Sometimes it’s good to put a cork in your own thoughts and sip on someone else’s for a while. Razzball was invited to take part in a weekly roundtable discussion with a panel of other fantasy basketball writers from yonder blogosphere.

Nels over at Give Me The Rock was charged with this week’s question, this time focusing on Stephen Curry. My response is below, click here for the full panel’s responses.

Q: What do you think of Stephen Curry going at an average of 7.9 in Yahoo drafts? That’s above Danny Granger, Deron Williams, Dwight Howard, Pau Gasol, Amar’e Stoudemire, and David Lee … What do you think of Curry’s prospects compared to those other potential first round picks?

A: I’m in a league where we draft according to how hypnotizing a player’s eyes are. In that league, Curry’s 7.9 ADP actually seems a tad low. In other, less homoerotic leagues, grabbing Curry anywhere between picks five and 14 seems rational. The top tier of picks should always go to the largest talent and the safest play. Save the upside for later. But this year, there’s a surprising dearth of safe top-tier picks and Curry’s upside is too compelling (… As are his eyes! Sorry. I’ll calm down). Yeah he’s being picked above guys like Granger and Amar’e, but one’s got a ton of health concerns heaped on him and the other plays for the Knicks! I’ve seen Curry picked over Kobe (knee/finger?) and ‘Melo (effort?) and Pau (Bynum?) and Wade (LeBron?) and I can’t really blame the thought process behind any of them. I don’t think he’ll improve on his stats from last year, nor do I believe he’ll dip far below them. Whatever Curry loses from playing in an organized Warrior offense instead of the bonkers pop-a-shot program Don Nelson installed, he’ll make up in natural development and defensive/efficiency stats. Despite Curry only being a sophomore, he’s as good of a bet as anyone after Durant and LeBron. Honestly, the first tier hasn’t been this wide open since fantasy owners wrestled endlessly with having to choose between Nate Thurmond and Billy Cunningham with the fifth pick back in ‘69! Remember that!? Of course you do. Why wouldn’t you? I wouldn’t go for Curry until sometime after the 10th pick, but I understand why others would.

  1. El Burro says:

    great stuff on this site…. big fan, keep up the great work.

    Had my 12 team, 15 player head to head snake draft tonight. very competitive, big $ league — Drafted 10th overall —
    11 categories (pts, rebs, stls, assts, blks, fg%, ft%, 3pm, fgm, ftm, to)
    we start: 3 g, 3 f, 2 c, 3 util
    *attempted to punt “assists”…

    position / player
    g – d. rose (3)
    g – kev. martin (4)
    g – j. richardson (5)
    f – a. stoudamire (1)
    f – p. gasol (2)
    f – l. scola (6)
    c – a. randolph (7)
    c – j. mcgee (8)
    util – b. gordon (10)
    util – n. batum (11)
    util – a. afflalo (15)
    bnch – a. bynum (9)
    bnch – r. beaubois (12)
    bnch – j. teague (14)
    bnch – t. lawson (13)

    * clearly i have little to no PG firepower, which was the intent after most of my “assist” targets vanished before Round 4. curious on your thoughts…


  2. barker says:

    this is my 2nd draft H2H 12 teamer 11 pick eerily similar to my last draft but with some tweaks whatcha think
    1. (11) Deron Williams PG
    2. (14) Josh Smith PF
    3. (35) Andrea Bargnani PF,C
    4. (38) Marc Gasol C
    5. (59) Aaron Brooks PG
    6. (62) Jeff Green SF,PF
    7. (83) Lamar Odom SF,PF
    8. (86) Andris Biedrins C
    9. (107) Anthony Morrow SG,SF
    10. (110) Corey Maggette SF,PF
    11. (131) D.J. Augustin PG
    12. (134) Boris Diaw SF,PF
    13. (155) Carlos Delfino SG,SF
    14. (158) Jonny Flynn PG
    15. (179) Jeff Teague PG,SG
    16. (182) Rasual Butler SG,SF
    17. (203) Arron Afflalo SG
    18. (206) Cole Aldrich C

  3. Free Weezy says:

    got offered Rose and Bargnani for Deron Williams in an 8 category (standard but no TO’s) league

    am i stupid for not taking this deal?

  4. Adam

    Adam says:

    @barker: Everyday that we get closer to Opening Day, the better I think Afflalo will be. I’ve been snatching him up in all my deep leagues. What are you going to do about your FT%?

    @Free Weezy: two early third-rounders for a mid-first-rounder? I guess it depends on if you’d rather have $1.25 in quarters or a single dollar bill.

  5. Adam

    Adam says:

    @El Burro: I’ve noticed a lot of people punting assists this year. Out of curiosity, why did you decide to do this?

    You’ve got tons of firepower and your percentages will be solid. I wonder where your blocks are going to come from though. Gasol will be nice, but Amar’e blocks like a SF, Scola doesn’t much try and Randolph/JaValevator are just as risky as they are promising.

  6. El Burro says:


    Thx for the feedback. Oddly, having won this league 2 of the last 3 years on the strength of PGs and PF’s, you would think I was on to something only to completely depart from 1/2 my equation in 2010, but I digress.

    My rationale was 2 fold – 1) If D.Williams or S.Curry were there at #10 overall, I was going guard #1-big #2, but they both went before that….so, I wasnt going to reach for subpar PGs (in my mind) in the first 2 rds. I tend to like the bigger guards (Tyreke, Westy, Rose) and thought they could be had in Rds 3-4. I really wanted to pair 2 of those with 2 Bigs, which I knew I could land in Rd.1 (Amare) and #2 (Gasol). That was the thinking going in until both Tyreke and Westy were snagged late in Rd.2, so I ultimately went Rose#3 and KevMart#4… Kev Mart is an injury risk and I really liked him in the 5th, but didnt want to risk losing out on that, so plunged a bit early. 2) Most of the league is on to my PG heavy strategy based on past success, so there were a lot of pt. guards flying off the board earlier than normal — so I simply decided by rd.6 that i was punting assists for better or for worse.

    Contrary to your take, I think JaVale could/will/better be that nice source of blocks for me and should blossom in Washington this year – all the signs are there. I do appreciate your “risk” assessment on both him and Randolph and tend to agree (especially on Randolph), but snagging him in the 7th round (when I almost took him in the 5th) made me feel a lot better about the pick.

    Having looked at the squad again this am, I was thinking that a nice piece to my team, might be a guy like Stephen Jackson cause I think I sorely need steals and another 3pt guy wont hurt, granted the fg% will take a hit, but Im pretty strong there. thoughts on that? or just type of player to add (aside from name)?

    Anyway, I also snagged Belinelli this am as hes not going away. Thornton seems to be in the dog-house right now…


  7. Adam

    Adam says:

    @El Burro: At least you’re adaptable. A lot of owners would have just stuck to their strategy and ended up somehow picking Mike Conley in the fourth round.

  8. El Burro says:


    I tend to think that you have to have a strategy going in generally, but modify it quickly if a few of your targets dont fall to you. Thats what happened here in Round 4.

    Ive never had a team make-up like this without being PG heavy in the past 5 years, so it feels very foreign to me – We’ll see what happens. Im psycho on the wire though, and feel Im going to need to be since Im sure I will be craving PGs shortly….

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