We’re back with another off-season soon-to-be pre-season Pod, and joining Slim and I today is another one of our awesome new writers Matty, and we cover news from the past week, Matty’s Minutes Men article, and his Jump Ball series.  We also debut our Podcast draft reviews (well, we will debut them next week, post your draft in the comments if you want a Pod review next week!) and talk about what we’ve been watching at the movies.

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  1. Scott says:

    Hi all! Somebody in my RCL requested I boot him from the league. How do I do that? I can’t find it in the commissioner tools.

  2. Matty

    Matty says:

    Thanks for having me on, JB & Slim. Had a great time chatting hoops with you fine fellas.

    I just saw the news that Derrick Rose suffered a fracture to his face during practice! Why, oh why, couldn’t this have happened before we recorded the pod?!? People on Twitter are losing their ish.

    Isn’t this the same injury that Russ Westbrook had mid-season (that we touched on in the pod) and he missed ONE game? But because it’s Derrick Rose, he’ll probably join Dunleavy on the shelf until Thanksgiving.

    Bah. I love when the training camp/pre-season news engine starts humming! So much fodder for discussion.

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Matty: Any time man! Oh geez, here we go again with Rose! Be hilarious if he missed just the opener, everyone was horrified, then he played 81 games.

      I just want to see players playing ahhhhh!

    • Lasandro says:

      @JB Gilpin @Slim: I haven’t commented on a pod thread for an age so thought I’d get in on the action. Still loving it as much as I did from the get-go. And having @Matty on board is just great – I’m a fan, man. Y’all make working at the desk a helluva lot more bearable. Keep it up!

      Fantasy-wise, as I’ve already discussed with Matty, Jimmay and Kawhi are def my fav players in the L, possibly followed by PG13 (yeah, I love me a two-way guy.. a guy who goes both ways, if you will? Or won’t). But if we’re talking purely offense, there’s something about Reke that just mesmerizes me and, thus, makes him my fav guy on O. He blew my mind that rookie season in SAC: one of I think only 3 or 4 rooks (Oscar, LBJ and I think MJ) who averaged 20, 5 & 5 in their 1st season. With Jrue down for however long he is, that NO team is gonna be even more of a must-see Leaguepass squad with Reke and AD working pick and rolls, and Gordon camping outside bombing away. Oh boy! If I get a chance to grab Evans in any of my 3 squads (even in my shallow roto L), I’m gonna have to bite!

      • Matty

        Matty says:

        @Lasandro: Thanks, man. I’m a fan of JB & Slim (and the Razzball community in general), so it was a gas to be on the pod. No matter how well informed I think I am through my own research, data mining, and game watching, I learn new things every day from reading these articles, comment threads, and listening to the pods.

        Tyreke is a pretty unique offensive player and a bit of a nightmare for opposition to game plan for. At his size, with his skillset, and with the talent surrounding him, he has a chance to post a really great season statistically. I’d love to see him refine his long-distance stroke and make better decisions from time to time (i.e. lower his TOs). I feel like he needs to add one more plus side category (a percentage, lower TOs, or improved production from deep) to justify a pick inside the top-60 though…even with all the opportunity he’ll be given to pilot the Pellies offense.

        • JB Gilpin

          JB Gilpin says:

          @Lasandro: @Matty: Thanks Las! And thanks Matty! I def learn a ton from all the commenters too, no one can possibly know everything.

          Yeah Reke is def better in real life than a fantasy pick – there’s also the issue of his kankles as he seems to have ankle sprains all the time, which lower some upside for me on draft day

  3. Walker says:

    Just finished listening to today’s podcast, and I hear you are looking for teams to rank/talk about! Here’s my RCL team, Walker’s Wingmen. Thoughts?

    4. Kevin Durant
    21. Marc Gasol
    28. Draymond Green
    45. Nicolas Batum
    52. Danny Green
    69. Giannis Antetokounmpo
    76. Brandon Knight
    93. Roy Hibbert
    100. Thaddeus Young
    117. C.J. McCollum
    124. Markieff Morris
    141. Stanley Johnson
    148. Marcus Smart


    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Walker: Cool we will review on next week’s Pod!

  4. Walker says:

    Here’s another roster for your thoughts!

    16 Team Dynasty (Currently in season 4 of the league); 9 cat; Head to Head; 15 man roster

    PG – Tony Parker/Rajon Rondo
    PG/SG – Goran Dragic
    SG – Eric Gordon
    SG/SF – Nicolas Batum/ Robert Covington/Dion Waiters
    SF/PF – Jerami Grant
    PF/C – Blake Griffin/ Pau Gasol/ Greg Monroe/ Markeiff Morris

    I have 3 roster spots to fill in an upcoming auction draft. What are the greatest needs of my team?

    This team won 1st place last year (Key departures -Wade, Jack, Middleton; Key arrivals Dragic/Grant)


    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Walker: Awesome thanks for the comment, will chat on next week’s pod!

  5. BenJamin says:

    Hey guys,
    Love the podcast. Joined a keeper league last year for my first go at fantasy bball, and won, thanks in large part to you.

    Here’s my team this year, I’d appreciate any thoughts/suggestions.

    10 Team H2H, 4 Keepers, 9 Cat + DD & TDs

    10 Kyrie Irving*, Cle PG K
    20 Anthony Davis, Nor PF K
    30 Draymond Green, GS SF K
    40 Rudy Gobert, Uta C K
    50 Jeff Teague, Atl PG
    51 Reggie Jackson, Det PG
    70 Elfrid Payton, Orl PG
    71 Danilo Gallinari, Den SF
    90 Marcin Gortat, Wsh C
    91 Terrence Jones, Hou PF
    110 Jordan Clarkson, LAL PG
    111 Danny Green, SA SG
    130 Robert Covington, Phi PF
    131 Myles Turner, Ind PF
    150 Stanley Johnson, Det SF
    151 Meyers Leonard, Por C
    167 Nik Stauskis, Phi, SG


    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @BenJamin: Thanks for listening to our silly little show! Appreciate it!

      Awesome we’ll break it down next week!

  6. Lasandro says:

    @Matty: I may have to disagree on your SF rotation argument for Kawhi in SAS. I’m hoping the guy gets to mid-30s in playing time as much as the next, but I do see Pop giving Anderson some burn. He seems to be the kinda guy SAS loves to develop. And it helps that he had a great showing in Summer L. Not to say that he’ll eat into Kawhi’s mins that much per se (I can see them playing together for stretches), but you may be overlooking his playing taking a couple of mins away from Kawhi in some scenarios. Add to that Manu as you mentioned, and Green playing the 3 at points… I dunno. I want Kawhi on all my teams, but as @JB Gilpin has pointed out over the years, Pop ain’t into fantasy. Unlike Mariah Carey.

    • Matty

      Matty says:

      @Lasandro: You could be right. There is a very real chance that the Spurs are so good that they can afford to limit even their younger players’ minutes and start getting the end-of-the-bench guys some real game experience. I’ve never seen anything from SloMo that makes me think he has staying power in the NBA, but I’ve admittedly had very little exposure to him. Ginobili seems indifferent about even playing any more and would probably be content to hibernate like a bear until Spring (i.e. the playoffs).

      The Spurs are going to be very interesting to follow this season. From how they integrate LMA to how they manage TP/TD/MG minutes to how much more freedom they give Kawhi & Danny…there’s no shortage of things to watch for this year in the Alamo City.

      • JB Gilpin

        JB Gilpin says:

        @Lasandro: @Matty: Haha Mariah is so into fantasy…

        Yeah SloMo just fits the Spurs so well – fundamental, deliberate, no TO. Anywhere else he’d be a D league afterthought.

        TRADE KAWHI SOMEWHERE WHERE HE PLAYS 40 MPG! Maybe Tibs will be the next coach of the Spurs by 17-18…

  7. Donno says:

    Hey guys! Love the work you’re putting into the website and the podcasts! Can you let me know what you think of my team?

    Had the 6th pick in a 12 team h2h 9cat

    PG – Chris Paul, Jarrett Jack, Marcus Smart
    SG – Kyle Korver, Joe Johnson
    SF – Andrew Wiggins, Danilo Gallinari
    PF – Draymond Green, Patrick Patterson, Aaron Gordon, Meyers Leonard
    C – Pau Gasol, Hassan Whiteside

    1 (Pick 5) – CP3 – Opted for Cp3 over LBJ because of the whole resting LBJ down the stretch. Also passed up RWB because I feel KD is going to diminish his value a bit this year.

    2 (Pick 20) – DeAndre Jordan -This was my worst pick. I had it in my head that I was going to punt ft, even though i told myself I wouldnt be punting this year. Looking back, I think I would’ve been happier with Marc Gasol here.

    *****Ended up trading DJ for Draymond Green***********

    3. (Pick 29) – Pau Gasol – Value pick. Figured he should be drafted in the early 20s so I grabbed him here over Hassan Whiteside.

    4. (Pick 44) – Hassan Whiteside – Perfect!! Did not expect him to fall to me here. Happy with this pick

    5. (Pick 53) – Andrew Wiggins – Value pick. Happy with his this pick. I think hes going to be even better this year

    6. (Pick 68) – Kyle Korver – Meh pick. Needed a 3pt shooter. Was aiming for Danny Green, but he got sniped a few picks before this one.

    7. (Pick 77) – Danilo Gallinari – High risk high reward pick. Im loving what hes doing in the Euro league. Should be the focal point of DEN’s offense. Im hype on Gallo

    8. (Pick 92) – Jarrett Jack – Needed a backup pg. Was either him or Jordan Clarkson. Went with Jack.

    9. (Pick 101) – Joe Johnson – Semi sleeper for me. I think hes going to produce and I needed more 3s. Maybe shouldve grabbed a PF at this pick.

    10. (Pick 116) – Marcus Smart – Fighting with IT2 for starting pg position. Good 3s and steals. Meh assists.

    11. (Pick 125) – Patrick Patterson – Needed a backup PF. Shouldve grabbed one earlier though. Decent reb and out of position 3s. Meh

    12 (Pick 140) – Aaron Gordon – Another sleeper pick. Hopefully he pans out. Not much competition in Orlando other than Channing Frye. Young athletic stretch 4.

    13 (Pick 149) – Meyers Leonard – Good percentages for a big. Can hit the 3 and his fts. Plus I think he has the starting job.

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Donno: Cool we’ll review on the Pod next week! Whoa, love that Dray trade!

  8. Crusty says:

    Ok so here is my team from last years draft. These are also the settings were have used the last two years since we started the league (when i first started playing fantasy- LOVE IT!). The settings will be the same. I should add that the league im in is very casual, just friends and family, and im sure i do the most amount of research out of all of us. I am glad i found your razzball website this year, i would have loved the listen and read all year, last year. Im sure it would have made winning my league much easier ( Defending champ here!, woot woot.) This league was only 8 teams deep, but this year we are adding 2 new friends, so it getting a little deeper should only help me find some good value picks. Just a couple random things- I think Kawhi is my favorite player to watch, i love that he is so quiet but plays mad Defense and just takes care of business. Watching everybody whine or fuss about calls made by the refs just gets so old. I like jimmy butler also…too bad they will probably both go in the same round this year.I hope this is not too long of a post- just wanted to give you all some insight as to what kind of fanbase you all have and my prior knowledge and history of the game and FANTASY. One more random thing- I have went to 2 Thunder games and one FIBA game. 1 thunder game was beginning of season against the nuggets-no durant no westbrook, The other was late season (when westbrook was going on his trip dub tear) against the clippers-no durant ( westbrook didnt get a trip dub that night ( i dont believe) unless you count his turnovers…those might not have been 10 but they were up there! The last game i watched was last summer when usa played brazil in chicago. It was D Rose’s first game back and it was in chicago and the place was just crazy….no durant. Talk about 0-3 for seeing durant in live action when all the times i thought i realisticly might actually get to see him play. Such horrible luck. On a final note, im thinking about catching the opening night game OKC vs Spurs- they are like my 2 favorite teams. That place would be crazy and such an interesting game. rooting for one team or the other to take the west against lebron…again. When do you guys think lebron wont make it to the nba finals? -been so many years in a row. ol lebron, what a beast but he whines and theres just something about him….shut em down kawhi. Peace.
    One more thing- is nerlens noel underrated for fantasy? – he blocks AND steals! loved watching him block harden.

    Players Stat Category Value
    Field Goals Attempted (FGA) -.75
    Field Goals Made (FGM) 1
    Free Throws Attempted (FTA) -.5
    Free Throws Made (FTM) .75
    3-point Shots Made (3PTM) 2
    Points Scored (PTS) .5
    Total Rebounds (REB) 1.5
    Assists (AST) 2
    Steals (ST) 2.5
    Blocked Shots (BLK) 3
    Turnovers (TO) -2
    Personal Fouls (PF) -1
    Ejections (EJCT) -5

    Chris Paul
    Serge Ibaka
    Kawhi Leonard
    Paul Millsap
    Marc Gasol
    Ricky Rubio
    Nikola Vucevic
    Derrick Favors
    Kenneth Faried
    Zach Randolph
    Elfrid Payton
    George Hill
    Terrence Jones
    Danilo Gallinari

    Thanks for your time-very much appreciated. Good luck this year!

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Crusty: Nice work on the championship last year! Totally with you on Kawhi, he’s up there for my favorites as well.

      Never too long a comment! Haha yeah Westbrook definitely flirted with the quad dubs for TO. Ummm for LeBron, I’d say it’s another year or two before whatever team he’s on is out of the playoffs. Cavs really came together last year, but obviously need to stay healthy as they’re all still recovering now.

      I like Noel a good bit, but not overreaching since his %s aren’t great. OKafor is going to make him shoot some jumpers, not great FT shooter, and too many TO. If there was no Okafor and Noel was the premiere paint guy, he’d shoot way up.

      We’ll review your squad on the Pod!

    • Dkens says:

      @Crusty: looks like this team is punting points and 3pts…

      • JB Gilpin

        JB Gilpin says:

        @Crusty: @Dkens: Well it’s a points league, so there isn’t really punting in those formats…

        • Crusty says:

          @JB Gilpin:
          so the commissioner actually did change some things around, we dont draft for a few more weeks but here is the updated roster spots and settings:


          Point Guard (PG): 1
          Shooting Guard (SG): 1
          Guard (G): 1
          Small Forward (SF): 1
          Power Forward (PF): 1
          Forward (F): 1
          Center (C): 2
          Utility (Util): 2
          Bench (BN): 3
          Total Roster Size 13


          Field Goals Made: 1.0
          Field Goals Attempted: -0.45
          Free Throws Attempted: -0.75
          Free Throws Made: 1.0
          3-point Shots Made: 3.0
          Points Scored: 0.5
          Total Rebounds: 1.5
          Assists: 2.0
          Steals: 3.0
          Blocked Shots: 3.0
          Turnovers: -2.0

          • JB Gilpin

            JB Gilpin says:

            @Crusty: Cool thanks!

  9. Justin says:

    Hey! Love listening to you guys during my morning commutes! Makes the traffic bearable hah..
    Here’s my 10-team 9-cat H2H draft:

    1. (5) LeBron James (Cle – SF,PF)
    2. (16) Rudy Gobert (Uta – C)
    3. (25) Eric Bledsoe (Pho – PG,SG)
    4. (36) Andrew Wiggins (Min – SG,SF)
    5. (45) Derrick Favors (Uta – PF,C)
    6. (56) Reggie Jackson (Det – PG,SG)
    7. (65) Kemba Walker (Cha – PG)
    8. (76) Robin Lopez (NY – C)
    9. (85) Terrence Jones (Hou – SF,PF)
    10. (96) Danilo Gallinari (Den – SF)
    11. (105) P.J. Tucker (Pho – SG,SF)
    12. (116) Myles Turner (Ind – C)
    13. (125) Rodney Hood (Uta – SG,SF)

    Briefly after, I ended up trading my Bron, Bledsoe, Favors for AD, Teague, Gay! I love Bledsoe, but I couldn’t resist the brow!! I’m thinking my assists are a bit low, so I might try for another trade.

    And I actually drafted Alec Burks, but I decided to drop him for Rodney… I know you’re pretty high on Burks, but I was thinking Hood might get a real good shot to produce this year. I can probably pick up Burks again if I change my mind.. Don’t think he’s on anyone’s radar in my league. What do you guys think about the guard situation in Utah?


    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Justin: Thanks so much for listening! Glad we’re better than traffic haha.

      Nice, I can’t resist the Brow either! We’ll review your squad next week on the Pod, but yeah i like Burks a ton more. I think he plays starting SG and backup PG and piles up a ton of minutes.

  10. Nick says:

    JB are you posting the auction value for basketball again this year? If so, when?

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Nick: Yup! tomorrow morning!

  11. Dante Green says:

    Sup brotha, I’ve been thinking of something to keep my leaguemates engaged til the very end of the season. One idea I have in mind is the ‘free buy in for the next season’. We only get to pay 2 winners (champ and runner up, the fee is cheap. maybe I could propose an increase of 50% next season). But I don’t know which team I should award the free buy-in next season. Should I award it to the 3rd placer? To team with the most regular season points? Or to the best team that didn’t make the playoffs (which will also be awarded with the next season’s 1st pick). Any input will be appreciated man!

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Dante Green: What’s good man?!

      I wouldn’t give another pay out to best team outta the playoffs since you went with the awesome 1st pick in draft idea 🙂

      Does you league have a “consolation bracket” during the playoffs? Maybe the winner of that could get the free dues? That way everyone is playing for something in the playoffs?

      • Dante Green says:

        @JB Gilpin: We’re using ESPN, 12-team, 6-team playoffs man! For the past seasons, the former league commissioner only lets the team with the best record win the whole thing (no playoffs), so this year would be the first time that most of us will be experiencing a league with playoffs (I know what a bummer lol). But I’m the new league commisioner so I get to change a few things. Hah Anyway, I think ESPN does have a consolation bracket. So the winner of that will get the free dues? Got that brotha! Thanks!!

        • JB Gilpin

          JB Gilpin says:

          @Dante Green: Yeah man that would be a lot of fun! Keeps even the crappy teams something to play for. Any time!

  12. Alex from Toronto says:

    Looking forward to some feedback. 12 team h2h, standard 9 cat. Even though I got AD with the 1st overall pick, i felt like i messed up the draft. 1st overall pick is good, but we were given only 40 seconds per pick which i found to be tough when i had to pick back to back. Most of my midround picks were snatched up just before my turn, leaving me scrambling and resulting to some bad picks. Hope AD pulls me through!

    1. AD (1)
    2. Gobert (24)
    3. Bledsoe (25)
    4. Gallinari (48). [Quite a reach with wiggins still available, but i was left somewhat scrambling here]
    5. Rubio (49). Kemba and reggie were still available but i felt like i needed to shore up some assists.
    6. T jones (72)
    7. Al jef (73). Hesitant to draft him, but at 73, i felt it was an alright pick. He might stay healthy this year.
    8. Alec burks (96). Realized I am super thing on SG and again, began scrambling.
    9. Eric gordon (97). Again, scrambling for SG.
    10. Aaron gordon (120)
    11. Myles turner (121).
    12. Jordan clarkson (144)
    13. Stanley johnson (145) Who i now just dropped for JR Smith after hearing the shumpert news. Figured i have too many rooks/sleepers as is.

    • Alex from Toronto says:

      @Alex from Toronto:

      Side note: I know I’m quite stacked with the blocks, so my plan is to basically trade guys like t jones or myles turner (assuming he gets minutes) for guys with good steals (e.g. young).

      • JB Gilpin

        JB Gilpin says:

        @Alex from Toronto: Ugh yeah the back-to-backs can be tough, but damn Gobert and AD together?!?!?! Twin towers to the max!

        We’ll review on the Pod!

  13. PG John Wall
    SG Reggie Jackson
    G Jeff Teague
    SF Gordon Hayward
    PF Draymond Green
    F John Henson
    C Derrick Favors
    C Blake Griffin
    Util Terrence Jones
    Util Bradley Beal
    Ben Myles Turner
    Ben Jordan Clarkson
    Ben Alec Burks
    IL Jusuf Nurki
    IL Michael Kidd-Gilchrist

    I swear there are more than 4 teams in this league. It’s a 10 Team 9 Cat. Guys just fell into my lap. Just missed on Wiggins, Gallinari. Drafted Kemba for a crazy PG heavy team and floated his name in trade talks. Got Draymond Green? Guy I traded him to had no Pgs and a lot of wing guys like Tobias, DeMarre but if he insists on giving me Draymond I’m not upset. Filled my IL spots immediately to hoard as many late round fliers as I could.

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Andrew: Haha nice draft! hah yeah def taking that!

      We’ll review on the Pod next week!

  14. Fahed Misho says:

    Would drafting Chris Paul and still punting ft% be a horrible idea.
    I’m picking 7th in a H2H 9 cat weekly lock league. I feel getting a great pg would be a great start to punting ft%.
    I would go CP3/Gobert/then either Drummond/Jordan/Whiteside/Noel. What are your thoughts?

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Fahed Misho: Certainly not a terrible idea, but as a non-punter usually, I think I’d only punt at pick 9 or 10 and get Cousins then Gobert and go that route. With an earlier pick you can be more flexible. Would still totally get Gobert, but I think he’ll improve and won’t have horrible volume and not necessitate a punt strategy. Then you could get a Gasol or something like that if one is there

  15. JG

    jw says:

    Late to catching up to the podcast. Good info as always. Just a comment on the discussion re Wiggins’ lack of hustle. Wonder if KG allows such things to persist with him being with the team from the start. Pretty sure he will whip those not showing the drive into shape. Could (not would) be positive for the youngster Wiggins no?

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @jw: Thanks for listening! Yeah for sure KG will get him in shape, didn’t we mention KG in the discussion? Maybe having a deja vu haha…

  16. JG

    kw says:

    Hey guys,

    KD/Wiggins/PJ Tucker/Otto Porter
    TJones/Henson/Zach R
    Nerlens/Myles Turner/Koufos

    Plan was really to quasi punt FG and TOs and try to win Pts,3s, Stls, compete in Rebs (rebounding PGs in Bledsoe + Kemba), FTs(big men with low FTAs) and blocks (Turner is key here imo)

    12team, 9cat H2H. I missed out on Gortat, A. Gordon and Justin Anderson (and chose O. Porter instead). Not sure what O Porter brings to my team but A. Gordon would have been a nice source of defensive stats.

    At the end of the day KD needs to stay healthy. If not, going to be a loooong season.

    Would love your analysis

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @kw: KD/Bledsoe is an awesome combo, while your bigs are maybe slightly below average I think you did solid. We’ll review on the Pod!

      • JG

        Dj says:

        @JB Gilpin: Thanks!!! Wondering if trading one of my PGs for a more established big–Mudiay or Walker for Gortat? Also, been eyeing Bjelica. Should he light it up during preseason, I’d like to make a move for him. Who to drop? Tucker or Porter?

        • JB Gilpin

          JB Gilpin says:

          @Dj: Yeah I would trade Mudiay for Gortat if they would take it. Nah, I like Bjelica, I think he has a bright future, but his playing time isn’t certain enough to lose those guys for him, IMO. If you were dropping one, it’d be Porter for me. Actually, I would be just fine losing Koufos for him though…

          • JG

            Dj says:

            @JB Gilpin: Thanks for the late Sunday night reply/insight. Love the dedication to your readers =)

            Between Porter and Koufos (assuming preseason), might lean on dropping Porter for only the reason that like you said (and I agree) bigs are below average. Need all the rebs and blocks team can get. Julius Randle is avail as a FA. Not sure if he’s worth grabbing over either of the 2. Lakers did have him start vs Bass.

            Just in: Rotoworld reporting WCS not in shape. Still too early in the preseason though to say this is a win for Kosta K http://www.rotoworld.com/player/nba/2353/willie-cauley-stein

            • JB Gilpin

              JB Gilpin says:

              @Dj: Any time! Yeah I work weird hours so i comment at weird hours 🙂

              That’s a good argument, it’s just Porter has PT assured as a starter. Not a huge Randle fan in fantasy, although yes I heard about WCS getting that negative report. It’s certainly a win for Kosta but they could stay play a lot of Gay at the 4 next to Cousins

              • JG

                Dj says:

                @JB Gilpin: Makes total sense. I analyzed my draft and man, did I mess up choosing Mudiay in the 9th round when A Gordon and Clarkson (playoff sked) were available especially since needed some big men stats. Also didn’t research enough on Mudiay’s Elfrid Payton-esque FT %age. If he ends up avging 4-5 FTA/game, it’s gonna kill my build. So how to fix the problem (not in order of preference):

                a) observe Raul Neto/Kendall Marshall to see if add/drop Mudiay makes sense. Would lose out on PPG but gain on FT. Looking for improvements on Wiggins PPG to partially offset differential in PPG loss.

                b) look for trades on teams with more holes than mine. i think only way to get Mudiay w/o tanking his value/potential is to pair him. KD/Mudiay for Lillard/Dieng or Westbrook/Lopez. I will take a PPG loss and small hit to assts but gain in FT (via Mudiay subtraction) + 1.5reb+.5-1.5 bpg+ TOs (which isn’t a cat i’m looking to win). Lillard and Westbrook are the only 2 players drafted below top 6 that comes remotely close to KD’s PPG. this would be a lot easier if Yahoo actually implemented a multiple team trade option 🙂

                c) let the season roll out and hope for Mudiay to have a fluky hot start and see if I can get something better for him straight up. if had to rank the options, this is least probable imo.

                Our league has the IL slot so the FA pool is slightly thinner than normal with 8 managers now using it to stash players (as they rightfully should)


                • JB Gilpin

                  JB Gilpin says:

                  @Dj: Yup Mudiay is not a % or TO friendly guy. A lot of MCW thrown around with him…

                  a) Ugh yeah I don’t think we get to that level, but certainly worth tracking those 2
                  b) I wouldn’t let Mudiay’s bad %s be an impetus for me to move KD. I would wait and see how KD looks before moving anything, if he’s back to old KD you’d regret moving him. Hah, yeah 3 team trades have to be done with people all talking to each other, it’s tough…
                  c) Yup agree, this is most likely

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