The floodgates are open!  With salary caps expanded following the NBA’s most recent TV-megadeal, millions are being thrown out to anyone and everyone…  Ian Mahinmi?  Come on down!  Timofey Mozgov?  You’re the next contestant on The Price is Right!  Hey, Wiz and Lakers, you coulda just traded for one of Philly’s 10 centers!  On today’s show, Slim and I go through all 30 NBA teams and react to their biggest free agency moves and how it will impact the upcoming 2016-17 season.  We cover, like, 200 moves!  Well, maybe not that many, but we break down some of our favorite under-the-radar signees and how to value the 2016-17 Western Conference All-Star Team.  Aherm, I mean the Warriors…  Here’s our latest offseason edition of the Razzball Basketball Podcast:

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