. Biendrins’ form at the FT line is so much fun to watch.

Biggest Fantasy Contributor in ’10 – Pick between Monta, Curry, and Lee. All of them should be in consideration for Team USA, but Monta has the ability to drop 40 PPG and play 48 MPG, but Coach K does not think he is good enough for Team USA. Monta gets a bad rap and is a good kid, but sometimes can do some silly things on and off the court, which does not help his case to make the best team in the world. Lee and Curry are both All-American boys, great teammates, and motivated to win, but play no defense. I suddenly wonder how much do they really want to win?

Deep Sleeper –  Dorell Wright. He should have his best season as a pro. Although that is not saying much, there is no denying Wright’s talents. He is versatile at 6’9″ and can do a lot of things on the court, which means he will see a lot of run for the Warriors. There is not too much behind him, so keep an eye on Wright and do not be surprised if he ends up playing on your team.

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