There will be many of you who wouldn’t consider George Hill, the player widely dubbed as the future of the Spurs, a sleeper. There will also be many of you who see him behind Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili on the Spurs’ depth chart and understand why he might be a sleeper. Then that first group peeks over the second group’s shoulder and doesn’t feel so confident that the future of the Spurs is now! Then that second group gets a bit cocky that it put in a little more preparation than the first group, while the first group deflates at how they’re always second-guessing themselves. Then, because as we just established is the custom with Group No. 1, they start second-guessing why they disregarded Hill as a sleeper in the first place. Then they remember. Here’s what they remember:

Parker and Ginobili have missed 102-out-of-492 games over the last three seasons – or if you’re Rainman, 20.731707 percent of the possible games over that time. Also, much as it may surprise you, both those guys are a year older than they were one year ago. If you were to wager all the money in your pockets whether one or both of the guards standing in front of Hill were to miss a substantial amount of time this season, would you bet yay or nay? I don’t have any money in my pockets. If I did, would I be here? Why do you think I’m reading about fantasy basketball in August? Because I have tons of things to do today? Cripes. I think I hit a nerve. Just go on and make your point.

My point is that Hill averaged a smidgen more than 29 minutes per game last season, started 43 times and there’s no reason it won’t happen again. Only when it happens this year, Hill will be in his third year instead of his second. Last year, when he was thrust into the starting lineup, his efficiency improved. He went from 11.6 PER to 14.7 PER, he turned the ball over fewer times in more minutes and instead of sinking only 0.3 treys a game, he turned into One Three Hill. Same team, same position, more experience. That trend is still pointing upward in 2011. The kid may have the most boring name in the NBA, but like Megan Fox, don’t let the boring name fool you, it’s worth a good long look.

Season Projections: .465 / .769 / 1 3pt / 15 pts / 3 rbd / 4.5 ast / 1 stl / 0.5 blk / 1.5 tov

  1. d2bnz says:

    I want to see more posts like this …..Love it , Love it
    George was a early/ mid season pick up for me last year , after I had all but written the Spurs off as having no-one of interest after learning that D Blair was a few MCL’s short of a knee.
    What a pleasant surprise this guy was , and justified my dropping of a disappointing Julian Wright.
    George features in my #2 keeper team , which is a 9 cat Roto , we have to set 8 keepers for the coming season by the end of September and at the moment I’m leaning toward George ahead of Wilson Chandler or Jason Thompson , I think he will mesh well on my team with D-Will and Monta.

  2. Adam

    Adam says:

    @d2bnz: Hey thanks. Kind of you to say.

    Yeah, Hill for Wright was, um, how do you say, quite a step up and although I think Jason Thompson will be a strong sleeper pick this year, but of those three, Hill’s tops.

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